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I am working on an urgent project for a client. Followed through your instructions regarding the menu/navbar but seem not to get it working.

1.Stopping the Navigation bar from minimizing Have a working child theme put in place but the modified js-file within the child theme in the correct js directory seem not to work at all. Do I need to touch the parent theme’s js-file at all? What do you mean by reuploading the theme if I’ve made changes live through ftp-client?

2. Stopping the navigation bar from scrolling Cannot locate the necessary position:fixed clause in the stylesheet. Could you please post the specific changes in css-format to be placed in child theme’s stylesheet or give directions on the correct stylesheet.

Thanks for a great theme, Sebastian


Great! Thanks.

And the “Stopping the navigation bar from scrolling” -feature.

What to do/how to do with that?


It turns the instructions I gave you were wrong. I have tested this myself and I am sure the following will work. Keep your child theme with the modified JS file. You do not need to wait for the updated version of the theme. You can make this change immediately.

  • In your child theme’s functions.php add this:
    function custom_enqueue_scripts() {
        wp_dequeue_script( 'munch-custom' );
        wp_enqueue_script( 'munch-custom', trailingslashit( get_stylesheet_directory_uri() ) .'js/jquery.custom.min.js', array( 'jquery' ), false, 1 );    
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'custom_enqueue_scripts' );
  • In your child theme’s style.css add this:
    .wrapper { padding-top: 0; }
    .site-header { position: relative; }

Worked like a charm. Thanks EugeneO!

Have another question as well:

how to remove the hover link on the header contact info “get directions” completely?




You would have to edit it out of the navigation.php template.


I was able to remove it using

a.map-link { display: none; }

Do you know if this affects somewhere else?

- S


That will stop the link from displaying.

I am sorry to keep posting but have one more (hopefully) issue to deal with before finished!

The contact page’s three “link boxes” .. how to disable them from showing?

Thanks again, Sebastian


You can use the same display: none trick you used to remove the link from the header or remove the boxes from the contact page template.

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I have a problem, with my page i think its some kind of bug, but its not easy to explain it.

Can you please check my page: http://www.raktarbar.hu/

First, you can not see any problem, but if you click on some menu and then you go back to the homepage you will see. Usually it is enough t click to the 2nd menu item (“itallap”) and then you can see the problem.

It is something like the footer will be the next after the header and everything between make transparent.

As i remember i didnt do anything before i saw this bug first. Also i didnt install any plugin.

I am waiting for your help.




The problem occurs in the instagram gallery but it doesn’t happen every time the page is loaded. Sometimes it outputs all 8 images and sometimes it only outputs 5 and then cuts off half way through the fifth image’s caption. I have no idea what’s causing it and I haven’t been able to replicate it on the theme demo or my local test setup.

EDIT: I notice you have some icons in the caption for that photograph which is also where the gallery keeps cutting off. Try removing those icons.

This is the photography: http://instagram.com/p/v0O6FUE2tw/


Send me an email via the contact from on my profile page and I will send you an updated version of the theme to test that has an improved emoji filter for the Instagram gallery..

bkazar Purchased

I think its solved the problem! Thanks for your help!

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Hello I need PSD file to customized the design other wise i need demo content to put in it because I already installed and I don’t see any content could you send me the demo content to upload, I need to us that content as a template, best


The demo content xml is included in the theme package for you to import. Please note the demo content does not include any images as you will be using your own. You can find the recommended image dimensions in the documentation under the section titled “Important Information”.

lagces Purchased

another question options parallax and slider in pages are not saving. could you explain me how to fix it? thanks


This is a bug. Delete the page and recreate it and the options should save.

Hi, I need to add few custom fonts using font-face and make them available in the font selection section on the theme options.

How can I do that ?


I do not know how you would do that. The theme uses the Redux options framework so you could try asking on their support forum, however I do not know if that goes beyond what the scope of support they offer.


EDIT: A quick search brought up this thread:

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Hi there, great theme!

