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Hello Alter, nice theme, can you advise how to 1. make Contact form work with SMTP ? 2. make links in text (Example in About, i want to have Contact, which goes to Contact tab when clicked…)

Thank you!!

Hello, thanks for your purchase.

1. I don’t know, I think it has to do with you server settings. 2. Change the text on the links but also change the data-index attribute value on the ‘a’ elements.


Great Author support. Thank you!!

Thanks to you, I’m glad I could help :D

Hi, Great theme, I love it, however not being very js savvy, I am experiencing a few minor problems. Any help you could give would be appreciated.

I have made some customisations to the theme which you can view here, I am building the site for my daughter. I have an issue with internal links getting them to work eg. on the bottom of the “Tanning Tips Page” I put this “Check out our products here” and tried to link to the products page, but no luck.

Also on the About page, you have this cool slider for the scroll, but I can’t figure out how to do it on the other pages.

The other thing is I tried to add an additional field for a mobile phone number for the contact page and I could not get it to work… frustrating me a bit…

Also my fonts are uploaded to the server, but none of them seem to work in the theme.

Just wondering how this will go with Google ( for rankings) also, as there is only one page for the sitemap…

Any suggestions???

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please contact me through me profile page so I can have your email and assist you further. :)

I know that u don´t support IE8 but I just have one problem ;-) I can´t get the closing X image to show. I tried to delete the opacity style in base.css and tried adding the filter, -ms-filter to .close .close:hover. It still doesn´t show up. Do I have the delete the opacity some where else then in the base.css? This is the only thing that i have to fix in IE.

Hello, thanks for your purchase.

I think that adding a high z-index on that element works, or try playing with the position, IE sometimes has trouble with absolute positioning.


Hi Alter, Excellent template! (with very ‘compact’ documantation tho)...

I am trying to customise few things and I am facing a little problem with the instructors section. I need to add more than 2 slides but it seems that it jumps from the first to the last, skipping the in between. You can see it here…

I hope it is something simple that I should have known. Thank you :)

Hello, thanks for your purchas. Yes, sorry about the small documentation, I’m kind of a noob in than aspect.

The bug you tell me about I think it’s because the plugin (jcarousel) is predefined to skip 3 items at once so this should solve it:

in ‘scripts/start.js’ find this line:

/start the sliders/ $(’#carousel’).jcarousel(); and change it to:

/start the sliders/ $(’#carousel’).jcarousel{ scroll: 1 });

to tell the plugin to jump one item at once.

Let me know if this works, greetings :D

Hello :) It works just fine with an additional open bracket. $(’#carousel’).jcarousel({ scroll: 1 });

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Great template! Can use this template also for WordPress?

Hi, if you know how to port templates, of course, you can. :)

looks nice. but i tested it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android Internet Browser and Opera) and it looks aweful.

do you tested it??

Hello, thanks for your comment. This template is not responsive nor adaptable so it won’t look good in anything smaller than an iPad. If you have knowledge on CSS you can easily make it fit. Maybe I’ll post an update making it responsive, no plans for it yet though. Greetings

Can I get rid of the transparent boxes and animation? I would like to use a simple fade instead. Thanks Stan

The boxes, it’s easy, just go to line 9 of the css and put “transparent” instead of ”#fff” in the background property, see if that makes a fade like you would like, if not, you need some js knowledge to edit the functions on start.js but it is possible ;)

Also…can I add video to the image page?

Hi, thanks for your purchase, yes, just add the video source like you would normally do.

Good day! Firstly a very cool themplate! I have a small problem. When I just open “index.html” I have the site looks very good! But when everything is set for hosting part of the main content is obtained reduced. Tell me what is the problem and how to solve it. Thanks in advance! url: screenshots: 1. Looks good in a browser 2. Looks decrease (bad) on hosting

Thanks for your purchase! :)

Please check that you are uploading all the files and that you cleared your cache, in the link you send me it doesn’t look broken.

Yes, apparently the cache was. Although the net. But now works perfectly! Thank you!

good to know :D

Dear friend , I would need to insert and duplicate the facilities menu , which code must I copy and duplicate ? Thank you in advanced David