Multi-theme: 10 Colors - Business/Portfolio/Blog

This theme is for business, portfolios, blogs, plain old CMS and just about anything else!

10 Color schemes!

Blue (deafult) | Orange | Lime green | Dark green | Charcoal | Gray | Pink | Navy blue | Red | Brown


  • Section specifically for portfolio items
  • jquery slider to show off portfolio items
  • 10 great looking color schemes to suit everyone
  • 3 behaviours for the header (look at the screen shots)
  • Drop down menu support for sub pages
  • Styling for all the default wordpress widgets
  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • Theme customisation page in wordpress admin dashboard
  • Easy to add Google Analytics
  • If you dont like the large header used on the home page, you can turn this off in the wordpress dashboard! It will become smaller and say ‘Welcome!’.


  • Email support: I will help anyone who needs it via email as soon as I can.
  • Skype support: If you use skype I can talk you through the setup and any other steps or issues.
  • Documentation: Included in the download is a .pdf that explains in depth how to set up the theme, make blog posts and post portfolio items!
  • Video walkthrough: I have recorded a video that shows how to set the theme up and use it. Here is a link to the video.

Note: I didn’t create a form for the contact page because ‘Contact form 7’ wordpress plugin does a much better job than I could. Install this and use it for a ‘Contact us’ page.

I have tried to cover every point in the documentation so NO ONE should have a problem setting this up and having a great wordpress theme!

I have tested this site in

  • IE6 , 7 and 8 | Firefox 2 and 3 | Latest Opera, Chrome and Safari
  • Wordpress 2.7 and 2.8


18 November 2009 (v3.4)
  • The logo now works properly in IE7
15 July 2009

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