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Have bought this great theme, but don’t know how to setting or plugin like your demo web. Can i email you my website and can u check it for me? or u can provide me some steps please? thanks a lot

Best, Debbie


Start by importing the dummy content XML included in the download. This will give you the page structure (the dummy content does not include any images). You then have to:

  • Set the navigation page on Appearance > Menus
  • Add whatever widgets you want to the page and post sidebars.
  • Set the theme colours and styling in the theme options.

If you need help with something specific begin by referring to the documentation included in the theme download. If it’s not documentation feel free to ask here.


okay, thank you ! already setting up now Where to set ’’ Make a booking’’ like ur demo? can i do the same thing on my web?


That is done using the funky_opentable shortcode. To use that shortcode you must be registered with the OpenTable service.

You can create a similar contact form using the Contact Form 7 plugin. I have posted the contact form code in previous comments. Search back through the comments and you should find it.

Sorry about the panicky comment before. Completely unnecessary so I apologise!! I am having a bit of trouble working out how to get the three internal linked pictures that turn a darker colour when you hover over them.

How do you get this on the homepage?

Last question I promise!!



The three images at the bottom of the home page are created using the Home Page template. Once the template is selected on the page edit screen scroll down to find the page options and then the “Grid Settings”. You can then add as many boxes to the grid as you like.


I am unable to save any contact information in the contact page. It is fine for the Redux framework header and footer but when I try and save details for the contact page they just disappear when I update? It just says ‘array’? Also I am having loading problems as it comes up with a yellow background and an unreadable information box when I first go to the site. See for yourself: www.strongroombar.com


Basically the contact problem is wordpress is not saving but only for the contact page?


I’ve taken a look at your page and I can’t see any of the issues you described. Did you manage to get sorted?

Remove the “end” parameter from the first column of your layout on the menu pages. It will add the margin between the two columns.

<!-- column 1 -->
... content ...

<!-- column 2 -->
[funky_half end="true"]
... content ...
You can use this on your “To Share” menu page for your Nachos section:
[funky_menu_item title="Nachos with everything" price="5.50"]
<p>Description here...</p>
[funky_menu_item title="" price="7.50" border="false"]
[funky_menu_item title="" price="1.50" border="false"]
<p>Add chilli beef.</p>

Great theme.

One question :)

What dimensions should my photos be for the home page slider?






The images I have used are 1440×960px and they work okay for me however the recommended minimum is a squarer 1280×1000px.

A more square (1:1) aspect ratio is more important than overall dimensions as the images have to be tall enough so that when they are scrolled by the parallax effect you do not see the bottom and top edges.

Thank you so much for your help so far. I have sorted the issues described in the previous post but now I have a new problem. I uploaded the opentable shortcode with the wrong digits. A very stupid mistake but when I went to change it my actual account number does not work. This may be a problem at opentable’s end and if it is sorry for bothering you with this but Is there a chance I locked down the wrong account number forever?

I have made new home and reservation posts and deleted permanently the old ones but this did not make a difference. Any ideas?

A final thing: when my page loads there is a weird yellow background. Is there any way to change it to a small logo similar to the lightning bolt icon on your preview?

Once again thank you so much for all the assistance. You’ve been brilliant! :) Will get there in the end!!!


I have updated the Funky Restaurants plugin to address the problem causing the OpenTable shortcode to not work. You can download the new version from here:


Currently I don’t have access to the FTP password so I am unable to go that route. I tried to copy your new PHP code into the plug in editor but it relentlessly came up with syntax errors so the plug in stayed deactivated.

Is there something I am missing or not doing right? We desperately need this plug in to work ASAP.


OpenTable shortcode not working

This was caused by a small typo in the Funky Restaurants plugin. I have updated the plugin to fix the problem. All you need to do is install the newer version. You do not need FTP access to do this.

Blue border around header & yellow page background

There is a plugin that is adding additional CSS to the page head which is overwriting the theme styling. You need to identify which plugin is doing it and remove the styling or disable the plugin.

