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I saw a comment of someone who could not opened it on a Macbook that was before the update in June is this compatible with Macbooks etc…

hi can i change the over lapping Color example under menu, backstage ,event, album released pls let me know asap thanks


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Hello there, The logo is too small In need to put a bigger one. How can i do it please.



Did you guys change what appears on the mobile phone responsive version from the way it originally displayed. The additional sections do not appear any more. How do I get that look back which is the same as the image of the theme on different devices in themeforest? I do not want the dropdown menu at the top, but on the side as it was originally.

Hello, I find it today my website not working properly on WP 3.6 - Mobile menu and slider is not working - in browser website slider not working just stop on first slider - ZillaLikes plugin is not working in website - Search is not working - image gallery not working ( images opening in new page, is not pop up) - And some more…

Please let know us when u updating it?

Are you planning on releasing an update for wordpress 3.6? If so, when should it be available? I have a client who wants to use your theme, but we can only move forward if it is 3.6 compatible…


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It gives me who is on vacation in Hawaii. So we’re screwed without an upgrade to WP3.6 :sarcasm:

How come no one answering the comments? I really like theme too just wondering why there are no responses?

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Is there a way that the background image can change between two (night photo and day photo) based upon the time of day? So each day there would be a daytime background image and at night it would change to the night time image?

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WOW…I guess I should have read the comments before I purchased this template…Music player not working with WP 3.6…seems everyone is having this problem and the creator is not responding…smh…smh

Hi does this come with all the images?

Is it multiple language or translation support?

Hi, I would like to buy the theme. Is the music player working properly with WP3.6?

Best regards

I hope another theme developer or theme development company can make an arrangement to buy out this theme from the developer and continue developing it and provide support, as we are all being left in the dark and it’s a bad situation. How can one advertise a WordPress theme that is music based and the music player does not work in the new WP version and the theme developer is completely missing in action and has not announced any news on an updated theme version or is even responding to any support questions at all…at all….again….at all. We are all being left to help each other out, but still it is not how this is supposed to be and we need support from the theme developer and an actual new version of the theme for the latest WP version and for this to continue as WP versions continue. It’s a great theme, but we are in a very bad situation with this theme developer. At this point….those who have paid for this theme are (use whatever word you want here) and there needs to be a company who will buy out this theme and continue on where this current theme developer has decided to walk away from as far as I can see.

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I have problem uploading sample content (dummy data).

When I use wordpress importer, it starts uploading and then it takes some time and then redirects me to the webpage and says page not found and when i look pages, events or everything else in the admin there are nothing.

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Problem solved!

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But i have a new problem, when i scroll down the menu comes together with the page and stays on top of the content. In the demo site when scrolling the menu stays on top not in front of the content.

And when adding new blog posts , they show up in the blog page, but when i try to open the single post it says page not found.

Is it possible to just install wordpress 3.5 and then install this theme to get the music player to work. I do not have a wordpress install just yet and it seems that it’s a safe bet to stay away from 3.6… is that possible?

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iheartshadow in WP 3.5.2 the theme works, along with player and others but is not ideal.

Excuse my ignorance, but why wouldn’t it be ideal? I’m planning on building and launching an artist site for a local musician using this theme. I don’t want to run into any complications if I do. 3.5.2 install and use this theme. If it works with that version, why would it not be ideal? Thank you for the response! :)

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The updates are for improvements and safety. Although version 3.5.2 hasn’t had security problems, no one says you don’t have them in the future. So it isn’t ideal. It is always necessary to upgrade. Whenever the theme has support for WP 3.6, of course. The question is when will that be? I have no idea … I’m still waiting! ><

You’re welcome! 8-)

Such a nice theme. Pity, it doesnt work with WP 3.6. Fortunately I saw these comments before I bought it.

Cmon guys fix the issue so I can buy it!