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1. Can the feature image be adjusted to any size within the options panel? I am looking at about a width (up and down) of about 300px. thx.

2. I would like to have copy and comments in link posts. Is this possible?


Hi pgsima, in answer to your questions…

1. the featured image cannot be adjusted in the options panel, it defaults to a width of 660px wide for a page/post when side navigation is activated and 940px wide for a full width page.

2. Unfortunately, no this isn’t possible

However, both 1 and 2 can be addressed with a Child Theme. If you have PHP knowledge you’d be able to make the adjustments for 1 and 2 to work. If you don’t have PHP knowledge, we can do the customisation work for you but I’m afraid we’d need to charge for that.

I hope the above helps answer your questions :)


Guys, just fyi… I am asking about the width (top to bottom) of the image. This is currently set at 524 px. I want to adjust that.

I understand the length (left to right) to be 940px.


Ah ok, in which case the height (top to bottom) can be any height you want :)

Can I reverse the dark text box under the feature image on the homepage to white? I would like content box area to be white (especially for Standard Posts) and the text fonts dark (like #333 etc.) Thx


Yes you can change that via the theme options, it will be all post boxes in that colour unless you add some CSS to target post types specifically, which we can help you with :)

Love this theme, and pritty sure I’ll use it for my next blog project. I have one question. Can I include full length blogposts with several images on the front page?


Thanks jasper02. At the moment the blog index cuts the post after 28 words unless a more tag is inserted. In theory you could add a more tag to the very end of the post to achieve what you are after. If that doesn’t work for you though it would make sense to have a full blog option, which we could write in to the next update.


Hi there, full length blog posts now available on version 1.2.1. We’re waiting for ThemeForest to approve, should be in the next 72 hours. If you purchase the theme you can get it via logging in to WordPress and choosing ‘Updates’ top left, it may take up to 24 hours for your WordPress install to see the new version, although its usually much quicker than that :)

danyloo Purchased

Great theme, just i was looking for. I think you missed a in single.php (could be why comments looks different here and here. I cant make localisation work for me (trying to translate to spanish) creating es_ES.mo in a directory called /lang inside theme folder or in root.

Sorry about my english and thanks for the great work.


Hi danyloo, thanks for the spot, closing tag wrong side of an IF statement, will be fixed on next release!

Localisation should be working as I know others that have translated Moustachey, replacing in root should work.

Thanks for purchasing :)


What do you mean by “Choose boxed or wide layout for the whole website”? boxed like a grid layout?



Hey rbouet, very good point – we’ve just added the page to the demo site so you can see what it looks like, basically left and right borders and a big background colour.


I intend to buy this theme for a small project. One quick presale question:

Does the theme fully support the WP custom system (f. ex. a 3-level drop-down menu)? If I set up a three-level drop-down menu, will this also be reflected in the mobile drop down menu by being indented properly …?

Example Menu1 - sub-menu A - – sub-menu AA - sub-menu B - – sub-menu BB Menu 2

Lovely theme. Looking forward to setting it up. :)


P.S.: Oops, forgot one. I need to password protect two/three pages (not posts) the WP standard way. I guess that is fully supported as well? Just asking … :)


Hey deus62. Ok, yes to both, however the styling was off on the password protect slightly, so we’ve just updated the CSS for that.

Here are screenshots for how it looks…

http://cl.ly/image/0u1m2t2m2h11 – Desktop menu – 3 tier http://cl.ly/image/3W3A3H2M3s3l – Mobile menu – 3 tier http://cl.ly/image/1P3Y3N0H291k – Password protected page

If you do decide to purchase, go to WordPress > Updates and you should find version 1.1.7 waiting in there for you (ThemeForest take a few days to approve new versions).

Thanks :)

above: “custom menu system” ...

Perfect! I’ll buy it later today.

Thanks for the quick response with answers to and screenshots of exactly what I wanted to know. :)



No problem, happy to help :)

deus62 Purchased

Bought, as promised. :)


Thank you sir :) Any other questions, please shout!

Great theme! I have two questions before I buy…

Is it possible to set my homepage as a static full width page and have the blog linked in the nav menu instead?

Can I place a jquery image slider such as Nivo as the main image in a full width page?

Untimately, I’d like to create a homepage that looks like the main page of the demo, but I’d like the big image to be an automatic sliding image and I’d like to have some minimal content below that.



Hey mixlrose, thank you :)

In answer to your questions: Yes, you can use any of the page templates as your homepage. Just set up a page with Page – Full Width template, go to Settings > Reading and choose static page and select your page. Yes, the menu is in your full control you can either link to the blog category or use the Blog layout page template and set up a page to link to.

