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How to setup slider just like Demo.

To setup slider just like demo , please follow these points.

1) Make sure you have imported demo data xml and theme settings json file as detailed here :


Note: If you have done above step fine , Just create a page with page template ‘Home’ and slider will appear just like demo site.

2) Please go to admin -> Slides and create some slides, put them in a category, say ‘Featured’ is the category you put them in.

Slide is just a post type, you will see editor to put html/visual just like you see with the post.

3) Once you have created slides , please go to wp-admin -> Theme options -> Homepage -> Homepage Setup -> Homepage Cover Area and enter shortcode there like: />
where featured is the category of the slides you want to showcase.

4) Create a new page and select ‘Home’ as its page template from right side panel.

Note: To setup slider just like demo you would need some css knowledge , or you can just use demo data supplied with theme and customize the slides text and image to fit your needs.

Feel free to ask if you have questions.

PS : Better slider and slider management is coming in next version.