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ready to buy this theme, but just need some infos :

I’ve noticed the events section seems to be developped from scratch for this theme, but is it possible to plug some specific plugin to manage the events instead of your solution ?

I mean, if I want to use some plugin to manage my events (didn’t choose it yet though, but one with XML import for exemple) would it works with the theme ? And/Or is there a special event plugin you could recommand for this theme ?

I have a problem with the Contact Form 7 plugin. I can not edit a form ever created. When you edit and save him from the following warning: Are you sure you want to do this? Try again.

When mute theme works perfectly.

The following image link:

no html version available ?

Theme is nice but your stats say it hasn’t been updated in 2-years… any revisions I should be aware of before I buy?

Hello, I just bought the Muse theme for my website and impossible to make a purchase on WooCommerce. Also impossible to validate my purchase code on the support site! Error 402: Unable to create order. Please try again. What should I do? !!! I need some help!

Great theme but can’t recommend it since the Author has stopped updating it and the last update is over a year old.

Don’t buy it.

Youtube videos not showing on pages. Help from dev is ridiculous, can’t get any contact. Forum doesn’t work, reject redeem code. No more purchases from this user.

The same as above…! YT-videos not showing in news posts. No chance to register at GRANDPIXELS – purchase code is wrong (!). Bad joke.

hi, good theme, some presale questions: - the mansory grid event: is it possible to obtain a regular grid disposition instead? - is the theme compatible wit wp 4.3 (actually seem compatible to 3.8) - in the home page is possible to have other elements instead of very old events? Regards, Diego


arbeni Purchased

hi,’s safe to update to the ne wordpress version…thanks

help. my footers are not showing up on my mobile phone


iJason Purchased

I see that the author isn’t responding to anyone’s comments, but I thought I’d try and ask here anyway:

Are you going to update your theme to be compatible with WordPress 4.4 and WooCommerce 2.4?


Borisio Purchased

Hey any news regarding the video background, it does not work, we need an update!

Hey Guys, I bought this theme a few weeks ago. Went to sign up with the Item purchase code you sent and requested. YOUR ERROR IS TELLING ME NOT A VALID PURCHASE CODER! – yeah, yeah, check if I entered the correct code. I did. Copied and pasted several times, but got same answer. This is frustrating!

My problem is the Posts are not showing embedded videos

Envato should go after this author. They should not be allowed to sell this theme if support is no longer available. It really sucks.


I can’t register in your support forum. It says that my Item Purchase Code is invalid! I neep help please.

Hey, I can’t register in support forum, it says my Purchase Code is invalid… WTF!!!

Your support forum says my Purchase Code is not valid. Can we fix this? It would be helpful to be able to see the answers on past questions at least

Hi! I love Muse theme! Can I install a free multi-language plugin, as Polylang or qTranslate for example (I don’t want to work with WPML). Is the theme tested with these plugins? Does it work well? I need english, german and portuguese versions.

Other question: I can have audio and video playing automatically on the home page?



zookini Purchased

How do I add more than 5 callout buttons to the homepage