The jQuery slider question, you can use Nivo (Nivo isn’t tested but should in theory work) or similar within the page content, but not in place of the featured image. As it stands, you could have no featured image, so title would be at the top, then insert shortcode for a slider in the content area, then below the slider could go your page content.

I hope that answers all of your questions :)

mixlrose Purchased

Perfect, thank you. I’ll give it a try!


No problem, thank you for purchasing :) if you have any questions, please head over to our support page: http://www.meanthemes.com/support and thanks again!

Great theme !

I just installed it but my Permalinks are gone…. any Idea ?


When you say permalinks are gone, what do you mean exactly? If you could send over a link via our support form we’ll take a look for you :)

And thanks for purchasing!


U have a new support ticket ;)


Already replied :)

If I try to use a Google font there is a missing comma in the css, and my browser doesn’t like it and uses another font. Here is an example:

font-family: “Lora”“Palatino Linotype”, “Book Antiqua”, Palatino, serif, “cursive”;


Hi there, thanks for purchasing, we spotted the comma issue yesterday and fixed it, please make sure you are running the latest verison: 1.1.8.

If you have any more issues please send over a support request via http://www.meanthemes.com/support/


Also, please make sure you are only using 1 google font for headings and 1 google font for body content, it looks like you’re trying to use a few too many from the above example.


Great! Now it’s work! Thank you very much!!!

The theme looks for the config file in your WordPress root, but for security reasons it’s good practice to keep it in the folder above your WordPress root.


Hello again, I’m not quite sure what you mean here, nothing is looked for in the root as the theme folder sits much deeper into the site structure than that.

If you could provide a specific example, please send it through to http://www.meanthemes.com/support/ and we’ll take a look at it for you.

Thanks again for purchasing :)


Thank you for the answer. I try to explane. After activating the theme, I receive the following error if I click on “Dismiss” on the note “you will need to copy across any settings…”: Warning: include_once(../../../../wp-config.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/officina/public_html/n/wp-content/themes/moustachey/framework/meanthemes-dismiss.php on line 10


Thanks, for some reasons response was flagged as inappropriate? If you can submit the error via our support form we can reply directly to you via email rather than using the comments system as its far easier to keep track of everything that way. http://www.meanthemes.com/support/

Glad to hear everything is working correctly now though.

Thanks again for purchasing it is really appreciated :)

Im just curious, can the Post Title be adjusted to be on top of let say a video or image for the Posts?


Hi there, by default, no. It is something you could do easily by editing the theme files or building a child theme.

rog_fig Purchased

Hi, I just purchased this theme and I’m loving so far. I have a question though.

I’m trying to use a page as my home page. I’d like to remove the title I gave the page completely, but I’m not sure exactly how.

Could you help me with this?


Roger url: figscreative.com


Hi there thanks for purchasing :)

Probably the easiest thing to do would be to go the Theme Options > Styling & Font options tab and then in the CSS block enter

.home .content h1 {display:none}

If you need anything else please fill out the form at


And we’ll get back to you.

Hi, I would like the sidebar had the same height as the content: http://i.imgur.com/wHEQ4.jpg

is it possible? thanks


Hi macrunner thanks for purchasing. Unfortunately the sidebar and content areas are independent and not linked in height. If you’d like the sidebar to be taller on all templates then we could supply some CSS for this.

If you need anything else please let us know via http://meanthemes.com/support and we’ll get straight back to you :)

Ok, thanks for the explanation :)


No problem thanks again for purchasing :)

hi meanthemes,

wonderful design!

i am considering purchasing this theme, but before i do i have a few questions: 1. is it possible to turn off the icons that show in the description of each blogpost (image, video, link etc.) 2. is it possible to disable comments and turn off ‘0 comments’ showing in the blogpost overview 3. does the theme accept animated GIF as a post

thank you


Hi geshdechev,

Thank you :)

In answer to your questions.

1. Yes, you can do that with CSS 2. Yes, comments should close as per standard WordPress functionality. The 0 comments message can be hidden by using a combination of CSS and a small update on the provided .po file. 3. Yes, you can use an animated gif as a featured image.

thank you for the quick response, guys.

purchased as promised.


Fantastic, thank you very much for purchasing it is greatly appreciated :)

Any issues or questions, please fill out the form at http://www.meanthemes.com/support and we’ll get right back to you.

Hi, nice & clean design. Considering purchasing. Is it possible to reduce the number of footer widget spaces or is it fixed at 5?


Hi jfgervais. You can turn the twitter feed on and off, social icons on and off and the three other widgets as a whole block on or off. You don’t have to fill all the widgets if you don’t want to and we can provide CSS to spread out evenly so you get the desired effect.