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*Found the answer to my questions in the Comments area. I just don’t know how to delete this post. Will be purchasing this theme now. Thank you :)


Does your Theme allow Vimeo video embedding?

It’s important for me to know this.


Hello How can I add Like button (Heart) in Albums, like it is in Demo?

I have no luck getting the Child Theme to work. Fresh Install. Did you changed anything in your latest update? Best Regards Tom

Any tips on optimizing the load times? im getting 40 second loads on the home page. im sure it’s something i did


Trying to load the sample content and its not all loading. How to adjust this so that it will all load?

Very nice work ! Love it!

I will look for this myself but I will ask you too. Is there a way to set background color of a post as rgba so we can make it semi-transparent ? As in rgba(255,0,0,0.5)

so i compressed the home page images to make the site load quicker but the mobile version still take 45 seconds to load. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi, is this theme translatable? (greek)

Like it! Especially the events section and detail pages look great.

One little UX concern: How does the user go back to the events index/list ? I would suggest to show a navigation. Maybe “back” or “prev/next”. Users tend to browse a list… choose an event… go back where they started… click another event etc.

Good luck with sales! (i guess, no problem at all)

In the settings, i have the dates setup to display as April 17th, 2013—yet on the events it posts them as 17/4/2013. I cant figure it out. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

That would be very useful if you could add categories for albums. I’m using the theme for a music band and we have a lots of kinds of CDs and I’d like to categorize them but there isn’t any option for it. I know you’d like to keep it simple but this function could help not just for me. :-)

HI! My slide section stopped work correctly! Images don’t resize, only accept one image. Anyone can help me?

Great theme, but I wish I would have read the comments before I purchased. It’s awesombe but the support questions go more than half of them unanswered. I wish I would have purchased another theme because support is a big concern for me.

great theme!

please can you add custom HTML code to callouts, so i can set a Newsletter subscription form from Wysija?

and is it possible to add automatic a next event to the slider….with text and image?

sorry one more question…is it possible to add share buttons to the gallery?

can we add a custom subline to the events? who also show in the overview site


GPanel WordPress Framework, is this based on an existing open source framework?

Hi, when I insert a google font that supports greek into the theme options it does not show up on the front end, although the english uses the font greek doesn’t.

How can I fix this?

I am interested in this theme. I wanted to know how the whole “purchase a ticket’ works….? Does a separate platform need to be installed for this? How do you get this function to work with this theme???

Is there anyway to add a twitter feed in place of the blog post at the bottom of the home page?