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Love the theme I have just put up at In the footer there is a current e-mail address “enquiries@” how do I make this a link so when you click on it opens up an e-mail form. I have tried but the filed wont accept this.

Can you help please.

The text field for the email address does not accept any html markup for security reasons. Instead you would have to copy footer.php over to your child theme and change the email address output so that it is a clickable link.

I am having issues on the Instagram feed. The ‘News’ page does not load the instagram photos. Notice on the news page i get this error:

“Something went wrong: Unable to display Blue44DC’s Instagram feed”

My istagram client id is: 4924a1c8f32e4237bdfa5b3af935aab4

Instagram usernames are case sensitive. Use “blue44dc” and the feed should display.

Great Thanks! That worked!


This is my first work with WordPress and I’m a bit lost. I have bought your theme about a week ago and I still can’t get it working. Can you give it a look?


Looking at your page source it looks as though the theme has not been installed correctly. Refer to the installation instructions included in the complete theme download for step by step instructions explaining how to install the theme. Make sure you are installing the correct zip file (

Hi there,

The slider resize the pictures, and I would like to know how can I disable it.


Ok, you’re right, but how can I upload centered images? It cuts part of the pic and resize it as well. It’s really difficult. How many space should I leave between the borders on the image and the center? Thanks!

Ps: I forgot to check the email notification, sorry. :)

That is why the background is made to fill the slider. The slider is a different size on different devices so it is not really possible to upload an image that will always be the same size and always centered. The best you can do is how it is in the theme, resized and cropped to fill the slider and centered.


I have a question about the gallery page. I added photos to the gallery section from my media library. But all the images are blurry on the gallery page. Is there a way to make them clear resolution?

You need to set the thumbnail dimensions to 480×480 and the settings > Media screen as stated in the documentation. After making the change you will have to use the regenerate thumbnails plugin to generate you site images at the correct dimensions.

Hi there, we are using the Munch theme and the Events Calendar by Modern Tribe. When viewing the month view on mobile, it does not look right, as if there is not enough room to display the calendar. So it places the calendar all on the left side stacked up. You can see this on a mobile device at If we switch to the twenty fifteen theme, the calendar looks fine on a mobile device. We’ve tried modifying through css to no avail.

This should undo the responsive CSS applied to tables.
.wrapper table {  display: table; }
.wrapper thead { display: table-header-group; }
.wrapper tbody { display: table-row-group; }
.wrapper td, .wrapper th { display: table-cell; }

We are definitely getting there! We have rows and columns now. They are just not lined up correctly and are “scrunching” up to the left.

I missed this line out:

.wrapper tr { display: table-row; }

HI! I want buy you template, but I have a question. Can I change the gallery section, with a simply gallery? I saw the photo gallery is connected to istagram account . Can I post images simple ?

Regards, G.

Yes you can use a normal gallery of images uploaded to your WordPress site.


I installed the Munch theme 6 months ago and it was working perfectly until June. Now I only see a black screen.

The website :

I do not understand because I have not changed anything. Have you made a particular update on the Munch theme ?

Thank you for your help !


For some reason the end of the page content is not being loaded which is causing a Javascript error. I would recommend reinstalling the theme. The version you are using is also out of date so make sure you download the lastest version of the theme from the download page of your themeforest account.


First I would like to say that the template is great! Looks wonderfull.

I only have a small issue, at least that is what I hope!

I use shortcodes for a reservation/contactform. In Chrome it works fine, you must enter the day, month and year. Also a calander pops up, so this is great. In IE and Firefox however it does not work. You have to fill in the American notation, so Year, day, month.

Is there a solution?

Best regards, Jorgen

Please provide a link to the page on your site where this issue can be seen. Which shortcode are you using for the reservation form?


Zerojosh Purchased

Hi there, love the theme. I would like to customize the navigation bar so that, on a desktop, the fullsize nav bar is always the one that displays, I do not want it to shrink to the mini-nav bar. Can you please advise me where I would look to do this? Thanks!

Hey there,

I’m totally newish to somethings with Wordpress. I bought your theme and I love it! I plan on using it for my restaurant when it opens.

But I’m admittedly confused about how certain things work. I love how it looks on the demo page, with the red small square dropdowns to the right of the “get directions” drop down.

Where do I go for info on how to do this? Thanks!

For the most part the theme sticks to standard WordPress features so once you figure out your way around a WordPress site things will be much easier.

The navigation menu (with the red drop downs) are the normal WordPress custom menus (Appearance > Menus in the admin area). Refer the Navigation Menus section of the theme documentation for steps explaining how they work.

The get directions link in the site header is added automatically once you have added you added an address to the Contact Info options on the Theme Options screen.

When I customize and add my Facebook URL, it adds my actual url in front of it.


I type in “”

It links to “”

No other Social media/twitter/et cetera seems to have this problem. How do I fix?

I just uploaded to Wordpress 4.3.0 but now the theme is not working properly with the following error: “The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0”.

How do I fix this?

The theme has not been tested with WP 4.3 yet. I’‘ll be looking into it over the next few days.

Have you disabled all plugins to ensure one of them isn’t the cause? From memory I do not think the theme uses WP_Widget as that is usually plugin functionality.

Solved it by identifying 2 plugins which were causing the error.

WordPress 4.3 has only just been released so it might take a bit of time for plugin authors fix bugs and release updates.


dbh21 Purchased

Is there any way to remove the flash in between page loads? I understand that the page has to load, but more wordpress sites at least have the menu stay static and new content loads underneath. The way it is at the moment is unacceptable for my clients! I’ve tried an ajax plugin but didnt have much luck.Thanks in advance if you can provide a fix..

Also, would be great if you could provide an update with a different menu option, I have changed the css to make it thinner and all on one line, but now the responsiveness is messed up. I’m sure it wont take you long! Cheers

The theme does not use AJAX loading so there is going to be a split second before the page is loaded where the page is empty. This is the same for every website that does not use AJAX loading but is perhaps more noticeable on this theme because it has a dark colour scheme that contrasts with the plain white empty screen. The only way around that is to style the preloader so that it covers the screen until it has loaded but even then it might not be perfect.

I have no plans to change the design of the navigation.


kona333 Purchased

Where are the Funky Shortcodes and Funky Restaurant plugins? I managed to find the FR one in the comments section, though I’m not sure if it’s the most current. But no sign of the shortcodes plugin to install.


The most current versions are included in the theme package. You can install them by going to Appearance > Install Plugins or clicking the recommended plugin notification at the top of the admin dashboard.

If you ever update the theme you can update the plugins by uninstalling the plugins and reinstalling them via the Appearance > Install Plugins screen.