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Great job on your first item in the marketplace. I really like the transparency on the drop-downs and the language selector.


Thank you! I appreciate it.

clean work.. good luck!


Thank you!

Congratulation for a new item! it looks good :)


Thank you!

nice work…


Thanks! I’m glad you like it.


Lovely template ! Already bookmarked. May I ask one thing please ?

I’d like to know how the multilanguage menu works. Is it through classes that the language is displayed (each page contains the different languages), or are every pages to be created for each language (portfolio_en.html, portfolio_fr.html, portfolio_es.html and so on) ?



Thank you, MVH !

The language switcher can be integrated both in dynamic websites and static websites (simple html pages).

You can download for free its latest version from my website (http://www.ixtendo.com/polyglot-language-switcher-jquery-plugin/) and follow the instructions in the documentation. The documentation can be found both in the download zip archive and online, on the plugin page.

In the case of static websites, HTML5 local storage was used to keep the selected language so it is possible that it won’t work on some older browsers.

Good luck!

Great theme. How do you adjust the speed of the nivo slider?


Thank you! Here is how to adjust the speed of the Nivo slider.

From the folder you downloaded, please follow this path: mundus-business-and-portfolio-html-template\The Template\mundus-html\js.

In the “js” directory, you will find a file named “custom.js”. In this file, the user can make his own adjustments. It’s a file organized into sections so that one can identify content easily. Nivo Slider is the third section.

To adjust its speed (which is expressed in milliseconds), please customize these two parameters:

“animSpeed:1000, pauseTime:3000”

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Alina is very responsive to helping me to fix customization issues. Her efforts are much appreciated! Thanks, Alina.


Hmmmm.. No working contact form..


Hi! Initially, this template was thought as pure HTML /CSS/JS, but, to make things easier for the customers, I am also going to include PHP in the contact form. The upcoming version of the template will have a fully working contact form.


A working Ajax+PHP contact form is now available with the version 1.0.2 of the template.

boofyroo Purchased

Bought your template last week Alina after sorting through the pile and seeing one that was finally focused on small business needs and not razal-dazal. Based on my limited knowledge of html as a Flash guy I would rate the template 5 out of 5 and here’s why: It has a clean and straight forward look to it that will work for a variety of target audiences which is important when you build for ROI . It allowed for the minimum four basic pages and a blog. Home, About Us, Services, Blog and Contact Us. It plays video and or can link to YouTube. Crucial these days! Has a nice rotating banner as we call it in Flash. Most important, the template is really intuitive to customize and the few instances where I needed help you were right there to assist in a timely manner I might add.

Well done, keep up the great work!


Thank you for having taken the time to write such a gratifying and descriptive review. I truly appreciate it and I’m very glad that you like the template.

The best of luck with your business!

denmark Purchased

I am really impressed with Alina’s prompt responses and willingness to assist – she really went to extra mile trying to accommodate my needs! I should say that customer support is second to none!

Template is very intuitive, clean code, very-well organized documentation – I would highly recommend getting this template, it’s ideal for further customization!


Thank you!

One word! AWESOME ! =)


Thanks! I’m very glad you like it. :-)

webnetvn Purchased

this is absolutly great! Its exactly what i was looking for!

I have 1 a question though i am having a bit of an issue with the search and admin section. i am not configuring the newsletter part right now nor the contact form as i have an existing system for those, but i am trying to configure the search feature, but mysite.com/admin.php i recieve an error:

HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

Have you ever seen this. i have a feeling i configured something wrong but i dont know where.

Thanks in advance!

PS: I do have php installed on my system :D figured id tell you that :D


Thank you for your positive feedback! I’m glad you like the template.

Normally, to be able to access the admin page (where the rebuild search index button is located), you must receive an email with an auto generated link. In case PHP isn’t properly configured, the respective page won’t be automatically generated.

In this situation, you can manually perform this operation as follows: 1. In the settings.php file, replace $private_key=”; with the $private_key=’1234’; value. 2. Access the admin page using the following link: http://yourhostname/admin.php?pk=1234

I recommend putting your website on a hosting server where PHP is properly configured. Otherwise, beside PHP , don’t forget to install SQL Lite on your machine.

In case, after applying the above recommendations, you still need help, you can send me an email and describe all the steps you took (What can you access? Can you generate the admin page? If so, when do you receive the error?)

Best regards!

DirbuSau Purchased

Hi template is great. 10/10 maybe more. Only couple things to mention: The go to top button don’t work as nice as in your home page. In yours it slowly slides to top in here it jumps to top. (Not big deal).

Other thing is the header, language switcher, footer and other things. It’s pure HTML /CSS in all the pages. maybe it’s better to have it in one file and use as include in all pages. Saves little of space and less of code needed.

And i see data base for contact form to work but not sure how to configure it. Should i inject the db file to sql or the script stores the date in the db file and reads from it. Help is needed.

I know mi question might look stupid and it’s hard to deal with people like me who knows very little a bout code and all programing stuff so i hope not to bee crucified and maybe get some nice response.

Very nice work!!! Good luck.


Thank you for your appreciation! I’m glad you like the template.

Concerning your questions and suggestions, I’ll answer them in turn as follows:

The ‘back to top’ button may quickly jump to top because I didn’t use JavaScript for it. Maybe in a future version, I’ll add the possibility for the user to adjust the page scroll speed by adding some JavaScript code to it.

