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Hi there, thanks for all the help. However I still can’t get some texts to work in biko. Even when I .wrapper all the text / font classes. Maybe you can send me an example. Sometimes I also break things in the code, or change positions of other components by using .wrapper in the wrong places. Could you send me an example style .css? If I have to pay you a small fee to do this I will. Just want the fonts to work and the .wrapper didn’t do it for all of them. (I changed the css back now, because of the problems I encountered).

Another question: On my macbook I have a scaled resolution. It then leaves space on the left and right of the site. Is it possible to write a small code to load the whole site a little bit downscaled (-20%) on other systems as well? I like it when the space on the left and right is just plain color. (example here:

Thanks again! Boris

1.) Any text in the footer is not in .wrapper so those styles won’t be applied. Instead you need to add .site-footer-wrapper to those styles.

.site-footer-wrapper .text-logo,
.site-footer-wrapper .footer-content h4 {
    font-family: 'bikobold', helvetica, arial, sans-serif;

Use the browser Inspect Element tool to see the CSS rules being applied to a particular element then apply your custom CSS to overwrite those rules.

2.) The theme applies the background colour to the body element so there should always be a background colour even if the page is scaled by the browser. You’ll have to post a screenshot because I don’t know why it would be any different on a macbook.