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Hi. There’s another woocomm update, v 2.2.6. Is it okay to update? Thanks.

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Have tested Mrtailor 1.3.1 with woocommerce 2.2.6. No problems with Wordpress 4.0.


Just a small issue:

The off canvas shopping cart works great when adding a product from homepage or shop-page, but it doesn’t appear when adding a product from te single product page. Instead it shows a lime-green message. This is also the case on the demo site.

Seems like a small thing to fix right?

Thanks for this theme though, great stuff!

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I love the theme and everything that it comes with, but I’ve been using this theme for a while now and I really think that the posts slider is the worst part of the theme package. It’s such an inefficient way to show a collection of posts, and you’d be surprised at the number of visitors who don’t realize that the post slider can be swiped to reveal more posts.

Please give us a more logical way of displaying posts. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, just an option to have a bunch of posts, say 10-20 posts displayed in a neat grid on one page. I just need to have the featured image and a short excerpt for each post. All other magazine template themes have this simple basic feature.

Thank you very much.

Hi! Beautifully crafted theme. If I may ask: Is it possible to retain specific features like the wishlist, the product galleryt or the single product page without really activate the shop, meaning without offering products for sale, just for viewing?

Thank you in advance!

I’m kinda getting the feeling we’re getting ignored on the support forum… :( this website needed to go live weeks ago, but without the support / bug fixing we’re still not live, can somebody please look into this?


I am doing some work for a customer at http://sportscarrental.de and I have two things I can’t get to work.

1. The mobil menu icon seems to be transparent for some reason when it has to be shown? 2. The shopping bag icon and the number of items in it overlap each other (also if I use the default icon for the theme)

I hope you can help.

I can’t submit a ticket in your system since I don’t have the purchase code, and can find anything about where I should find it.

Have a nice day :-)

Hey, my mobile version after the update isn’t showing the navigation menu ? See here. ... store.therealthaipie.co.uk

Any help ?

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i sent a ticket http://support.getbowtied.com/hc/en-us/requests/731. i asked about localization for my wordpress site. May you check it?


Same way here? Support seems to has died, was great in the beginning but after the real issues showed up it died ..