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hi, really good theme. is there a way to add other google fonts to the theme? I’d like to have Amiri. thanks


I’m not sure if this will work but its worth trying:

In inc/redux-framework/theme-options.php find the google_api_key argument in the $args array near the bottom of the file in the setArguments() function. You will need to get an API key and add it as the value for the google_api_key argument (https://developers.google.com/fonts/docs/developer_api#Auth).

Once you have added your API key add the following argument immediately after on the line below in the &args array:

'google_update_weekly' => true,

I have never tested this feature in the Redux framework but it should update the list of Google fonts on a weekly basis.


ok thanks, i’ll give it a try


it works great!!!!

Hi !

The instagram gallery didn’t work on my website http://steakandco.fr/ I check the “Show Footer Gallery” and I insert the Instagram client ID but nothing show up. I have no error, nothing…

For the client ID I enter the application name, the description, the Website and the redirect URI with http://steakandco.fr , I let the “Disable implicit OAuth” checked and let the “Enforce signed requests” unchecked.

Did I miss a step ?

Thanks ! :)

To show the footer gallery:
  1. In the Theme Options > Footer select “Instagram” from the “Footer Gallery Type” drop down menu.
  2. Then enter the Instagram account user name in the “Instagram Username”.
  3. Then in Theme Options > Social Networks enter your Instagram Client ID in the text field and click the save changes button.
  4. For the footer gallery to show you need to make sure that the “Show Footer Gallery” option is set to “On” on every page that you want the gallery displayed on. The footer gallery will also automatically be added to the bottom of all posts and post archive pages.

Please provide a link to a specific page where you are trying to display the footer gallery.

What is the username of the Instagram account you are trying to output?

I don’t think it would make a difference but you can try unchecking both the “Disable implicit OAuth” and “Enforced signed requests” options on the Instagram API Clients settings.


Indeed, i have missed the first step (the easy one ^^‘) Thank you guys, you will receive a 5 stars rating at the delivery of my website ;)

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I cannot seem to get the instagram feed working. It constantly displays “Something went wrong: Unable to display” Can anyone help with this Thankyou


I think I know what was causing the problem. I am releasing an update in a few hours that should fix it.

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Ok, thankyou very much :)


The update is being processed. You should get an email when it is available for download.

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Hello my client has been using the MUNCH template and LOVE It - we currently have Instagram set as the gallery page. It has been working great with Instagram client ID and username set up in the Social Networks section but all of the sudden it started pulling in a username gallery that is @themoosedentist instead of @themooseden - Nothing has changed on our end. For now we deleted both ID and username so the feed wouldn’t pull but want to figure this out. I contacted Instagram developers tool support and they said to contact theme owner. Is this something you know how to fix or should I contact Wordpress support?



The theme uses the Instagram API to query for the username entered in the field in the theme options. I assumed the results were returned with the closest match first so the query is set to return only one result. It turns out my assumption was wrong so I will have to make changes to return all results and filter through them to find the correct username.


The fix was really simple but I would like to test it a little more before submitting the update. As it’s late for me now I’ll test it first thing tomorrow so it should be processed an available for download by tomorrow evening.

Hi there,

I love the theme. I got few minor issues and wondering if you could help,

1. Header Menu – I only have 6 menus and not sure how to re-arrange them so they come up correctly ( Please refer to www.yesthai.com.au)

2. Slider image – On my 22inch Monitor screen the image is not coming out correctly it’s left aligned but on the same screen when i run your demo it works fine.

Can you please provide assistance.


1.) Use this in your child theme CSS to change the size of the navigation menu items.

#primary-nav > li { width: 33%; }

2.) You are using the WordPress plugin version of Sequence slider where as the demo of the theme is using the jQuery script included in the theme (I didn’t know there was a WordPress plugin version). As you are using the WordPress plugin it is also including its own CSS which is limiting the slider width to 1280px. This should fix it.

.sequence { max-width: none !important; }

You will also have to tweak more of the plugin CSS as its affecting the alignment of the slide paging buttons along the bottom of the slider.

.sequence-pagination { right: auto; }


I have a problem with the primary menu. The border of the cell is out the menu section and visible on the background picture even when you don’t hover the mouse on the menu. Please have a look : http://fermedantan.fr

How can I fix that ?


Your menu titles are too long which is stretching the menu to larger than the header area. You can either make the menu label titles shorter or increase the height of the header area in the CSS.

Love the theme, thank you! One question I have is with the funky-icons for the social media. I changed coding to include some that you dont have (Yelp), but I dont have the code for a yelp icon. Can you provide this for me?