I have a few questions regarding the footer gallery…

1. Can I limit the amount of images shown? 2. Can I randomize the images? 3. Can I have different pages pulling in different galleries?

Thanks in advance for your help.

DBCuk Purchased

Okay no problem I managed to fix it with a bit of a hack and a plug-in I found! Another question though: which element do I need to alter to change the height of the homepage slider? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!


The slider height is controlled by the elements padding-bottom value. This makes it responsive and related to screen width.

.sequence{ padding-bottom: 43.75%; }
DBCuk Purchased

That’s great thanks very much!


I am currently modifying this theme to fit my client’s requests. One thing I can not seem to figure out is how to stop the menu from changing. I managed to get it stuck to the top of the page but when I scroll down I can see it is still doing the animation.

Thanks -Reece

It was a little bit further back.

To disable the collapsing menu you will have to remove the JavaScript function from jquery.custom.js.

  • Copy jquery.custom.js from the development directory in the complete theme download and place it in a js directory in your child theme (you might have to create the js directory if it is not already there).
  • Rename the file jquery.custom.min.js. The theme will now use this file instead of the version in the parent theme.
  • Open the new version of the file and remove the .scroll function section below the “Navigation Toggle” comment (line 128 to 152). It begins and ends like this:
    $(document).scroll(function () {
    ... there’s some code in here …
  • Save the change and re-upload your child theme.

Perfect. Thanks for responding quickly and respectfully. Especially considering I wasn’t even the one who purchased the theme. I would rate you 5 stars if I could!


No problem.

wynatina Purchased

Hello Sebastian,

I have purchased your Theme which really looks fabulous. Just that I have a problem to adjust it that it looks like your demo. Home and other contents don’t look like they should… On the contact page Ive a blog instead of contact, on the menue page I get the code etc etc. I would really appreciate your support. Best W


Refer the documentation included in the complete theme package. The documentation includes steps explaining how to do all the most common tasks including setting the home page.

wynatina Purchased

Thank you I found everything. I’ve 2 questions left, where do I find the css for Page Header Title, I need a square behind the font or a shadow. Second where can I change the text “get directions”.


Use your browsers developer tools to identify CSS elements. The styling for the elements can then be changed in a style.css placed in your child theme.

The text is found in navigtion.php. Copy the file to your child theme and make the changes in the child theme version of the file.

Hello! Thank you for the Theme. But i’ve got some problem- after installing and activating Redux Framework i cant open my web-site, got message: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_var() in /home/.../docs/wp-content/plugins/redux-framework/ReduxCore/inc/fields/typography/field_typography.php on line 742 how can i fix it? Thanks!


Got it. Shoul enable filter.php on hosting. Great Theme

hello, how i can install the shortcode template to my wordpress/page? like this? “http://themes.eugeneo.com/Munch/shortcodes/”


For shortcodes to work you need to have the Funky Shortcodes plugin installed. You can install and activate it by going to the Appearance > Install Plugins screen.

All shortcodes are listed under the Funky Shortcodes drop down menu on the Visual tab of the content editor and as individual quicktag buttons on the Text tab of the content editor.

EDIT: You can copy the page content from here: http://pastebin.com/wEgYjatA

Thanks, I already fond it ;-)

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Hey! Great theme. Just purchased it for a restaurant client of mine and I can’t seem to figure out how to change the font in the top navigation buttons. I’ve managed to change every other font (including contact info located in the nav) but the top links to my interior pages stays the same no matter I do. Can this be changed outside of CSS?


Those can not be changed by the theme options because changing the effects the navigation height, breaking the layout. If you want to change the navigation font it must be done manually via CSS and will involve adjusting the font line-height and the navigation buttons height and padding.

Love the theme! One question about incorporating ecommerce. We want to sell gift cards online, so I purchased an SSL Certificate and wanted to know what the simplest way to sell through the theme is. Thank you!


The theme is untested with any e-commerce plugins so you will have to download and try them out yourself. You will have to ask the plugin developers whether their plugins have the features you need and how to incorporate them into a theme.

The most popular plugin would be WooCommerce: http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/