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I figured out the problem. In order for the logo to appear in IE7 you have to go into the big_head.php file and enclose both the tagline and the logo in div set. No styling needed. works fine now.

Hope this helps anyone else who discovered this issue

this is what it looks without the changes:

<?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?>


\” src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘template_directory’) . ’/images/logo-trans.png’; ?>” /> <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>

This is what is SHOULD look like:

<?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?>

\” src=”<?php echo bloginfo(‘template_directory’) . ’/images/logo-trans.png’; ?>” /> <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>


Sorry I didnt reply earlier but it looks like you figured it out :D I will have to release an update soon to address this.

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I also wanted to note that Furto provides the best support for his themes that I have experienced on this site. We went over a few issues last night and he was right there with me to figure them out.

Most of the issues stem from IE7 . There was an error that would show up related to IE8 .js. There are known issue with the file across the Internet so I just omitted it for now. The purpose of the file is to manually bring IE7 up to IE8 standards.

We also addressed the same issue as greendaze13. We changed the object tags around the logo in big_header.php to a div.

I also found that I had to add top: 0px; to #logo in style.css in order to keep the logo from floating down in IE8 .

I hope this helps and again I appreciate your help Furto. I hope you come out with other themes that I can use in the future.


Thanks jmbullis I really appreciate it :D

Great looking theme, job well done!!! I bought it tonight, will install tomorrow and let you all know how it goes integrating with wishlist member plugin

The training video locks up at 04.14. Anything I can do about it, ior does anyone have the same problem?

I’m looking to purchase this or another theme. I have a few questions but have not got a response from an email that I sent in via contact page.

1) Can I place an image across the top of every page I create?

2) Do I have to have 3 columns or can I have 2?

3) On the sidebar can they be used for ads with affiliate marketing and be continued on all pages?

4) How many tabs/page can I add?

5) Do I have to use the portfolio page or can I disable it?




1) If you want to place an image on the top of every page yourself you will need coding expereince as this is not what it does normally (it posts the latest portfolio items)

2) The design only has 2 columns :)

3) Yep you can add stuff like that to the sidebar and it will be on every page, i guess a little wordpress experience will help. If it is something like google adsense there are plug ins for that.

4) The amount of tabs is really based on the length of the page titles, for example if all your page names are 3 letters you can fit more than if theyre all 20 letters.

5) The portfolio can be turned off com,pletely and is outlined in the documentation. Keep in mind the images up the top use the portfolio and without it you will need to use teh small header (refer to screenshots for the header without the images)

Hope that helps :)

I have a question. I have fantastic html, css skills and have bought MANY templates on themeforest.net. I do NOT howerever have word press experience and not really interested in learning it.

My question is, If I buy this to edit the html with Dreamweaver on Mac, is it going to be any different that other templates? Are the pages php? (I watched the how to set up video you provided) and have never made a php site… I could always learn. If these pages are php, what is the difficulty level?

Please let me know asap, I have a client and this would be perfect perfect perfect!!!

Thanks again, -Melanie


The wordpress version is for wordpress only, but thats ok because there is both a html AND wordpress version! :D The html version is just like any other html theme you find and has no php at all.


That is fantastic news. 90% this is our new template! Much Thanks, -Melanie


Oh crap I thought this comment was on my other item!!! This theme does come with a HTML version BUT it does not look 100% like the wordpress version. The html version was made very early in the process but i included it anyway incase someone wants it.

This is what it looked like before i wordpressed it up http://www.furtzdesigns.com/archive/multi-theme/

Sorry about the confusion!

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I just bought this but the Download is an RAR file and will not upload in to Wordpress in the usual way.

I downloaded Winzip and unzipped the RAR file, but still no good.

Why not Download a Zip file in the first place?


Hey sorry about that I had no idea it was a RAR . I will re-upload it now as a .zip but it may take a while for the update to be effective.


Im 16th in the queue at the moment so it shouldnt take too long.

woody37 Purchased

Hi Furto

Thanks for sorting this so quickly.

All is well now and looking good.


woody37 Purchased

Hi again,

I am liking this theme more and more. A query though:

For all other Pages the name of the Page such as ‘People’ or ‘Contact Us’ is displayed in bold letters in the colour bar at the top.

The exception is the Home page where the bar text stubbonly sticks to “Welcome!”

How do I change it to something else?



Hey im just about to run out the door, can you email me so i dont forget to tell you how to do this? Its pretty easy but I’ll be home in a few hours and cant help atm.

Like the theme alot. Is it possible to place video in the featured area? That would make my day.

Cheers! Miles


Well as the theme comes, there is no EASY way to do it but if you know your way around HTML and wordpress you could quite easily do it!

One more question – The tool tips that you have on some of the pages, does that feature come with this theme?



Yep there are some tooltips on the single portfolio item pages (back to portfolio, view this live etc.) and these are definately included.

This is a very nice theme.. Will it not be updated anymore and stop at wp 2.8


Ill see if I can get around to it but I am pretty busy lately

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I am having trouble removing the blue dotted line from below the images on my front page. Please take a look at http://www.servdot.com at the bottom right you will see a twitter button that has the same dotted line that text links have. I have tried using border=”0” in my image tag and also tried to use ” a img { border: none; }” and “a img { border: 0 }” in the style.css

I want to keep the blue dotted line for text links but remove it for images, please advise.

Thanks, Daniel.


Im actually not sure how to do this without some sort of CSS parent selector. I know this could be done using javascript, if you would like me to have a go you can send me the ftp info for your hosting and ill see what i can do.

I fell in love with this theme only to find out it will not work on version 3, will it?

Cheers, Gray


Sorry it is not compatible with v3 yet but I do plan on doing this in the future

I bought this simple theme and have been using it. However, this item is way overdue an overhaul owing to its age. The theme has some weaknesses that should be dealt with promtly. Some weaknesses have been made known to the author yet no update has appeared!


I’m a busy man, sorry it’s taking so long.

This is not a bad template but it is sad to see no updates. It does not work properly on ipad. The colour is black, not the selected colour.