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Hi there, thanks for all the help. However I still can’t get some texts to work in biko. Even when I .wrapper all the text / font classes. Maybe you can send me an example. Sometimes I also break things in the code, or change positions of other components by using .wrapper in the wrong places. Could you send me an example style .css? If I have to pay you a small fee to do this I will. Just want the fonts to work and the .wrapper didn’t do it for all of them. (I changed the css back now, because of the problems I encountered).

Another question: On my macbook I have a scaled resolution. It then leaves space on the left and right of the site. Is it possible to write a small code to load the whole site a little bit downscaled (-20%) on other systems as well? I like it when the space on the left and right is just plain color. (example here:

Thanks again! Boris

Thanks! I am putting it live now and i am having some small problems. In the backend the page templates are not visible, instead all the page options of all the templates are shown. I wanted to do some changes to the home slider, and now it is not working anymore. It seems like something is broken. Can you see it?

It runs here now:

If you give me your email i can send you the login as well, so you can see for your self.

First try deactivating and reactivating the theme. Then disable plugins one by one to see if one has caused a conflict (particularly if one has been recently installed).

Have you made any modifications to the template files?

Hi, I wonder how you did it in the “Menu” (“Breakfast”, “Dinner”, “Drinks”) that there is different content in the sidebar. I experimented with the text widget but this appears of course equally in both submenues. How do you get a second, different content here? I understand that you disabled “Show Widget Sidebar” in the “Breakfast”-menu. (Sorry if I possibly ask this question a 2nd time, but I could´t find anything about that in the already asked questions ;-) But it´s always helpful to do that ;-)

I´m so sorry, but there must be a misunderstanding. On your example page in the “Menu” “Dinner” page there is in the widget sidebar written “Sauces” and “Sides” and in the “Menu” “Drinks” page in the widget sidebar there is written “Milkshakes” and “Hotdrinks.” When I´m using the text widget on pages I´m getting only 1 variant in the text widget, that is in every page the same. How is it done that there are text widgets with two different contents on two different pages? I wanted to use the widget space for additional information about what the restaurants offers in its menu without having to scroll to much and without using to much columns.

I created a custom sidebar for each page using an unlimited sidebars plugin.

Thanks for your quick reply and your help!

Hi Eugeno, I am having the darndest time changing the post-title on the home page. It wont even delete.

<?php if ( is_front_page() ) {

if ( !empty( $munch_theme_settings['blog_title'] ) ) { ?>            

<?php echo $munch_theme_settings['blog_title']; ?>

<?php } else { ?>

<?php _e( 'Blog', 'funky_theme' ); ?>

<?php } ?>
<?php } else {
$save_post = $post;
$post = get_post( get_option('page_for_posts') );
if ( $munch_theme_settings['enable-title'] == '1' ) { ?>

h1><?php the_title(); ?>

<?php }

I have deleted it and changed it on the home page under page options, general settings. I am at a loss. Please help!

Thank you!, Maria

By “home page” do you mean the home page template (with the slider) or the default WordPress home page that lists your blog posts. Can you post a link to your site so I can see which you mean?

yes, the home page template with slider. I am looking at the post title-Pizza And Sooo Much More. I did a temporary fix of adding !important to h1, but that is just temporary to make the boss happy.

You should be able to change or disable it using the “Title” and “Show Title” options in the General Settings metabox on the page’s edit screen. If that does not work it could be caused by a bug in the Redux metaboxes that prevents the page settings from being saved. Unfortunately the only solution I know for that is to recreate the page.

Do you plan to integrate it with woocommerce in the future? If not, how much to customize it with woocommerce?

I do not plan on integrating WooCommerce however I see no reason why WooCommerce would not work with the theme as WooCommerce is a plugin designed to work with any theme. You would just have to tweak some of the styling in the CSS to make it look nicer.

Hi Eugene, can you tell me where to change the color of the contact form messages?

You would have to find their classes using the browser element inspect and then use their class to change the colour in the CSS.

thanks, worked out. another question: my client experiences problems from users with IE11. Font problems and strange behaviour of the menu. Can you advise?

I’m having trouble testing on outdated IE browsers at the moment because all my devices have been updated to Windows 10 so are running Edge. I’m continuing to look into it and as soon as I can I’ll tackle this issue.