  • Deactivate all plugins.
  • If the blue border and yellow background are gone then you know it was a plugin causing the problem.
  • Reactivate each plugin one by one to identify which is the cause.
  • When you find which is the cause either fix the issue in the plugin’s settings or use a different plugin.
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Nice looking theme!

A few questions:

1. How do I make the address/phone number “get directions” menu item?

2. How do I make a parallax page with an instagram gallery like in the demo. For e.g., this page: http://themes.eugeneo.com/munch/menu/breakfast/

Thanks for your help.


1.) You need to fill in the information in the theme options. It’s under the Contact Info tab of the Theme Options screen.

2.) The instagram gallery is automatically added to the bottom of ever page. Go to the theme options and set the gallery type option under the Footer tab. Then enter the Instagram username. Then go to the Social Networks tab and enter your Instagram Client ID in the text field.

The page itself is just a regular page with a header image set. You set the header image on the page edit screen. The option is under Header Settings in the metabox below the content editor.

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Thank you

Fantastic theme!

Is there any way to disable to comments at the bottom of posts?


The theme is having issues on android phones. how can i fix this?


Can you be more specific?

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is there a tutorial of how the get the my website just like the demo? I cant get further than this, www.bouchée.eu. and I want it like this, www.strongroombar.com.

Thank you


The link you posted doesn’t work.

The theme demo page content is included in the theme package as an XML that you can import. It is then down to you to add images and adjust the content.

The demo colour scheme and typography settings are included as a preset in the theme options.

You then only need to set your home page, set your navigation menu and add widgets. All of these things are basic WordPress features that you will already know how to do if you have ever used WordPress before. If not, there are instructions in the documentation.

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If I read correctly, is there an option to completely remove the page transition. It is massively slowing the site down. Apart from that I think it’s amazing. Thank you for that.


The page transition has no impact at all on how long it takes to load a page. All its doing is fading out the page before navigating away and fading in the page after the new page has loaded (excluding images).

There is no option to remove the page transition but you can easily remove it yourself.

  • Copy the jquery.custom.js from the development folder in the theme package (this is the uncompressed version of the file) and place it in the js folder of you child theme (you will have to create this folder).
  • Then just remove the fadeIn function under the “Page Transitions” comment.
  • Finally add this to the style.css of your child theme:

    .js .wrapper,
    .js .site-footer-wrapper{ display: block !important; }

Hello EugeneO, what a great theme! 5stars! Is the any news about “Lightbox-Solution” for the gallery? It still doesn’t work.


If you use images from a WordPress gallery on the gallery template the markup displayed on the page is identical to what you would get if you use the WordPress shortcode (because it does use the WordPress gallery shortcode).

Therefore, if the plugin is coded to work with the standard WordPress gallery shortcode I see no reason why it would not work with the gallery template. I have tested this with the “Gallery Carousel Without JetPack” plugin.

What lightbox are you using? Post a link to your page.


Thanx for your reply. Right now the problem is: I use your “Gallery” template of the Page and as a gallery I use upload so it is a standard Wordpress gallery i guess. And in the settings of the gallery as a link to image I have a possibility to choose between “media file of media page or nothing” also the ordering of images. So the problem is I can not save this options, it always set as link to media page, so Lightbox is not working.

Here is my page: [link removed per author request]

Many thanx


I flagged your post asking for a moderator to remove the login details.

I have just tested it and it is working absolutely fine on my local test setup and the theme demo.

  • Click on the “Add/Edit Gallery” button.
  • Drag and drop the images to reorder them in the media library window.
  • Click the “Update gallery” button to save the changes and close the media library.
  • Then click the “Update” button on the page edit screen to save the changes to the page.

The “Link To” and “Columns” options don’t matter as they are hard coded to link to the image file and 4 columns.

The site you linked to is not using the Munch theme and the login details do not work.

