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I’m having a couple of issues. 1) Can’t create a child theme with it. 2) I can’t not upload any media any more.

Any ideas?

Hi, if you have problems- open a ticket and describe in details. I don’t understand your problem

Would you please consider intergrating better your great template with wpmovie library check it out for yourself,this plugin would make your template even better

and for those new users,wpmovie library is a new revolutionary way of creating a movie library and its always being updated,no im not associated with them however im a avid user of it

To developer of template,please check it out and re-consider using it instead of the current method the template uses,thanks.


Quick question,can you let me know what slider did you use for your template,was it the The Slider Revolution,becuase Im getting some malware in my news and Im trying to find it wheres it coming from,reason i ask,1000s of site have been hit by malware usiging that slider I mentioned. Read article on it

Flex slider;)

please add any actor/actress page it would be really great

Hi, thanks for your comment. I will talk with designer


atomy Purchased

Hi, first of all it’s a nice Template :)

i try to figure out how i could change the “Display tabs block” to other points (instead of In Theaters, Coming soon, New on DvD – to my own ones)

is this possible? :)

Hi, sure, open a ticket please;)


atomy Purchased

hi mad, thanks ;) ticket is open :)

is the theme compatible to 4.1.1 version ?

Hi, sure

Hi, first of all it’s a nice Template Secondly Does it has RTL Support because I wanna make an Arabic website from this template


Hi, unfortunately no


I bought your movie scope theme. It is amazing. One problem I am having is when i changed the Body Background image , the navigation bar went up and image was somehow sent behind the Navbar . please see the image on the link below

how can i make the navbar go down so the image behind can be visible?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, if you have problems – open a ticket please and provide an access

Hi I have to step by step to install script on my wordpress cms but i’m not getting the preview like yours .. Can you help ?

Hi, read my documentation at documentation folder

Hi I went step by step to install script on my wordpress cms but i’m not getting the preview like yours .. What to do ?

Hi, mate. If you have a questions or problems – open a ticket please here

I believe some thing is wrong with the installation step because the theme is on www.mydomain/sample-page-2/ then you can see what i want there but when you go to my site is given something else. Please take look . I can sent you my ftp log thru email.

Thank you for the good job

you are welcome;)

Hi, Where i found dummy data i.e. widget.json

Hi, read the documentation please

Hi Mad,

I love your theme, but I want to ask you something before buying it, I’m very new at this so be patient :)

I would like to have the Homepage like you have in the demo version at the tap “Page – Photos”. Is this possible without touching code, I mean is a way in the customization in your theme that I can change this?

PD. Sorry for my english :P

Hi, if you want to make home page another page – go to Readings and choose portfilio page

Having trouble with Featured video showing up on pages with https. (using an SSL). Video shows up fine on non-secured pages but shows up as a white box on Secured pages.

Hi, insert video links with https

Sorry to say that all of the videos already had https links from youtube, so that does not solve the problem. As I said, they work on non secured pages, but the featured video widget shows a blank white box on secured pages. The widget uses an iframe that is generated by php. when it is generated, the https is stripped out. see these linke: and The video shows up on the home page (unsecured) but not on the Secured page.

okay, open a ticket and provide admin access please