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Nice theme very clean! Good luck with sales :)


Thanks! Guys!

Really nice design – good luck.


Thanks! Guys!

Simple and clean design. Great job!


Thanks! Guys!

I like it! Purchased! :)


Thanks Guys! If you have any problem, welcome to our

Support Forum.

I think i just stumbled across the answer to my own question. Found Blog 1 and Blog 2 on live demo.


Thanks! If you have any issue about the theme. Welcome to post here.

Is there a quick start xml type file that I can upload to have it look like the demo?


Hi, I have re-uploaded to themeforest. Please download it again after 5-8 hours.

When it approved, I will post a message here.


Hi, you can download it again now, the xml has added.

I really like this theme – very elegant! Just what I am looking for one of my clients – a question: There is a slider on the home page. Is it possible to make this slider with a short code on other pages?


Hi, It’s only using in homepage.

Hi, nice Theme, i like it so much! So Clean with important Infos on the Top like Telephone and Email….

Is it easy to customize a darker Version (black) for a normal User like me?

Sry, my English is not so good :)


Hi, if you want, you can edit the css, or add the custom css.

In the options, you can add background image, change background color, text color, link color.

This could be perfect for me, but is it possible to integrate the blog with FB, tweet etc?... Similar to this http://i.hawktheme.com/mu-types/team/



Hi, now it’s impossible to insert the social media.

tom75 Purchased

How can i set up a gallery like that:


Hey! Thank you for purchasing my theme, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or the support team can take a look at your issue !

Support Forum

I really like this theme though there is not the possibility to put in the slider on other pages than the home page. Just wonder if there a slider plugin where I just can add a shortcode on a normal page and make use of this in this theme. Do you have the overview and insight to tell me about this?




Portfolios single page support: slidershow, image, video.

Blogs, events, products single page support: slidershow, image.

If you want, you can find other slider plug-in.


BTW , we will add a slidershow shortcode later.


Hi, we have added the slidershow shortcode.

This looks awesome!



Nice theme, I was wondering if it is possible to turn off the price and buy now under products? I have a client that wants to display product but no price or option to buy now.

Also when you click on Product it shows “all” “accurist”, etc.. is there a way to have this be part of the drop down instead of on the actual page?

The best way I can describe it is, if the menu showed this:

Products – Hats – Shirts – pants Then I would like when they click on “hats” that it displays a page with only all hats. They can’t click on “Products” to show all, they have to choose a sub menu item.

I looked at the Admin screenshots and it only tells you what to type (Read more or Buy Now), would be nice to have an option to remove these if you do not plan on selling online or wanting to show price.



1). if you don’t want to use the price and buy now button, you just need to leave it blank. (it will be disabled!)

2). if you want to use the menu like you said, you need to do some customization.

Thanks guys.

Great theme!

A couple of questions before I purchase please.

Is there an option to ad your own Cufon fonts?

Have you made the home-slider available for static pages yet?




Hi, there is no option to add Cufon fonts, the slidershow can use for homepage only. But, we will add a slidershow shortcode in next version.

Hi there. Just purchased the theme. Looking good, and I tried registering for my account on your support forum, but no password e-mail is being sent for the username: klee025

So Im going to just ask here.

Is there ANY way to make the homepage show only the slider and then then right underneath it, show the blog page (or if the page cannot be shown, just the most recent blog posts) ?

Is this possible?


Hey! Thank you for purchasing my theme. I have send the password to your email. Please check it again.

Please post your issue on the support forum, the support team can take a look at your issue !


Sorry I forgot a question.

Can you switch off the large header text at the top of each page just above the bread crumbs?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, if you don’t want display it, you can remove it from all the page header.

This is a really nice template. But can you also make it scalable so that it looks good on mobile devices? That would be really nice.

YO, Fresh Theme Hawk…

whats about a video option for the slider on the startpage??? Is it possible to add a video into the slider ?

greeets keep rockin’


Hi, please see this page. The slider supports images now, we will add the video support for the slider later.

On the homepage under latest products, is it possible to link the url to an external site?

For example – if you click the “Product Post Number One” the link will go to an external link instead of the Product page.


Hi, if you want, it needs to do a small customization.


Once I purchase the theme, would you be willing to assit me in the user forum to get this done?


Hi, you can contact us in the support forum.


Nice theme, I have 2 questions :

1) Are you going to set up sharing social icons (fb, twitter and g+1) specifically in the blog posts ?

2) Is there a poedit file delivered with the theme ?



1). It does’t support cocial icons in blog posts.

2). Yes, the .po file is ready.