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Is from end of November that I try to ask to your support, but I don’t have a reply. Can you help me?? I already sent all the data for the access.

Please let me know. Simone.

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Have bought this theme, installled successfully, would like to know how to use the layout feature, such as how to set up a page to full width/left content or right content page, didn’t anywhere to set up, thanks for your help.


go to site admin-> Tools->Ez-pages->Clickon Any Ez-pages for editing content/layout

huangyu Purchased

thanks for your reply, Yeah, i can go and find ez pages, where to edit the layout pls, there is no place/icon in the editior to decide its full page width or right/left, can you give a example. and i checked the source code of full width/left/right in your demo, there is no different, so i don’t know where to find it. thanks for your help.

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Hello: How can i remove the category in the topbar menu?


Thank you very much


To remove the category in the topbar menu you follow this step


in this php file you remove List li of category

hi sir ,,, awesome theme for zen,,, qustion is,,, is “Display Multiple Products Qty Box Status and Set Button Location” disabled in your theme ,,, not working,,, only can show single product add to cart box ,, but no multiple products button add to cart on top or bottom or booth ,,, how can i enable that,,, that option is must have on my site :cry: ...thank you for repply


11 days later no response from author ,,, ok thank you


I am not able to verify the purchase and hence can not provide support. Still I will like to answer: Our next version should have these feature. Currently it does not have this feature.


ok thank you,,, my friend already buy other theme

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How can I edit the dropdown menu and still retaining its design? Specifically, I would like to have the main categories appear direct on the first layer of the dropdown instead of “Store”?

So far I have merely figured out how to do this manually – but am looking for the php code to be able to accomplish this.

Thanks a lot


Please send me your site FTP detail, url, and Adminside Url,username, and password so I can solve your issue

Hi, Am new to zencart templates. Is the theme plug and play? I mean, does it require severe customization (like wordpress) which takes a ton to see the site in a shape. Please help.


The theme is plug and play and we have provided demo data as well which can be useful to set site as demo.

It appears that there may be several install issues with Mozen and the new Zen Cart 1.5.4.

Quick Install Issue – The SQL patch gives an error (many people have this issue if you look through the forums). At the moment this can only be fixed by getting support from the author.

Existing Zen Cart Install – Once you replace the Mozen Template files per the instructions, the Zen Cart admin screen is no longer accessible.

From the latest post, it appears support is slow or lacking. I’m going to request support for my install and will report back on their response rate.


There is not error with installing sql patch. If you have problem, do send me FTP and admin details.


Yes, I can now confirm that everything is working with Zen Cart 1.5.4. We had some issues on our development server related to permissions.

To help other users, if you are adding the theme files to an existing Zen Cart setup, make sure that all the files and folders are on your server. We had copied and pasted files, ftp’d the main folders up, but not all the files had uploaded. You need to go in and check that each folder and subfolder that was added correctly. Again, check your permissions.

Thank you dasinfomedia. We will give you a good rating! ;)


Glad to see your comments. Thanks in advance for ratings.

The boxes on new products, featured products and all products does not wrap like they do on the main page. How do I fix this?

See http://www.4x4direct.co.za/featured_products.htm

To resolve this issue you just follow below step

1) New products list : – includes->modules->mozen_temp->new_products.php file in this php file Add this line:- $products_description = ltrim(substr($products_description, 0, 39) . '...'); //Trims and Limits the desc below line number 70

2) Featured products list:- includes->modules->mozen_temp->featured_products.php file

in this php file Add this line:- $products_description = ltrim(substr($products_description, 0, 39) . '...'); //Trims and Limits the desc

below line number 102

3) All product list:- includes->modules->mozen_temp->new_products.php file

in this php file Add this line:- $products_description = ltrim(substr($products_description, 0, 39) . '...'); //Trims and Limits the desc

Below line number 96


The lines you refer to are there, like new products that line is on line 72.

When scrolling to additional images on the product pages the image it shows it the smallest image rather then the medium sized image. For the main image it shows the medium sized image. How do I make the additional images also show the medium sized image ?


Please send me your Site Url,Ftp details, adminside Url,username,password so i can solve your issue


I send you the details in a message over a week ago but have not heard back from you?


will reply in few hours

The coupon code has stopped working with your template, how do I fix this?


