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I’m finding that my menus isnt picking up any CSS I’m using demo data and have installed all the plugins. Thanks a lot


I’ve registered but cant find how to create a post. Do I need to await approval? (thanks for your reply)


found it (duno how I didnt find it earlier ;) )


no problem :)

Trying to get going with configuring a website straight away with this theme seems to be a bit hit-and-miss. I think it would be very useful to have another theme skin colour installed as an option so we could quickly work out which elements were defined within Theme Options or the Theme Skin.

Extremely extensive theme though! Good work.


Hi buttonmatt

please post your question in our support forum here: http://support.mcstudiosmx.com, so we can help you more with your question.

cresona Purchased

Great theme, just purchased it.

Heads up though, your “Purchase this theme” link points to an old, defunct theme.

Is it possible to have a fullscreen homescreen?

Is it possible to install and use Revolution Slider instead of Layer Slider?

Nice theme, will buy for my next project! :)

I’ve bought this nice theme, but I’m not able to update the “WPBakery Visual Composer’. Pls can anybody help me?! Thx

Hi Everyone

First we want to thank everyone that has purchased our theme, and we want to ask you a favor.

Before adding a bad rating please read the documentation, we have worked to improve the theme, explaining what was updated and how to update the theme and plugins, it is really unfair to receive a bad rating simply because some people does not read at all.

Ratings help us to keep working on updates to improve the theme and add new things, make sure to read the documentation and check the video tutorials included, if theres something that you don’t know how to do please contact us first in our support forum and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Is there a HTML version of this theme?

Thanks a lot

Very nice theme! Have only one question: is your theme compatible with Wordpress 3.9 and last version of Visual Composer (problem with wysiwyg window in VC) ?


Commenting on here as although I registered on the support form I cannot see where to submit a support post.

Anyway, on an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini, the change in the screen from portrait to landscape and the menu activation is quite slow and does not appear to be the best user experience.

I have asked a few people to check this and it is the same for them.

Is there a setting with regards to the speed in which the responsive menu is displayed?

My client can live with the speed issue with regards to changing the screen from portrait to landscape however they are hung up on how long it takes for the responsive menu to display after you click (touch on) the menu icon.

Great theme though so far from what I have seen! Well done!

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hi David

There are no settings to control the speed of the menu, everything is controlled with CSS animations, but we are going to check it to see if there’s something we can do about it :)


Hi Guys, thanks for the reply.

If you could look into it for me that would be great.

I have a client waiting to hear back so should i touch base in a few days or will you be able to contact me to let me know how you went?

Thanks David

Hello, I saw someone else ask if you can REMOVE videos from the background in the demo, but I’m looking at the demo and I’m not seeing any videos in the background. I’m actually looking for a theme that would allow that. I’m hoping for one that would let me have video behind the header. Since, I can’t see it in the demo, is that still possible?


Hi stacyzoo

Videos in the header are not possible, you can add them in the content as a background (and add text or something else above the video)

I’ve just updated to 1.3 and have removed the header background image that appeared but I still have a background image behind the menu.

I cant find anywhere in ThemeOptions to remove this.

Please help.

how do I actually switch the slider from Layer Slider to say, Nivo slider as there doesn’t appear to be an option for this?


visual composer is not working properly, I’m struggling already three weeks and can not seem found problem. Please tell me as soon as possible, web should already be finest. :crying:

Very beautiful site.

digrafo Purchased

Good morning:

Please I installed the Contact Form 7 and not what to do to make name, e-mail, etc… appear inside the box and not up. I have not found anything about it in its information or forum.

Please also I have an open ticket (# 2129) from the 6th June.

Buenos días:

Por favor he instalado el Contact Form 7 y no se qué hay que hacer para que Nombre, e-mail, etc. aparezcan dentro de la caja y no arriba. No he encontrado nada al respecto en su información ni en el foro.

Por favor, tengo también un ticket abierto (#2129) desde el día 6 de junio.

digrafo Purchased

In >>>> templates / top-menu.php

Line 15:
<nav id = “menu” class = ”? <php echo $ menu_class;> <php echo $ menu_align;?>”>

and line 70
</ nav>
They are marked as invalid by saying it is an open label. Why will not the sticky-header is well positioned?

We are having some issues with IE 8 can anybody help.

Missing images etc. please see www.mswarmoured.com

Nice theme. Is there a way to easily turn off the responsive layout?


Hi, yes there’s an option to disable the responsive layout in the theme options panel, just disable it and save your changes and that’s all.

mengio90 Purchased

i have a problem! Sorry for my bad english… but i’m italian! I bought this theme but when I install it on wordpress gives me this error: The package can not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Updating translation failed.

mengio90 Purchased

Good news … I managed to fix the problem!

Wrote: 31 july on your support page, didn´t get any reply?:


I installed WPML, and created the translation pages.

The ‘new translated’ pages I create is not showing up under Theme -> Sidebars -> Apply sidebar to.

Can you help me? Thanks…



The latest version has support for unlimited sidebars and WPML http://cl.ly/X92I, if you have added your purchase code in the Theme Options panel you can update it directly from your wordpress installations.

If not just download again the theme from ThemeForest :)


Thanks – We hardcoded some in the theme, so it will be a big thing to update.

Can you please tell what we need to edit, to make it work in version 1.3?

When we bought the theme, there stood it was WPML compatible.

Thank you in advance.



I’m sorry for that, we are always improving our code in case we miss something, like stated in the documentation file, you should be using the child theme (included) to make your custom modifications, the first video in the documentation shows the installation process using the child theme.

All the files that were updated are listed in the documentation file (in the change log section), if you can please make the modifications to the child theme, remember that WordPress and other plugins might release future updates and if they change something (for example some functions) we’ll have to update the theme.