Regarding header, footer, etc., HTML templates usually repeat these pieces of code in all pages. Using PHP , it is possible to create templates and not repeat the information, but we would go beyond the scope of an HTML template and transform it completely into a PHP website, which requires more work and would cost more than the HTML template. Another possibility would be to use iFrames or JavaScript, but, for functionality reasons, this is not recommended and is not a good option so I avoided it.

Last, concerning the database, the good news is that you don’t have to configure anything, since I used SQLite. The database creates itself automatically at the first access (that is, when you access the ‘admin.php’ page). To avoid problems, I suggest you put the website on a web hosting server where PHP is properly configured. For the admin module to work, you need PHP , Apache Server (or any other HTTP server), PHP email support, and SQLite. Web hosting servers already have all of these installed and properly configured so you don’t have to do anything if you have a professional web host. (More information about this topic can be found in the documentation.)

I hope my answers could be helpful to you. Thank you for your feedback.

Good luck and best regards!

I cant seem to get the search function working.

I’ve added it to my testing site, and keep getting the following error “Fatal error: Call to undefined function sqlite_open() in /home/fhlinux172/d/danwainman.co.uk/user/htdocs/testing/admin/db.php on line 28”

Do you know what that could mean?

I also tried uploading the same site to another domain, and when i tried the admin.pho it sent me a link etc, but then when i searched something, the links were wrong. Example it was domain.co.uk/testing/theatre/roles.html WHERE INSTEAD the links were http://solihull-theatre.co.ukosts/solihull-theatre.co.uk/httpdocs/dantest/theatre/roles.html

Do you know why?

I am told by my provider I have PHP installed. So what do I do next?

Many thanks


In the first case (your testing site), you get an error because you don’t have SQLite.

In the second case (the site uploaded to another domain), it seems that your web hosting uses the name “httpdocs” for the public folder, instead of “public_html” (which is the default for the majority of web hostings).

The solution would be the following:

Open admin.php and replace the line $public_html_dir = get_setting(‘public_html_dir’, $all_settings); (you will find it inside the function get_url_for_html_file($path, $entry) ) with $public_html_dir = ‘httpdocs’;

After you make this modification, in the admin window, click the link “Rebuild search indexes” once again.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


Not familiar with SQLite. I have the Personal account with is provider… Could you have a quick look and tell me if by upgrading to the plus option, it would work? Comparison chart: http://www.streamline.net/web-hosting/compare-popup/


I only saw your message on the forum today. (You can send me an email instead if need be.)

I took a look at the hosting packages and I think the Plus package would work fine.

However, it would be best if you sent them an inquiry email like, for instance: “I have a PHP site that uses SQLite as a database. Will it work if I put it online by purchasing the “Plus” package?”

If you think I could be of further help, don’t hesitate to email me.


Thank you so much for supporting and re-coding some of your php to allow me to use your site for MSQL . I was getting no where with my hosting company to understand which version of SQlite i was running….but thanks to your support, messages, and new coding, it all works like a dream.

The functionality is brilliant. Really simple to implement.

I think its great that as you’ve spent the time helping me with the admin dashboard, which will allow more users with the same problem I faced a better option. Pretty cool, now you can run it on SQLite2, SQLite3 and MySQL.


webnetvn Purchased

I have still never been able to get the search feature working. I have an issue with an Openbasedir restriction from my hosting panel. is there some sort of workaround for this? or another search system i can implement here?

Thanks in advance and like i said GREAT work. I and my clients love our new website featuring your template.

Thanks a million for the awesome work!

Jl Griffin


Please send me your admin URL , by email, so that I can identify your problem. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m sure it’s something that can be resolved.

Best regards!

webnetvn Purchased

alright ill send an email now.

If I buy the regular license, can I put the HTML , CSS & graphics (PNG) into a public repository on Github as part of my project? The original PSD source files would obviously not be there.

This is the project I would use it for: https://github.com/kaisellgren/Git-GUI

The website source code would be in one branch of the source control. It’s an open source project.


If you are going to use this project as a basis for a project of yours using PHP , Java, Perl, or any other programming language, then you can upload it on GitHub.

You may not upload on GitHub the project as is when you download it from ThemeForest.

In other words, if you build a project in PHP , Java, Perl, etc., using the Mundus template as a layout, then you are free to upload your project on GitHub.

It is not allowed to upload, as an open source, the HTML files exactly as they are when downloaded from ThemeForest, without modifying them at all.

Note: The template also contains a PHP administration module (personal creation) for the search, newsletter, etc. The admin module is only meant for the personal use of the people who buy the template, so this cannot be included in an open source.

I hope my answer could help.

Kind regards.

bonurbe Purchased

Very nice template, I really like it’s clean look.

However, I’m on IE7 at work (I know, I know) and it doesn’t display exactly as I thought it would. Can I email you 2 screenshots with what’s wrong?

Thanks a lot and great template!


Thank you. Yes, please send me your screenshots.


I’ve just rechecked it on IE7 and it looks ok to me: http://www.ixtendo.com/pictures/mundus-ie7.PNG

Have you included all the style sheets of the template in your site (ie.css as well)?

If you like, you can also send me a link to the site you are working on, by email, so that I can investigate further.