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i want to buy this template mainly for having users register in the site and start creating profiles, posting messages, making connections, creating and interacting in groups .. can i do that or i will have limitation?

Hey JoYagusa per their item description:

“Note: The JomSocial and EasyBlog component is not included in our quickstart package; in order to use this component as intended in our template you will need to purchase it separately.”

Pick up Jomsocial and you will be able to do exactly what you want with this beautiful template :D

Beautiful template. Easy to set up. Support link is broken, however, so I’ve sent a support ticket via your website. I hope to hear back soon.

Hello, our chat is available in the business days – if you need support at weekend, please create your ticket here: – one of our developer will help you with your problems :)

Very lovely theme, thank you. It requires some minor updates since the new release of JomSocial. I would really wish that it had a Kunena forum template as well, are you planning for creating one for M-social?

Same issues after updating to 3.2: as it this thread (

1) JomSocial post box Cancel button is misplaced.

2) Drop down caret under statuses opens up in the bottom of the page.

3) Reply and Cancel buttons in status reply box are not clickable.

Oh and one more thing, since I’ve bought theme for 50$ from here, do I still have to buy subscription for your website to post to forums?

@dmitrijev – the update for JomSocial 3.2 will be available in the next week, regarding the support – Theme Forest customers can use the “Technical Support for Market Theme Customers” department in our tickets system linked under the support tab in the theme page.

Regarding the K2 Template, does it include Pagination? I can’t tell from the template.


All our templates includes a pagination for K2 views – if you have a problem with it, please create a ticket in our ticket system and one of our developers will help you.

The rest of the file don’t upload. I can’t see the images on the front page

Ticket ID: XID-873-18835

I guess I pulled this one out of my hat…

Ohhh, and this one…..

Ticket ID: JSQ-653-19395

Ohh, and this one….

Ticket ID: ULB-861-52883

Need one more? :)

I just need support ASAP please.

We have assigned your tickets to our developers, btw last ticket as I see is replied – for the future tickets please get the purchase ID: it is available in the download section as a license certificate:

Item Purchase Code: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

You know, someone has to stop you guys from scamming people out of their hard working money!!

I sent both codes, purchase and ID. You know that. I know what you guys are doing. Making it seem that there’s a miscommunication. The only miscommunication is that there is NONE!

You know, I will have to say that this Ticket support is not really a ticket support. This is FETCH THE UNRELATED LINK SUPPORT!!

The 3 different links you guys sent me for my 3 DIFFERENT QUESTIONS I will post them for everyone to see!! ONE BROKEN LINK!

1)- Module details –

2) – Module configuration –

3) – Module custom HTML –

You guys keep sending me to unrelated links instead of just answering my specific questions. You guys sent me 3 identical links for 3 different questiond that when to the same empty unrelated page!! Do you guys even check your links?? What kind of support is this?

Most developers just answer the question right here on this comment section. You don’t. Now I know why. BECAUSE THEIR IS NO SUPPORT!

These are my questions: NOTE: I already installed the QuickStarted pakage.

1) Grid does not show on FireFox and the grid images are missing Answer: No answer, I figuered it out on my own about the images. Firefox problem, NO ANSWER!

2) The top grid section does not have padding space like demo. Answer: No answer, I still have this problem.

3) How do I add the linkable links to the grid images just like it shows on your demo? Answer: You guys sent me to a unrelated link to my specific question.

I'm calling Paypal, I really tried to work with you guys but this whole "team" (probably 1 person..yourself) you have here is a joke.


@citymonster Today I’ve answered you twice but still don’t get any response. You’ve asked about recreating part of Grid area – the twitter icons this provided links show you how to add this module to your Grid element. Please just create module Custom HTML like on link 1) and then paste custom HTML module from link 3) – really this are not the same URL please just open the third one. According to your question relate to Grid module variations as I wrote in support ticket your get 3 predefined Grid configurations after quickstart installation and they are available via module manager in your back-end, this grid variation which you want to use is this one :

Which is called in back-end Grid GK5 – configuration I ( so you need to publish this Grid variation at your homepage. All is configured all that you need to do is to open this module configuration and assign it to your homepage.

Hello By purchasing this template, I need to still buy some license with Jomsocial?


Yes, you have to buy a JomSocial license if you want to use this component.

Hello- This template is gorgeous!! Can you tell me please, has it been fully updated for JomSocial 4.0.1??



Currently it doesn’t support JomSocial 4 – we will add support for it in 2 weeks as we need to create a jomsocial template from scratch.

Hi do you have the wordpress version & HTML version of this social networking


We have only Joomla and WP versions. WP version you can find at our website.

you mean on envato, under your profile or your person site?

At our website, not here.