Can you tell me does the same navigation menu bug appear in IE11 when you view the theme demo?

Hi, I’m encountering a problem when adding slides to the front page – the images and title panels upload OK but the Button (box and text) does not carry through after the first couple of slides. Is there a straightforward fix for this? Also, is it possible to change the font in the sector of the title to a different font from the main title itself? Thanks Roland

There is a bug in the metabox framework that can cause settings not to save. If this is the problem you are encountering the only solution is to delete and recreate the page.

There are typography options in the theme options. Anything beyond the options available there would have to be done via CSS.


About 3 months ago, our Instagram feed started showing someone elses instagram.

We were able to remove instagram from our feed until we figured out the issue.

We are now trying to relink the Instagram footer feed and it will not show at all!! What am I doing wrong???? Instagram: Client ID: cf90c4cf496b4e2b9b6ef04dfda8ede3

I even tried resetting the client ID. Please help us figure out this issue!

You can download the latest version of the theme from the downloads page of your themeforest account. This should fix the Instagram bug you posted but as I mentioned before the feature will more than likely be removed in the future.

I get a download failed error when uploading it to my wp site.

This has been fixed!! Thank you!!

Got the instagram feed to work!!

One thing, in the gallery page, the theme shows the ability to show more instagram photos than what I have on ours. How do I adjust that?

And this has also been fixed! Thank you for your super fast and awesome support!!

No problem at all. Best of luck with your website.

Hi! The navigation in the header menu in Firefox shows 3 items in a row and puts the fourth transparent over the slider. Safari shows all 4 menu items in one row – like it should look. Did I do anything wrong or is this a “Apple-MAC”-Firefox bug?

While I look at a better solution you can try adding the following CSS to the custom CSS textarea in the theme options.

#primary-nav { font-size: 0; }

I´ll try, very cool thanks for your efforts! Have a look:

That did it! I´ll give you an extra star for quick and effective support! ;-)


nirac Purchased

I’m trying to use a custom font, but it’s not working. Here’s what I’ve done so far-

- Created a child theme. - Inside my child theme folder, I’ve created a fonts directory. My directory layout is /themes/munch-child-theme/fonts - My style.css file I’m customizing is in munch-child-themes. My .otf for my font is in munch-child-themes/fonts - My top two entries in style.css are @font-face { font-family: housemovements-custom; src: url(fonts/housemovements-customs.otf); }

.text-logo{ font-family: housemovements-custom; }

My element with the text-logo class is not picking up my new font. I’ve restarted varnish server side to make sure it’s been purged. Shift+refresh, browser private mode, and modifying in the Chrome live editor are all causing the font to fall back to the default font I’ve got selected in Theme Options -> Typography.

File permissions in munch-child-theme/fonts are rw-r-r—1 brian www-data 60932 Jan 5 15:55 housemovements-custom.otf

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

Alternatively, is there a way I can integrate the font so that I can select it from the dropdowns in Theme -> Typography? It looks like the element selectors I want to apply the font to are all there, so that would work.

Sorry for the funky formatting up top. I was trying to put each step on its own line, but the forums seem to be ignoring my carriage returns.


nirac Purchased

Been banging my head against the wall on this all evening. Finally got it working!

I tried symlinking my child theme fonts directory from wp-content, didn’t work. Tried absolute path starting from /var, didn’t work. Tried absolute path starting from wp-content, still didn’t work.

I did notice when trying absolute path, that the path up to my child theme font directory repeated itself in the chrome console. What ended up working was what (I thought) I had originally tried.


I was no longer getting 403s or 404s, but the font was still being overwritten by the generated css. I just threw a !important in my css statement. I don’t like using !important, but it’ll work for now. I’m sure your previous response about weighting my selector is going to be what I need to do to get rid of the !important. Now that my font is actually doing something, I should be able to get the rest hammered out. Thanks again for looking at this for me.


nirac Purchased

Oh yeah, permissions on the font directory have to be 655. 644 will cause it to fail. I think that might have actually been the difference between my first attempt and now. 644 permissions on the .otf file itself work ok.

