Multi - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Multi is a multipurpose wordpress theme, create any kind of website using the visual page builder, creative studio, business, photography, store, landing pages, etc. Multi will be perfect for your project.

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Version Changelog

The complete change log is included in the documentation file with the name and paths of all updated files:

Version 1.5

  • Improved support for WPML and Unlimited sidebars.
  • Added some style for WPML language widget.
  • Improved the way woocommerce was detected.
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.4

  • Updated all plugins to it’s latest versions
  • Included auto updates so the theme and plugins will be updated automatically
  • Improved the sidebars manager
  • Improved plugins
  • Improved visual composer icon selector (now you’ll see the icons directly in the editor so you can filter and choose the one you need)
  • Added new simple icon block to visual composer
  • Renamed some variables to avoid conflicts with third party plugins (there was no problems so far but just in case)
  • Improved theme options panel

Version 1.3

  • Improved compatibility with internet explorer 8
  • Fixed a bug in mobile devices when using boxed layout
  • Improved code for the latest version of visual composer
  • Fixed bug for general typography not changing in the site
  • Improved the inclusion of scripts
  • Improved the inclusion of stylesheets
  • Updated the short codes manager to work with the latest version of WordPress
  • Improved parallax code
  • Improved functions and minor bug fixes

Version 1.2

  • fixed an error in the theme options panel when using the spanish language
  • Improved megamenu
  • fixed normal menu not working on iPad landscape mode
  • Added new options to sort the portfolio by custom order (drag and drop), date, id, author, title, name, modified, random also you can adjust the order ASC or DESC
  • Added new options to blogs to display the default wordpress excerpt
  • Updated visual composer to the latest version
  • Updated class-tgm-plugin-activation to the latest version
  • improved the global color option
  • fixed an overflow error on blog articles
  • Documentation updated

Version 1.1

  • Improved lightbox video support
  • fixed social text not updated with custom text added in the theme options panel
  • improved footer widgets columns to allow multiple widgets on each column
  • when changing the global colour in the theme options panel now it changes the hover in portfolio, tabs, some buttons and other parts that were not updated with the new color
  • fixed a bug in megamenu titles and improved some functions
  • fixed audio post not displaying the player
  • removed some unused options in the theme options panel
  • added translation for previous and next in pagination
  • fixed the error when selecting the top white header the default logo was displayed

Version 1.0

  • First Release