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Hi there, Great theme! Had a couple questions. Right now the navigation menu at the top allows for a 4×2 grid for a total of 8 items. I’d like to know where I can modify in the CSS (or PHP of the theme) to just have a 3×2 grid for 6 menu items total. Also, right now, since I have six items, the last two are automatically being filled with a “Login/Logout” button and a profile button. I don’t know where to shut this off in WordPress.



1.) To get two rows of three navigation menu items you need to add this to either the custom CSS theme option or the style.css of a child theme:

#primary-nav > li { width: 33%; }

I’ve tested the above line in browser and it works.

2.) I have no idea about the login and profile buttons. They are not a part of the theme and not a part of WordPress so my guess is it’s from a plugin. My first step would be looking too see if they are shown on in the menu hierarchy on the Appearance > Menus screen.


Thank you so much for your help so far. The unwanted CSS causing the yellow background and the blue border around the menu has now been removed and the Opentable plug in is working fine.

I just have a couple more modifications to go.

First, the manager wants the menu to not collapse and, preferably, stay at the top of the page and not scroll down with you. You have given me instructions for the former but is the latter instruction possible?

I understand where the JS file is in the bundle I downloaded when I bought the theme but I can’t work out how to create a JS directory in the child theme editor.

I don’t have access to the FTP but I got someone to insert the renamed file for me, however, it didn’t appear in the directory section.

Since I sent it to him via email I had to copy and paste the info into a textedit file as it wouldn’t send otherwise. Is this what has caused the problem?

Can you send instructions please?

Many thanks,



I can’t provide code for modifications as it goes beyond the scope of support offered however I can give you general advice.

1.) To get the menu to stay at the top of the page you need to remove the position: fixed; from the navigation bar CSS and remove the top padding from the .wrapper.

2.) You need to add the js folder and the modified jquery.custom.min.js file to the child theme on your computer and then install the new child theme.

  • Create the new “js” folder in the child theme folder on your computer.
  • Copy the modified jquery.custom.min.js file into the new “js” folder.
  • Compress the child theme in a .zip.
  • Delete the child theme from your WordPress installation. Make sure you have a backup.
  • Install the new version of the child theme using the .zip you just created.

You can not add the js directory using the WordPress file editor. I don’t believe JavaScript files are shown in the WordPress file editor.

NB I updated the theme last week to limit the file size of the home page grid background images. If you haven’t already download the latest version of the theme and install it. You will then need to use the Force Regenerate Thumbnails plugin for the new image file dimensions to take effect.

Hi EugeneO,

I recently completed a site with Munch: Dosa n Chutny

I made a child theme for it, which really lets one get to know a theme! Munch is well put together, and the structure was easy to work with, and you have well thought out theme options.

I’m currently doing a child theme for another site with another theme, and that theme code is a nightmare… so I know the difference.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say nice work!


Thank you for the positive feedback. It’s really appreciated. I try my best to code themes in the simplest way possible. This may mean the code is longer than is necessary but the result is code that can be easily read and understood.

I believe my themes are continually improving with each release. This is evident in the reducing number of genuine support requests I’m seeing post in these item comment sections.

You’ve done a great job with the custom elements that you have added. When I originally started work on the theme I wanted to allow for multiple business locations like what you have on the site you’ve done. However, I couldn’t find a way that was really easy to code, understand and implement by end users without creating an entire new plugin. It was something I really wanted to add but ultimately had to sacrifice for simplicity.

Is it possible that the Instagram feed in the footer is not working with the latest Benny upgrade?

It was working on the website I set up but for some reason the feed is not appearing anymore.


The Instagram feed is working fine on the theme demo and locally for me. There is no reason I can think of that a WordPress upgrade would effect the feed as the two don’t really interact at all. I would recommend checking your Instagram Client ID or maybe creating a new ID.


Ok. Created new ID and now it is working. Strange.


I’m not sure why that would happen. The instagram feed that is output in the theme is cached using transients so you should never get anywhere close to the instagram API query limit.

