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Hi We’ve downloaded the theme, and installed it on our wordpress – but it doesn’t look like the way it does on you tutorial.

Are you guys putting up a wp 3.6 compatible upgrade soon?

sorry i am ill , i will be available after this month, viral fever , doctor said one week rest

My theme is 3.6 compatible already , did you install the demo content ? , after installing the content , still you have to set the homepage template to a blank page , set the slider from theme options , put content in slider manager and use the widgets to show the product carousel , i hope it help :)

How to include the sliding product images on the home page as you have on the demo site?

IN the Appearance menu of admin panel there are flex manger , elastic manager , jimpress manager , they are slider manager , open the option page and put the content there , fields are self explanatory i hope it help :)

I am having issues with the shop page where I cannot change the background color to a plain white. I have researched this and it seems to be a known issue with woocommerce. Please help!

well i check that its working well , i am able to change that , do you have the latest version 1.3.1 ?

in the theme option , there is background tab , check the checkbox to enable custom background , remove the url of the image from it and select the color from color picker , save changes , i hope its help :)

Hi is there anyone here to give support. I send you an email with many questions but no answers please help.

How do you translate the sliders and the widgets with wpml pluggin. They do not appear in the string translation.


its not compatible with wpml its translation ready with po files , where you see i defined that its wpml compatible ,i next update i definitely to make it compatible with wpml but now its translation ready with po files

when do you release next update with wpml compatible. The sooner the better…

before the end of this month


I would like to have a tab in the menu “our produtcs” with all the categories in a vertical menu under “our products” but I do not want to use the megamenu. How should I do that?

simple go the menu section on left side u see the pages , link and categories tab , first click on link and a blank link witch target nowhere , then click on categories tab and choose the category and click on the add to menu button and now you can adjust them according to your need make them sub menu or menu

i hope its help :)

Hi BigTreat,

here is my client website:

I have two problems:

1) - the pictures are cut, they do not display entirely, when you are on some of the page products, I would like to know how should I do to display the photo entirely in every thumbnail or every time the photo shows up on the website.

here is an example:

Tell me what I should do to make sure every picture shows up fine.

2) - I am using wpml to translate my products from french to english. The product does not show up whereas everything is set up fine and I have a 404 page. Could you tell me how should I do that?


sorry for the delay reply , regarding to to your first i thnk you not set the woocommerce catelog images sizes right

go to woocommerce->settings-> catalog tab and you will find the imags size in the bottom

and regarding to your second point my theme is translation ready by po file not wpml compatible yet , i will release the update in the end of this month

only few days left

Is the new update with wpml ready? yet?

not get the reply from wpml yet , please wait few more days


I have two questions,

1. I like to add the ‘Additional information’ tab, how can I do this? (The tab is located next to the ‘Description’ tab in the shop.) 2. How can I create the mega menu?


at the bottom of every product you can see a extra content box product description it will be show in additional information 2) mega menu option in theme options in general settings


tell me more about the next update involving wpml update. I really need it for my client.

Hi, I was wondering how to make a regular page with sidebar? Could you please tell me. Thank you!

Sorry, now I see all pages have a sidebar as long as you put info in it. Is it possible to create a sidebar on the homepage? I would really like that. Thank you for your answer!

Ok , but sorry there is no variation of homepage with sidebar in my theme :)

OK, now my problem is I want the price filter directly on the homepage. Right now that isn’t possible. It only works in a sidebar… Could you please give me a solution to make this work?

is there a new update of the theme including wpml? could you make it soon, I really need it for my client.

Ok on 20 you will get it :)


How do I get the contact page working? I’ve set my contact page’s template to ‘contact’ but all I get is a formatted (header & footer OK) page without any content so what am I missing?


Have spotted the contact form shortcode, so making progress again…

Also, where is the Google Maps shortcode?

Nevermind – found this also after scouring the myshortcodes.php file


PM me your login detail pls :)

where is the /js/cache folder? :_((((( featured images doesn’t appear on the blog page

why i not use any script i use the aq resizer , can you PM me your detail please

Is this theme ready for wordpress 3.8?

Hello, a pre-buying question! I would like to create a multistore website where everyone is able to sign-up and create a personal account-store and be able to show-off just their shop with information and products of their bussiness and a control panel for the vendor in order to control their sales and items, but also a big shop with all items from all shops… so… is this theme capable of managing this task? thanx alot dimitrios

Hi bigtreat, is Multishop theme multilingual ready or wpml compatible now? Like to buy theme but it’s absolutely neccessary for my client to have site and shop in 3 different languages. Cheers

yes its translation ready and compatible with wpml both :)

Is this theme compatible with buddypress & bbpress? CXan I make a website with forum, blog , product posting to each users while I am having a commission from them

Hi there, Wil there be a wp 3.8/3.9 compatible upgrade soon? The product page is not as it should be.


working on it :) in this week

Please Provide Ratting its really help us :)


Kucko Purchased

Hi there,

The product page is really messy! Will there be an update soon?? I have a costumer waiting for his webshop.


Hi i submit the update , Can you Please Pm me so i can send you the files before it got review ,it is in queue , you can wait PM me :)

hi update is available now download the latest version and please Provide us ratting its really help us