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Is there anyway to include this hook for woocommerce?


PLEASE HELP <3 It would be greatly appreciated.. GREATLY !

Is there anyway to include the hook included in the link above? ”/

I’ll pay you just to make it work! Please… D:

Sorry, we don’t support any 3rd party plugins. You can find someone on theme forest who has full time.

Hi, I am using your theme, it works great, except I am trying to use the product page and next to the image where there is space for text, I cannot add the text there like I would to a normal page with text decorations etc. Could you please help me to have the “page text” next to the image where the “excerpt” text.

I have added a div with text specifications in the “excerpt” box, however, It does not read.



Hi, if it’s the theme’s issue. Please email me using my profile contact form.

If it’s a custom question, we will not support this.


I hope your well. I previously bought your theme but I am unable to use the Slide show on the front pages. Even so, in my word press set up, all is saying that this last is functional. Can you please assist?

Furthermore, I would like to know if there would but any possibility to display a “live music” once the website is launch. I would like a music, bar for example to run. If not, it would be interesting to have this option.

Many thanks in advance. Dwayne

Hi, thanks!

1). For the slideshow: Please email me using my profile contact form.

2). No, it’s impossible. I think you can use a plugin for this.

Hi, how can I slow down the speed of slider?


In: assets/js/custom.js line: 227

slideshowSpeed: 6000,        

Hi, I updated my portfolio(wich already had 9 items) and now it shows this:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/mysite.com/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/mu-types/loops/loop-portfolio-3.php on line 70


Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /var/www/vhosts/mysite.com/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/mu-types/loops/loop-portfolio-3.php on line 74

What should I do to fix this? Thanks

UPDATE: Solved. Bug appears when you publish something in the portfolio section without a category assigned.

Yes, you need to choose a category for the post.

Hi, I want to update the theme. When I download the template file, this is the 2012.03.05 version. Where can I to get the last version ? Thanks

Hi. It seems the support forum is down.

How do I increase the width of the dropdown menu so the entire menu name fits?

The support forum has been closed. Support for all our themes and templates is conducted through the ThemeForest Item Page.

Set it in: Dashboard => Mu Types => Header => Sub Menu Width


How can I shutoff/disable the Slider Navigation though out the website?

Also want to prevent the mouse hover pause on the slide.


In: assets/js/custom.js

lines: 229-230

directionNav: true,             
controlNav: true, 

line: 233

pauseOnHover: true,  

Replace true to false.

When entering a client URL in the portfolio it puts it in front of my website address. How do I change this so it actually goes to the clients website?

How can I remove the giant headers on each page???

Hi, which header? can you explain more clearly?

Taking 7 days to then ask me another question, is really crappy support. I mean the text headers.

in: header.php

about line: 56



I managed to briefly fix the URL by adding in http:// in front of the address however now the button graphic for the link has disappeared from the web page. This appeared to have happened after I changed the default Single items slug from portfolio-item to work-item.

I tried changing it back to the default Single items slug which didn’t work. Also tried creating a new portfolio page and that didn’t work either :/

Another issue I have is even though my image height is 800 pixels, it only shows a maximum height for 500 pixels. Yet for video its 557 pixels? How do I increase the height of the images?


OK, managed to fix the website link button. It doesn’t show if you leave the read more and launch project text blank in the settings.

But still having issues with displaying images above 500 pixels height and now a new issue which wasn’t happening before. When clicking on images in the portfolio it brings up a pop up slide show, I don’t want want this, I only want users to slide through images via the webpage itself. Strange because this wasn’t like this the other day.

Change the video height as your image height.

If I reduce the video height to 500 pixels that does not fit a HD aspect ratio. HD scaled down to 990 pixels wide as you recommend is 557 pixels high.

in: wraps/wrap_common.php about line: 48

Which files do I replace for the Twitter API update? My Twitter feed no longer works on the home page so I assume it is to do with this update. However I have made many customisations to the site so cannot just update the whole theme.


When you create the API, you should not change any options, do it as below:

How to find the API information?

1). Login the site: https://dev.twitter.com

2). Go to: Your Accont => My applications => Create a new application.

3). Go to the Application => Details => Create my access token.

4). Go to the Application => OAuth Tool => OAuth settings.

If you still have the issue, the problem is your hosting.

That is exactly what I did. if the problem is as you say my hosting provider, what would I need them to have for it to work? Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.

If you do these, it still has issue. I’m sure your hosting does’t allow the twitter get data via the API. I can do nothing! You can try to use another hosting or you can try other twitter plugin.

There is a giant image showing above all my blog posts when I use an image, in a post. How do I get rid of this?

Please show us the page with the issue you said.


how can i add social buttons to the header area right above the email and phone number?


I do not provide customization services for any functionality not already provided within my themes/files.


The “slides item” buttons and sections have suddenly dissapeared from the dashboard menu? I am unable to add or modify slides?

thanks in advance.

in: wp-content/themes/mu-types/wraps/types/type_slider.php about line: 60


'menu_position' => 57,


I can only have 10 Flickr images in the widget. Even after setting the number to 20. Any idea how to fix this?


The max numbers is 10.

ah, so no way to increase it? 5×5 would be much better I think.

No, it does’t support.

I would like to display some html within a portfolio single page. Currently I can only either add an image or a video.

Is this possible?

It’s impossible.

Could you please share how I would go about doing this? I have the html code ready to implement which is 990 pixels wide by 600 pixel high to fit the theme layout. I am not sure how to add it on a portfolio single item and retain the details below such as the text, website, client info.

At the moment I have the code on a blank page set to full width which works fine but ideally would like it in the portfolio layout.

I do not provide customization services for any functionality not already provided within my themes/files.

I forgot to ask, how do I change the size of the large headers on each page?


Here is the css, you can edit them, then add in the theme options.

.site-page-header h3 {
    font-size: 84px;
    line-height: 84px;
    margin-left: -6px;
    margin-bottom: 10px;
    letter-spacing: -8px; 
    font-family: Arial, 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, sans-serif;

Thank you :)

When adding a gallery or slide show to the post it includes all images within that post rather than ones I have only selected. Also after changing the menu order, they stay in there original order.

Also tried changed the order of each media ID within the HTML code and it still shows the original order.

It appears on the back end the order and chosen images are correct but after publishing, the front end shows it differently.

The shortcode does’t support the order, you should reorder them in the images Media Library.

That doesn’t work either. Regardless of the order I set in the media library it stays the same when published. Tried it down the bottom with the small thumbnails and by clicking edit and changing the order there when selecting which images to use.

1). Please make sure the images must be uploaded to the current page/post.

2). Go to the current page/post, click the button “Add Media” => Media Library => Uploaded to this post => Reorder the images.