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vedard Purchased

Hello author, I have some unknown product advertisement appeared on my site when loading slider show. I used godaddy web. I think it is problem from them. But sometimes it happened and sometimes not. Can I disable the slider show? Or which page can I check for this problem? I have sent email to you but no reply to it. Please help me. Thank you so much!

Please send me your store url,ftp details so i can solve your issue


vedard Purchased

Store url and ftp details is sent by profile. Please help to check. Thank you so much!

I encountered a problem with the Mozen Responsive Template and Ultimate SEO plugin.

After installing all Mozen Responsive template and add the ultimate SEO url module, the links were not correct in the category tree source code, instead it only rewrites after clicked at the link. To make sure it is related to Mozen Responsive Template, we installed a test environment with standard zen card and the ultimate SEO url module, here all links are rewritten in the category tree in the source code.

Please check here the test environment: http://esiamcenter.com/zennew/ you’ll see all links are before the click already rewritten. Doing the same with the template installed: http://esiamcenter.com/ the links before click direct to a non SEO friendly URL, only after click it rewrite the link.

See source code of both to compare.

Hope to fix this soon.


I believe this is resolved now using default mozen file

I have a place holder for the images on all my products. I don’t want images for my products how do I remove the placeholder that is at the top of the product page? Below is a link to one of my product page.


Thanks Allan

please maintain single thread for support

How can I remove the Featured Specials link on the my home page. I can’t see how I can add Featured Specials in admin area. The home page link is below. https://www.voguewebservices.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index

Thanks Allan

To remove the Featured special links on the home page you just follow below step


in this php file you remove all content start from line no 137 to line no 195

Note : please backup the file before you do any changes

Hi thanks for the email but the above solution didn’t work but commenting out these two lines did:

echo ‘ Featured on line 143

echo ‘ Specials ’; on line 147

Have you seen my problem above this one? About the image placeholder

Thanks Allan.

replied on email support ticket.


How can see the demo on green color layout.


I have disabled the demo for different color option but if you check screenshots you will get some idea.

I have an issue where the slider “shop now” and “more info” links on mobile devices do not work properly. They all direct to the same product. On desktop browsers they work fine however.

Thanks for contacting but I am not able to verify your purchase.

Hi. Just purchased this template, and it’s great. A few questions:

1. How do I change the word “Store” in the menu bar to something else (e.g. “Supplies”)

2. I’m loosely basing the site off the design here (your template): http://www.pyjamas.com.au/ – How can I have an index Home Page that doesn’t have sidebars – How can I have text below the “Free” banner like they do where they show Testimonials, etc. – They were able to separate their categories on their menu bar, which I imagine they did by creating unordered lists in your drop_menu.php file. I know how to create this in HTML, but not in PHP. Can you give me an example of a code in PHP that would be able to accomplish this?

My email is “BrianAdkins6300@hotmail.com”.

Thank you in advance!

replied on email

Hi, I’ve purchased Mozen and created a parallel site to our live site with the Mozen template for testing, I have found the Payment Method options layout runs horizontal rather than the default ZenCart vertical, I’ve looked at the different php files but I can’t seem to find where to change the layout to list the options vertically, you can see what I mean at this link http://makeastatement.com.au/index.php?main_page=checkout_payment

Are you able to point me in the right direction please?

Cheers Greg

click on support link and submit ticket with FTP and admin details

FYI, we were getting an error in browsers (the little padlock to the left of the address bar was yellow in chrome). The console showed a resource in the advanced search query was calling an insecure source.

It turned out to be in the mozen_temp/commom/tpl_header.php file on line 130.

A parameters was set to NONSSL, false, but with SSL enabled, it needs to be set to SSL, true as shown below:

$content .= zen_draw_form(‘quick_find_header’, zen_href_link(FILENAME_ADVANCED_SEARCH_RESULT, ’’, ‘SSL’, true), ‘get’);

I hope this helps.

replied on email

Hello! You have made a great template! It is now installed and it runs well except for few things, but I’m working on that with a friend.

Now, I would like to know if I can add in the footer, additional icons for my social networks. If so, where and how?

Also, when I activate the slideshow, the images are not centered into the box. They exceed by the bottom. How to fix that and where please.

Thanks in advance ;)

To add social icons on footer you just follow below step


in this tpl_footer.php file find this word “social_icons”

you find the social icons section of our template

you can add icons in this section (note: take backup of that file while changing any thing)

->for slideshow issue you can send us your store url and also send screen shoots where you faced problem on slideshow so I can solve your issue

Thanks you very much for your reply. I just sending you a support ticket.

The template looks nice, however is there a way to disable all 6 of the ridiculous extra clicks required on the Login / Registration page(s) for when a potential customer signs up for the first time? I’m asking if it can be disabled because that has the serious potential to force shopping cart abandonment from customers.

Also are any of the core Zen Cart files touched or modified at all for this template?

Thanks in advance. :)

What you are looking for is one page checkout for zencart. If there is a plugin available then you can surely implement in the theme.

That’s not at all what we’re talking about. We’re referring specifically to the Mozen template itself. The template is designed in a way that requires 6 extra clicks over the coarse of each input field just for a customer to sign-up. We’re asking if that can be disabled, and asking if any of the core Zen Cart files have been touched or modified.

The checkout flow is default zencart and what you are asking is one page checkout and we have not tested the template for one page checkout. No core files has been modified.


ar2noo Purchased

Hello.. Kindly need you help. How to add instagram icon at the tpl_footer.php ? Thanks.

Please submit support ticket with this request.

I am trying to sort the manufacturer lists under Brands in alphabetical order, what do i need to do ?

You need brands sorting on home page?

Yes. brands sorted according to alphabetic order.