Looking back at your original post I can now see that there is a typo in the font file path…


Instead of…


I’m glad to see you got it working. Best of luck with your website.

hi eugene! since the last update the header images seem to have gotten smaller. the ‘large’ option is way smaller and the small option as well. is this true? the homepage still works fine… boris

hi eugene! this problem is not occurring anymore except on one page: (in the backend the header images are set to large) can you see what the problem is?

& one more question, can i add more socials (like mixcloud?) Can i add some code somewhere to do this? Thx again!

I’ve checked the CSS and the header is appearing as it should according to the last update. The structure of headers was changed a few version back which means the large header longer scales with the browse width.

The small header has a top and bottom padding of 100px and the large header has a top and bottom padding of 200px.

Extra social buttons have to be added manually.


nirac Purchased

Hi Eugene. Got a question about the calendar widget. Is it possible to add events to the calendar widget, so that the event can be viewed when either clicking the date or hovering over it? I’ve got the calendar widget added to an events page, but I can’t figure out how to do anything with it. I’ve double checked the documentation, but didn’t see anything in there about the calendar widget.

I’ve still got some tidying up to do on the CSS there, but I want to find out if the widget can do what I need before spending the time cleaning up the layout.

The calendar widget is a standard WordPress widget. You use it to access post archives by date. For what you are trying to do you would have to find an events plugin with a calendar widget.


nirac Purchased

Got it. Will look into it. Thank you for the info.

Hi, I have a small issue with the Munch Theme. Can you please help me solve it?

My issue is with the Lightbox Javascript.

I have tried disabling ALL plugins from my website but the issue persists, so it must be in the template.

I am using the NextGen Gallery plugin and when I click in the images the lightbox opens but I gets immediately redirected to the direct image url instead of remaining with the lightbox open.

So for some reason a Javascript must be conflicting with the gallery and not allowing it to open lightbox correctly but instead redirecting to the direct image url.

I disabled all plugins except the nextgen gallery plugin, cleaned the cache and tried everything but I still have the issue.

Can you please help me solve this issue?

Thank you

P.S. I have sent you the link where you can test this issue, in the Facebook chat that we had together.

Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner but I’ve been moving offices today. I’m confident I know what the problem is so I’ll look into it on Monday and hopefully upload an update that fixes the issue.

Thank you. Will be expecting your update today. Regards

You are using an outdated version of the theme. Update to the latest version and the problem should be fixed.

The issue is caused by the JavaScript that handles the page fade out transition when a link is clicked. The page transition effect was removed in a previous update because of this reason.

Hi EugeneO

I’m sorry if this is a simple question, but I want to change the map icon on the navigation bar to an email / contact icon. I have found the following code on the navigation.php and hoped you could give me the most appropriate way to edit it. Thanks

In navigation.php replace this:
<span class="funky-icon-address"> </span>
with this:
<span class="funky-icon-mail"> </span>

Thanks a lot Eugene that worked however the icon is a little too small, is there any way I can increase it? I’d also like to replace the menu icon with text that says menu or have both. Sorry for the hassle, thanks Mark

The icon size has to be increased through CSS by setting the font size.

To replace the menu icon with text remove the icon from navigation.php and add whatever text you want there.

Hi, I want to add a 1 column img to the homepage grid using the grid box of the grid settings. When I download the image and refresh the page it doesn’t appear in the site preview. I’ve tried to do the same thing in the default sample page (the sample page and my homepage has the same settings) and it works. I can’t understand why, please, help me. Thank you. Stefania

Is the Sample page also using the Home template with the slider and grid?

Are you able to add the image if you create a completely new page, set the template to “Home” and try to add the image?

Can you please post a link to the page on your site so I can check the page code?


allant Purchased

Hi Just purchased theme, loaded demo content etc but can’t find where to activate footer widgets that show tel no, email page links etc Can someone point me to where i SHOULD BE LOOKING thanks


allant Purchased

Hi AGAIN How do insert information to the right of the logo, is this by text or graphic and what section do I go to for the insertion


allant Purchased

Thanks Eugene


allant Purchased

Final request How Do I keep the contact information in the footer and place different text in the header to the right of the logo where the contact information is.

To do this you would have to manually edit the content of the header in navigation.php or the footer in footer.php so that only one of them outputs the details set in the Theme Options. I would recommend making this change in a child theme so that the parent theme remains untouched.