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hello, my company purchased the tempalt Herla mt, are working with a local server xampp, when you install and import the database, put localhost / mt_herla brings up this IP can help us fix it, thanks


Please check your ticket!

Cheers! David

Hi, Very impressive theme that I”m planning to put for my ecommerce website. just have one question : could we remove the category list in category view? We have the menu on the top so for me the category list is useless !

Hi, Thanks for your replay, I’m talking about the categories list on the category view shown here : http://postimg.org/image/lkggptwhp/.

no solution for this?


It’s optional. So you can easy to hide it via back-end!


Your MT Herla theme looks really nice. I’m a little nervous about buying today as it looks like people are having issues installing.

Also, I don’t see any of the 50 sales giving you good or bad reviews which is odd.

If I purchase this Theme, do you have a money back guarantee if the theme doesn’t seem what to be what I expected?

Please let me know so soon so that I can make a decision.


1. This is latest rating from kacsalla

Main reason: Feature Availability

Extra comments from the buyer: 5 stars in every aspects: design is great, documentation is super, and the support is the best I’ve ever seen, the guys even helped me on an issue not related to the theme but was my fault. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!

2. Regarding to money back guarantee term: you should TF Team for more detail

Kind regards, David

So are you saying yes? Regarding Money back Guarantee if theme doesn’t work to satisfactory

You should follow the TF terms. It’s not our term!

Quick comment and Appreciation for the outstanding support Yen has provide me as a customer. Really appreciate the support and getting things done.


Thank Craig so much for supporting us! Cheers!


did the cloud zoom module is included with the theme or I must purshase it ?


yes it was built in the theme! Cheers

Hi, looking to buy. Do you use less/sass with Bootstrap?

Thank you

I’d also like to know how you compile the CSS. I’ll want to customise the theme so I’ll be creating my own theme inside /mtherla/ folder.

When saving theme settings inside Magento admin, will it overwrite my theme css?

Thank you


Yes the theme is using Bootstrap framework and LESS to compile the CSS.

The the support the sub theme in order that you can easy to create a new sub theme inside the main them. You should check this guide for more detail http://docs.zooextension.com/post/mt-herla-configuration-manual#magento-theme-customization


Bougth the theme, installed it and… widgets on homepage not working…

The developer checked in the shop but could not fix it when it contains my own data, but he/she was very friendly and deleted all my homepages from the other stores !!!

Thanks for the great support….not…. :reallyevil:


I don’t see the label [PURCHASED] on your account. So if you purchased the theme, please provide the download code.

We alway do back-up before make a big chance (remove, change or delete the file) So if you already created a ticket for getting support, then you go to help desk system and ask for restoring the site.

Kind regards, David

hi how to add social media links in footer?

Hi, You should check this guide http://docs.zooextension.com/post/mt-herla-configuration-manual#static-blocks

It seems you didn’t purchase the theme!

Kind regards

i just bought the and im having difficulties insalling all its featurea nd i cant upload the rs-plugin.i thoughtnit was free installation for newbie.posted a ticket but got no response


Please let me know your ticket number. Kind regards, David

i cant even create the product category…..i hope i wont regret buying this theme

i cant even create the product category…..i hope i wont regret buying this theme

i cant even create the product category…..i hope i wont regret buying this theme

the theme does not work with markeplace

yes the theme works with Magento only!

I have recently bought this theme!
1. I was wondering how can I put a slider in a categories?
2. When you add a product to your shopping cart it doesn’t show the notification until you scroll up to the page.


Do you follow this guide http://docs.zooextension.com/post/mt-herla-configuration-manual#mt-revolution-slider

Also if you found any issue, please open a new ticket at http://support.zooextension.com/ for getting support.

Kind regards, David

Yes, I do
but where in the widget I can specify a new slider is related to let’s say Women’s category.
In summary, what I want is that I want one slider in the main category (which I already have), Now I want a different slider in let’s say category A, and another one in category B.
How can I do that? I couldn’t find it anywhere in the documentation.