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I set my site in Modal mode. When you click on a post of my homepage (for example a videopost), the video get the full width (what is very beautiful). But when I click on that same post in de videotab (so not on the homepage), the video gets a width of 640px.

I always want that the video had the full with of de single post (that’s 700px)

Thanks a lot


site: http://speakingdoubledutch.be/s2d


Landonw Author Team

Hey mate – go to Theme Options -> Additional Options -> Custom CSS and add this:

.item-single .item-media {
padding: 0 !important;


Thanks a lot!!!!


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Can I disable the LIKES some how?

I also want to change the word MORE to the Dutch version MEER INFO. How can I do this?

Thanks, Marc

- Please use this custom style on Theme Options => Custom CSS

.meta-like {display:none}
article footer {min-height:20px}

- You can use translation for it. Here is a simple video TIP.
Also you can edit those on php file directly if you wish. Loop.php, line 96



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Thanks a lot !


htusco Purchased

Hi Themeton,

Can you please update the Theme Elements (Visual Composer) plugin. The one used is quite old!

Thanks on beforehand, Marc

Okay. I’ll update it soon, but you should make sure your existing setup fine with latest VC version. Thanks


htusco Purchased

Haven’t seen any update yet. Can you please do this? By the way … according to Themeforest your last update dates from 13 September 13. Please make the site support WP 4+. It will also benefit your sales (I guess). Cheers Marc

Here I have some problems with VC latest version, our integration has obsolete and that will make some problems on previous built sites.

Please send me a mail from my profile and I wanna help you with another ways. Thanks


is there a way that colorbox could work in full post (and maybe modal window)?


No sir this kind of feature only have in ExtraGrid theme. But this kind of changes requires some php and js changes. Please let me know about your desire more detailed. Thanks

hello i am thinking of buying this theme, i am looking to create a website that pretty much works like zergnet.com, i have 3 questions for that manner 1) can i post a picture with only header that links to another website in a different tab in the home page 2) can i post just a picture that works like question 1 3) can i disable or change the image of loading when you first open the page 4) can i post in turkish?

1. You can show top image and short text on front of your site. Then you can link it to different site (tab) with this plugin. I always recommend and suggest this plugin for such questions.

2. Yes. Typically theme shows featured image + title + excerpt. You can show your post without excerpt.

3. Yes. Just replace the loaded image with your new one

4. You can translate everything that can show on front


one more question is it possible to load everything at once instead of one by one in front page?

This is a result of masonry layout and plugin calculates position of posts and arrange them after they loaded. I don’t have a solution for loading them at once


About to buy!! Does this theme support self hosted videos?, I want consumers to be able to upload / post their videos. Is the theme Open Source. I would like to customize it.


Theme doesn’t support self hosted videos. Only supports server videos with embed.

Thank you for the comment


I am trying to embed an image from instagram onto a post. I have used the embed code provided by instagram but for some reason the image doesn’t show up, however i’ve tried it on other themes and it shows up fine..

See here > http://stylesuitcase.me/46/


I’m confusing, you are still using WP 3.8 there?

You should use the URL of the image on your post content instead of embed. https://instagram.com/developer/embedding/

Let me know if it doesn’t help. Thanks

Hi, Our purchase email has lost, however we have purchase code with us. I cant login to your support forum. Kindly advise.

You should be able to sign-up to the forum with your purchase code, what issue are you having?

You should be able to sign-up to the forum with your purchase code, what issue are you having?