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I want to purchase the Muse theme but before I do, could someone help me regarding the Events tab? I want to set up a proper events page with this theme.

However, if you click on any event tile it only reveals one off dates (i.e. 30/08/2013) I know from personal experience that you can only click on one day internally using the calendar, as I have used this theme time for another website.

Is it possible for the code to be amended to include a date range say 30/08/2013 – 05/09/2013

This is highly relevant if you want to add events as most theatre, art, nights out often run longer than one day.

If anyone could advise it would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks, Daniel :)

Hello all right? I just bought the theme that came out, and I do not have the option to record the SHOP was an update that you guys made??? would be possible to put in my theme at no additional cost?

I would get all upgrades, updates that have been made.

HI there. just a quick question before i buy from you. My friend has this theme (where i seen it), and i’d like it too. There’s only ONE thing i don’t like…. the floating logo. Can you let me know how to make this logo stay static at the top of the page (and not follow the scroll downwards) – same with the navigation menu. I’d like them to stay fixed in place and not hover.


Is there any way to arrange the events more clearly?

adamliria Purchased

Very cool template and friendly documentation! Thanks. :) 5 STARS!!! One question: How do I make in “callouts” links open in a new window?

adamliria Purchased

Unfortunately technical support is very bad. :( Questions on the forum remain unanswered, and the solution of problems involved only the users themselves. On the support forum is no section of frequently asked questions and you have to dig into the chaotic communications users to find a problem solution.

I repeat my question here: I can’t add new post, because for all my new posts generate one non-editable link and result of any action with post (open, read more etc.) is “Sorry this page not found”, but post is visible in Blog and Home. Only visible…

Luki_01 Purchased

Since the Update to Wordpress 3.6 the js Player doesn’t load the mp3 files. Need urged update!!!

I love this Theme! Its cool an well coded.

I am having issues with the music player once I updated to 3.6

ghampson Purchased

All of the images I upload to this site (slide shows, background images, featured images, post images, etc.) get stretched horizontally——not too much but enough to be noticeable. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

ghampson… Try using wider images. It will continue to happen since this is responsive. So always start with a larger image in the proportion of the setting and it will then reduce according.

ganjou Purchased

Music player not working with WP 3.6…

Songs do NOT upload with the Wordpress 3.6 Update.

meeory Purchased

Hi there, Got a problem. I can’t import Demo content. It give me a long list of failed imports. And I can’t find anything about the issue in documentaion. It just say:”If your import was successful, follow instructions in sections…”, but what should I do if the import failed??

Try logging into the forum….the theme developer hasn’t responded to anything for ages. Big problem for all of us and we all purchased this theme. I feel bad for anyone purchasing the theme right now and then they find out the music player isn’t working. The theme developer needs to sell his theme to a reputable and responsible theme development company that will fix issues, make the theme work better and provide actual customer service support. What’s the point of having a forum for customers if the theme developer is missing in action? This is a very bad situation of neglect.

I come to a head quite bad thoughts

erickakyo Purchased

Image of Slide is wrong on WP 3.6 and the Search don’t work! Please!!!!

Pilargil Purchased

hi, how I can move the menu of pages and place to the left? thanks!!

medi8tor Purchased

Yeah WP 3.6 search not woking correctly.

and problem with mp3 upload!

please update asap

Falkirk Purchased

Hi, I´m very surprised caus the font of the theme doesn´t apply italic.

When you select a piece of text and you format with italic doesn´t work.

Any solution? Thanks