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Hi, where can I to get the last version ?

Please use the current username which has purchased the theme to ask question here.

I don`t know. This did it my admin! I don`t know where is my admin now…

Sorry, this account is not my theme user.


I have added a download widget to my page and it shows version: next to each item which I don’t want. How do I remove it?

I also unticked Show the list image of posts with lightbox? but when I click the thumbnail image on a single download item page, the light box appears. I don’t want to be able to view the thumbnail larger.


see the screen shot here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10123940/header.jpg. There is unwanted green after the text. The sub menu boxes are too long. How do I make it so it fits the actual length of the text as per the other site which for some reason does fit to the text http://www.workshop.mintviz.com/

Go to the theme options: Mu Types => Header => Menu => Sub Menu Width

Thank you, that worked.

I have noticed in the slider portfolio page there is a much larger margin under the images before the project info begins http://i.hawktheme.com/mu-types/portfolio-item/portfolio-post-number-one/ compared to the single image http://i.hawktheme.com/mu-types/portfolio-item/portfolio-post-number-two/.

Is there a way to not have this happen?

Changing “margin-bottom: 40px;” to anything other than 40 affects both single portfolio pages and multiple portfolio pages. I only want to adjust the margin on multiple portfolio page and leave single portfolio page as is. This gap seen here between the image and the project info is way more than 40px http://i.hawktheme.com/mu-types/portfolio-item/portfolio-post-number-one/

Add the below code in the theme options => style => Custom CSS

.post-portfolio-single .post-portfolio-single-slider {
margin-bottom: 0;

Thank you, that worked


Please see these two photos. How do I get rid of all that space???

http://imgur.com/TugxEfv http://imgur.com/F05E7EB

First one is a page, second is the blog. There is way too much separation space.


I am… Please see before and after the code…

BEFORE: http://imgur.com/d2QNGXD BEFORE #2 : http://imgur.com/eC70KAN

After 1: http://imgur.com/IcQLp0A After 2: http://imgur.com/LKdi4wg

THIS image shows all the space I’m referring too… I just want to tighten it up. http://i.imgur.com/zUjhS3y.png?1

I’m sure you have changed the wrong code! When you find the code, have you checked it? I have said, it’s about line 531.

Edit the below code, then add it in the theme options => Mu Types => Skin => Custom css

.site-page-header {
    padding: 30px 0 40px;
#main {
    padding: 60px 0; 

body.home #main {
    padding: 30px 0 35px;

How do I remove the latest posts on the bottom of the single portfolio page? I have unticked Lightbox For Image in Related Post and set the number of related posts to 0 in the portfolio settings but it still shows up.

in: single-portfolio.php about lines:57-61


    $lightbox = get_theme_option('portfolio','related_posts_lightbox');
    $posts_per_page = get_theme_option('portfolio','related_posts_per_page');
    theme_related_post('portfolio-types', $lightbox, $posts_per_page); 

A while back you gave me the code for changing the word blog at the top of every post to be what ever category it is in.

In: block_page_header.php

Replace echo __(‘Test’,’HK’);


$categories_names_array = array(); foreach((get_the_category()) as $category) { array_push( $categories_names_array, $category->cat_name ); } echo implode(’ • ’, $categories_names_array);

Currently it says all categories that the post is assigned to. How can I modify this code so that it only says the parent category and not any of the child ones?

Sorry, I do not provide customization services for any functionality not already provided within my themes/files.

Hi, thank you for the great theme, but fomr some reason the twitter plugin wont work, can you please send me to a link or thread or tutorial?

Thank you

How do I remove a featured image from showing?

Even if I upload an image and don’t insert into post, it automatically shows in my published post with no way to remove it.

Please update the theme!

Hi, my company use this theme it has something wrong page doesn’t work i made ABOUT US page and i put info and some of photo but it doesn’t show, when I click (ABOUT US)it shows nothing and i want put some of product on home but it doesn’t work too

please give me some solution thank you

How do I add video to the pretty photo pop up? I have a mixture of photos and videos on the site and at the moment there is no way of showing video unless they click on the title of the item to go through to a single page.


Hi there,

There seems to be no support for this theme, no response to email after one week, this is quite unusual on Envato, and quite concerning. Not looking for ‘hands-on’ support, but have a question that only the theme developer can answer. If you can’t answer emails, please make that clear so that I can change the website to another theme.



This theme should be removed. I’ve used it for a while but support has always been flaky – at best.


noahf Purchased

My slider stopped working with Wordpress 4.0.

Can you help?

where can i change the slug www.example.com/PORTFOLIO-TYPES/example, in portfolio section?


jwt007 Purchased

Hi! Is the theme compatible with WordPress 4? ( Or wordpress WordPress 4.1.1 ) Please answer asap!!

was there a response on this?