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Very clean template my friend!!!!! Congratulations!!;)


Great Theme


Clean design! Good luck ;)

thank you

Nice theme,

More Color variations and Homepage variations ?

you can apply you own background

Beautiful theme!


Clean Design Dear . Good Sale !

thanks , sales is better then your

Hello, I don’t see in your demo where product categories are shown. Is it possible to show those in the sidebar?

Yes it is possible to show them in sidebar

Hi, I just bought the theme and I am having some problems setting it up, who could I talk to about this?

Please pm your problem

Hello, In the products there are parts that are not responsive, please fix it. Screenshot =>

Can you tell me what exactly needs replacing files for version 1.1? I have modified the template enough right now, thanks.

Just replace the style.css in the root directory and Mobile.css in the css directory


i have a question, if i buy this template do i actually need to by smth else to use it? Meaning do i have to pay to the WooCommerce, or just have a copy of fresh WordPress?

you don’t need to buy anything else

I’m probably missing something here, how is this a multi shop theme?

Can you put here the shortcode to be put to display a map from Google Maps in the theme? Thanks.

would u like to contact me by my email which i given in my help file :)

shortcode of map

[map lat = ” your latitude ” long= ” your longitude ” /]


My custom image background is not showing. I have changed and saved this in the theme setting options but nothing has happened?

Please pm me your Login info i will check it :) And always contact me by mail

Before I make this purchase I would like to know:

-Can you change theme colors? -Can you remove OUR CLIENTS, LASTEST AND FEATURED PRODUCTS?

can you remove the cart as well?

can you remove the cart as well?

Yes can remove

hi, i pm you about version update and header error. thanks.

Hi i Pm you Please check your problem is solved :) Pm me if there any problem

By putting the “flex slider” with a few images, the “x item (s)” on homepage ONLY stops working. In addition, the header menu visible on the mobile version stops working and sliding “featured products” and “latest products” too. Please review because there are these problems.


there is no problem , i cheeked pm me your login info

I’m having a hard time with the FlexSlider. The FlexSlider Plugin says I need to install “WP rotator”, but a plugin by that name doesn’t exist.

Am I doing something wrong?

Pm me your demo + login info

Can you shoot over a copy of the database? I’m running into a lot of problems. Ultimately, all I want is an exact copy of the demo.

Is that even possible?

The link you sent goes to a page, but you can not download the xml, nor can you copy or paste it without odd characters. Can you please post a link to DOWNLOAD the XML file?

open it in your browser and press clt+ s in window to save the file to your desktop :)

perfect, thanks!

Okay so I downloaded this awesome theme, and I am having so many issues my slider doesnt work, and I am getting this message “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :)”

Well now i am having a problem with the mobile integration, its crap. It looks horrible on the phone and the menu folds down. The page isn’t centered. I am two seconds away for asking for my money back. This theme has been nothing but a bunch of issues that I have had to research to fix. I could have spent this much time and built a website from scratch. That’s what I feel like I am having to do at this point. The whole point of buying this theme was to build something fast. Send me your email please, and thank you.

what where is the problem in the responsive , show me please ? which phone u are using ? , i don’t see any problem in responsive mode :( No buddy complaint me about that

and U telling me to send you the email , U don’t even have time to read the documentation , all the things in that file

without read the documentaion u told me slider is not working now u telling me another problem i am not able to find , First learn Please and then say

Hi! Is it possible to turn off prices and cart and use the theme as simple catalogue?