Can you submit support ticket with site details?

Hi ,great job with the template. I have purchased it already. But I have a warn after I use the quick start install this zencart. After I choose the template I saw this WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again. Can you give us guidelines to solve this issue? Thanks for your help. It is not comfort to share the site login details.


Hi I have fixed this already.But I have another problem. Where I can edit the product info image size and the brand category image size? And I also need to know how I can add additional images for one product ? Thanks for your help :)


a new update I have changed the image size already. But there is one thing I need to know is how to add the additional image for one product. I remember the lightbox have that function. But when I use the same file name. It does not show up the other pictures with the same file name. Appreciate for your help. Please give me some advice. Thanks again.


replied on email

hello, it’s me again. I have solved my questions already. There is just one thing. How I can add more images for one product on the product info page ? It that because the the cloudzoom only support one picture? If yes, so how can I disable the cloudzoom. This is the last question. Sorry to bother you.


already replied on email. Also please maintain single thread for fast response.

the cloudzoom link to the source of the image once when you click the picture in the product info.It is not working right. And there is no additional images for the product info, How to fix this? This is the third comment .Please reply. I have submit the tickets and also the mail for any help.


already replied on email. Also please maintain single thread for fast response.

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I installed the theme to my zencart (1.3.9h) but I can’t find Mozen Settings in Admin->Tool menu.

Also, I’d like to use background images in slideshow instead of product images. Could you please give me some tips – how should I change the source code in tpl_header?

And (the last question), could you please give me advice how to remove FREE SHIPPING banner?


P.S. The theme is awesome!


1) To resolve mozen setting issue at admin side please send me your store url,ftp details, and adminside url,username,password

2) You can not use background images in slideshow instead of product images because in our mozen template you can set only product details on slideshow not background images

3) For removing Free Shipping banner you just follow below step


in tpl_header.php file around line no 255 you can find Free Shipping banner here

Is it possible to remove the zoom (bubble graphic) when viewing a the template on a mobile device? It covers the product, but you cannot zoom in, so it’s unnecessary.

sergics Purchased

Hi, looks like I have a typical for this template error: “The error message (WARNING: An Error occurred, please refresh the page and try again.) appears when I try to install the sql patch.” Is there a solution for it? Opened a ticked, but help is a bit slow.


There is some problem while installing mozen template

Below are the steps you need to apply mozen template in you new zencart or existing store

1) open mozen template package

2)Open Mozen Template folder in this package

3) copy and paste all files in proper directory (for more help you can see our documentation)

4) Once you copy and paste all files, apply sql patches (While installing sql patches, please backup you existing store database)

To apply Sql patche follow below step

1) Your Mozen package >Mozen Template>SQL patch->Copy the content of Sql patch

and paste this content in Admin side->Tools->Install Sql patches

You should be good as of now.

Can you integrate flyout menus on the sidebox categories?

The main menu provides flyouts, but currently the template does not provide flyouts for the sidebox.

Would the CSS flyout module possibly work?

See http://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1


reflexins Purchased

Can I disable the product zoom feature ? the images are not getting aligned properly. What should be the perfect size of product image so that my website looks exactly same as shown on your demo pages.


Yes you can disable the product zoom feature,

please send me your store url,ftp details so i can solve your issue

Hi, I am going to buy a zencart template. Before buying any zencart template I want to know if Mozen template allows Layerslider or Revolution slider to be included?

I see these sliders look good and slightly tip my choice over to templates that have this feature. Mozen seem to have banners rotated, but no text layer. I am no techie and prefer out of box ready templates.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you


We are working on Revolution slider in our next mozen update ,so in that you will have revolution slider. Release ix expected in one week.

Hi I have open a ticket for this but you guys have not answered me so here is my problems.

The new products and featured products on the home page have a bug. The bottom and top of box are not together there are some words in the middle. The product boxes are fine on all the other pages take a look at the link below to see what I mean.

https://www.voguewebservices.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index Hi, I had a welcome message with my last template with a few paragraphs on the home page. I still have the text in the Define Pages Editor but it is not showing up on the home page like it was with the old template. How can I fix this. Thanks