Hello love the theme, but I seem to be having an issue that was covered in previous comments. I would like to have the “gallery template” images open in a Lightbox rather then just opening just the image file. I have installed the “Gallery Carousel Without JetPack” that you recommended to another user, but it just flashes up then kicks into opening just the image file. Do you have an email I can send the site info to?



Sounds like you are using an older version of the theme. re-download the theme from your themeforest downloads page and update to the latest version. It should fix the problem.

Hi, I bought this awesome template from you guys. Everything went well until I installed WP-Optimize plug-in and activated the “remove transient options”. Tragedy happened. The menu (top-right) sections in header went completely crazy, some are missing, others are not in the right position. Any ideas? here’s the link: http://longtimeagocafe.com/

hey, I found the problems. It turned out that some of my menu subjects were not connected to the pages, and the plug-ing deleted it but the remain the blank bottoms there. But thanks anyways :)

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I can’t add posts to my news section because I can’t work out how to set up where they go. I created a page with the permalink ‘blogs’ and linked posts to the same category name, but now I realise this is not the way as other wordpress sites don’t publish posts on a page. How do you set up the area where the posts are visible so I can link it in my menu?

Also for the CSS instructions you gave me for creating a ‘position; relative’ nav bar do I copy and paste the whole CSS file in the parent to the child and then change? Or just the relevant section?

Do I have to set up a whole new child theme to do this?

Are you also able to specify the exact paragraphs where the code is found? I’ve been looking at the code and I can’t see where under the navigation bar section the line ‘position; fixed’ is found.

Many thanks,



1.) You create a blog the same way you create it on any WordPress set.

  • Create a page called “blog”, “News”, or whatever you want the page called.
  • Set it as your latest posts page in Settings > Reading.
  • Create posts.

The blog has nothing to do with your menus as you menus will just be regular pages set as children of the same “Menu” parent page.

  • Create a page called menu.
  • Create a new page for each menu type and set the parent of these additional pages as the first “Menu” page.
  • Make sure the sibling, child sidebar is enabled on all the menu pages.


  • Menu
    • Breakfast
    • Evening
    • Drinks

2.) If you are using the child theme template included in the theme package the parent theme CSS is already imported at the top of the style.css file.

If you are not using the child theme included in the download then you must import the parent theme CSS at the top of the file before you add your own CSS.

3.) If you are customizing the theme you should already be using a child theme. You can continue to make the changes in your existing child theme. If you have not been using a child theme then you should start.

4.) You do not need to change any lines of code in the theme. You should be adding the modified CSS to the style.css of the child theme to overwrite the existing CSS of the parent theme.

Here is a simple explanation: http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/wordpress-child-theme-tutorial

And here is a more thorough article from the WordPress codex: http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes

Hello EugeneO,

I love your theme ! Very easy to customize and looks great. I’m just having a problem using the Funky Shortcode with OpenTable for the home page.

I have this shortcode : [funky_opentable id=”6845” titlecolor=”000000” subtitlecolor=”999999” iconstyle=”dark” backgroundcolor=”FFFFFF” buttoncolor=”red” buttontextcolor=”FFFFFF”]

In my editor but nothing shows up. I have no idea what to do.



I’ve got it working. The plugin uses OpenTable.co.uk URLs. It seems that opentable.co.uk IDs work with opentable.com but not the opposite.

I’ve uploaded a new version of the plugin here for you to try: http://eugeneo.com/plugins/funky-restaurants/funky-restaurants.zip

This worked perfectly. Thanks for the quick support.

One last question, I changed the title and subtitle colors through the wizard but it doesn’t display on the site. Is this because of some cache issue ?

Have a great day,


I just noticed it’s a CSS problem where the CSS is inline and the default colors overwrite the one set through the wizard.

I’ll force the color I want for the title with CSS.


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Thank you for this theme. I am working on getting a new site set up with it, but I’m not able to get the homepage slider to work. When I add a slide and save the homepage page, the slide information is not saved. I don’t see any other save button. Am I missing something?