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Another question, some times when I am using Chrome browser, the icons for wishlist and favourites becomes a square. But after going to some other pages and come back, the wishlist and favourite icon would be shown correctly. Any idea how to fix that ?

I think there is browser cache issue so press ctrl+f5 or hardrefresh

and also clear the browser cache

Hi, It doesn’t seem to be cache, it still doesn’t work. please help.

Hi Thank you for the great template – it is exactly what i have ben looking for. I purchased template yesterday and cant seem to get the twitter feed working. I have tried changing my @username in the tpl_twitter_sidebox.php, but it is still coming up with mojoomla. Where do I find my data widget id??

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks again

please enter proper twitter account link and data-widget-id(most important) in below php file



gerbras Purchased

Hi Support,

I just noticed that the live theme has a ‘Filter Results by’ section on the product listing page (see: http://themeforest.net/item/mozen-responsive-zencart-template/full_screen_preview/3750041) whereas its missing on our theme files, we checked the code and the icons folder and we could not find any reference. see: https://www.footballgifts.com.au/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=3730_3732

Can you help me add this on our site?



gerbras Purchased

one more item: “The slideshow at the top. When you click on the view more buttons on the slide it takes you back to Index page but on mozen it takes you to product listing page. Is there a way of changing this?”


gerbras Purchased

When I add a product to cart, i dont see a popup in the right hand side corner, instead it gives me a success message in the header.

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lakiuk Purchased

Hi i am trying to resolve problem with image proportions in product view page and zoom. I have received some information from you but non of thouse worked. Where do i change image size in product page ?


Product on page looks stretched but when zoomed looks ok.

Can you help ?

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LakiCG Purchased

I received an email that the update for this theme was available in my donwloads. In download section I can see the theme available for download. Is it updated version that this email refers to? If so, what is a difference in comparison to the version I already downloaded when I purchased this theme? Thanks

Your support seems to be expired


LakiCG Purchased

That’s right, but I’m not asking you for the support. I’m asking you about your product before I decide to make a purchase or extend the support.

the new version has this bug fixed:

- Fixed Product listing Add to cart issue

I am an existing zencart user i followed the instructions you provided for existing zencart customer but when i extract it to root directory it would not load the admin and even doesnot loads the products in the main site. Please assist

Please click on support tab and send us site admin details and ftp details

i have sent the admin and cpanel both via contact author button to you. please just check it. why is it acting up.


What do you mean by 3) copy and paste all files in proper directory (for more help you can see our documentation) I extracted the contents in proper directory as told to extract them into website root folder which is public_html

Hello? I have extracted it as in my above response told you the steps i did. Please would u check what is the problem. Thanks

Will You please assist i have been getting problem since i have bought the template please solve the issue or give me your word if you don’t support. How slow do you respond, why am i on hold?

will reply ASAP. Sorry for the delay.

How Strange is this i am asking you to respond me and help me and i dont get any assistance? Why your support is not Good?

i have your cpanel details but it’s not working right now; Also provide me you store url, admin side url,username,password so i check and solve your issue.

OK i have sent you the details again from Contact Author button.

Hi, I wondering does this support the latest version 1.5.5 before I make the purchase. Thank you.

not been tested for 1.5.5 but will update it soon

How will i change the details at Mozen index page. I mean changing menus and different stuff at Main Page. Check this screenshot to tell what i mean. http://prntscr.com/aiwl0u

can you respond now

checking now

-> for changing the footer Get in touch section just follow below step

go to admin side > tools>Mozen settings -> Footer Theme options:

From here you can change the footer details section.

-> for changing the footer Extra section just follow below step


in this php file find the word footer-bullet

from here you can change the extra section links and it’s label.

Hello Bro, Can You please let me know how will i change some thing on the menu buttons Like i want to change the name store to Products. where is it located to change it? Screenshot for what i am talking about http://prntscr.com/amjhmq

-> for changing the footer Get in touch section just follow below step

go to admin side > tools>Mozen settings -> Footer Theme options:

From here you can change the footer details section.

-> for changing the footer Extra section just follow below step


in this php file find the word footer-bullet

from here you can change the extra section links and it’s label.

OK and What is This When I Add New Products The Footer Menu Goes Left Justified Here is the screenshot http://prntscr.com/amqqao site is https://www.birdbuffetnthings.com/

its resolved now..

Hello Sir, Why this area of my site is blank https://www.birdbuffetnthings.com here is this screenshot i am referring to. http://prntscr.com/aoful4 Please tell me what is this going on? Why my products are not listed there?

Could you please check and suggest or fix this? Thanks


1) Categories sidebox, best seller sidebox, and twitter sidebox is working now.

2) These are extra shipping modules, we can not provide any support for third party shipping plugin, i think there is languages files missing for that extra shipping module.

sorry but we provide only mozen template related support

Thank you.

OK Sir, Thanks You are Great.

Sir One More Question Here. http://prntscr.com/apwev3 why are these pages missing? I could not find them. Q#2 Can i change this store button to Products for better understanding for my customers. http://prntscr.com/apwgkb Thanks

1) check missing pages issue is resolve now

2) for changing the Store label to Product just follow below step


in this php file find the word store you can find it around line number 140

from here you can change the store label.

Hello dasinfomedia, does this theme support v1.5.5? I have a fresh zen install and would like to use this theme. Thanks!

not at the moment


leognxi Purchased

Hello. I have several problem.

1.this theme of column right can’t be set off,right? I set it is off.but the homepage’s products as the same. not as other theme can auto move to the right.

2.how can I change the images’ size of products’ in the homepage? and I want to put the product’s title down about one or 2 line. what can I do?

3.when the products’ title is very long, the layout is changed to confusion.what can I do? you can check it here: http://laulaan.com

4. I want to change “FREE SHIPPINGOn Orders Over $599.00. This Offer is valid on all our Store Items .”

5.the SlideShow quote from google right? I can’t see the slideshow .because google is banned by China. please change it to Microsoft or others for me. and if any other relate google too

1) You can disable left and right column value from the admin side but after disable/enable the sidebox only the side boxes are visible and unvisible, all product listing and other content position remain same. they may not be change.


For fix image size of products in home page

open css file mj-template.css

file path : includes > templates > mozen_temp > css > mj-template.css

on line No. 174 .product_image img { height: 100px; width: 143px; } define image size here as you want.


Fix product title length open file

file path : includes > modules > mozen_temp >new_products.php

line No. 80 find product name and use substr(). substr($new_products->fields['products_name'],0,12)


Modification in FREE SHIPPING portion open page tpl_header.php

file path : includes > templates > mozen_temp > common > tpl_header.php

line No. : 638

after reached at this line you can modified this portion.

5) we only provide slideshow with google right, not microsoft or any other.