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Geez, you are taking way too long releasing new items. ;)

haha Thanks, I’m trying to push new things through before someone else tries at it.. like using Edge Animate for sliders etc.

Fresh and fantastic job, good luck dude!

Thank you

Not sure what happened, I will have the preview back up today

it appears to be working, looks like Adobe was doing maintenance. Can you see it?

awesome work ! :)


Hey friend, just want to notice you that your demo page is KO!

Thanks – Not sure what happened, I will have the preview back up today

it appears to be working, looks like Adobe was doing maintenance. Can you see it?

Does the shop actually work? I didn’t see anything in the documentation about the shop function, getting money for sales etc?

Thanks very much…. this is a really nice product, worth much more!

Zapp – I know it is .. I’ve tried to get this theme priced higher considering it has more features than any other Muse theme on here, but I’m not being heard.

I’m most likely going to pull this theme and put in on our personal marketplace and grow things more over there.

You could just split the features into add-ons (Muse Widgets) like they do on musegrid.

I see that your theme integrates with bc, how well does the shopping cart integrate into bc’s ecommerce option? Or was the ecomm intended to work better with gumroad?

Good question.

Personally I find it a lot easier to use Gumroad. Anyone can use it and integrate their products into Muse.. Business Catalyst has a much higher learning curve and you would need to be familiar with a Content Management System (CMS) like a WordPress in order to move forward and go back and forth from Muse or even a CSS editor in order to get the desired look..

That to say in the end you can still design what you want from Muse to BC, but its not a walk in the park like Gumroad is.

I had a few error messages:

When project opening: “This document contains a link to an asset that is missing. You can find or relink the missing asset using the Assets panel”

On publish:

“Adobe Edge Animate \Users\gregandjannelle\Desktop\2013 Files\Personal\Projects\THNDR?BOLT\_Website Themes\MuseShop\Themeforest\Edge\FeatImages\publish\FeatImages.oam was not exported because it was not found.”

And the published site says beneath the menu in the box it says:

“Page Not Found

We could not find the Web Page you requested. This is either because:

There's an error in the address or link.
Or you have entered the address or link incorrectly.

Click here to go back to our Home Page.”

It looks like you need to simply re-link the file(s) Have you tried to Re-link the file(s) yourself?

You can do so by right-clicking on the file in your assets panel in Muse. And of coarse you can find the file within the download you have received. Here’s the screen shot to help you.

If you have any other questions or problems, I’d ask that you personally email us via our contact form on our Themeforest profile page. Thanks!

How do I setup the blog?

Not sure – email us with a screen shot

I did another way and got something different but it worked, I copied the html from gumroad and inserted on the metadata of the page and embed the pay button from gumroad with the product link inside and look like this(“comprar agora” means buy now>

by the way you said it diddnt work for me, when clicking on the buy now button it takes you to gumroad and not the way shoul be

but that way is fine for me

sorry for bugging but i have another issue i cannot change the metadata for real, I put the website name on “website title prefix” and it changes but stay like this: “MYSITEMUSESHOP BY THUNDERBOLT” and when i share it on facebook, facebook loads the description from museshop so im changing the metadata but the old data stays and i dont know how to put my own

thanks again

Have you changed the Page titles? That’s what it sounds like. Its hard to tell what you mean when I don’t know what page or where you are changing things at..

So please email us directly at[at]gmail[dot]com and provide us with more details or even screen shots and hopefully we can help you :)


Hello Thndrbolt, I have sent you a message in which what issue I am having with the site, I have tried a few ways about it, I’m sure its something simple.

Any who, please check your facebook messages and shoot me a response over there!

Much appreciated, the template is a great platform to build off of!

Is there a way to add individual items to a list? I would like my clients to be able to add items to a list/cart and then send that list to me so that I can send them a quote.

Thanks for any help that you can give me!

Not that I know of via Gumroad..

I tried your demo on my iPad and I think it works awesome! You may want to add a cancel button right after user hits “I want this”, If the customer would like to change his/her mind.

Overall good work!


Hi, can i use Ecwid to this template? It works wit the scandinavian payment options….

Not sure if you can or not.

How do I use the shopping cart when not in the US, as it does not say anywhere when buying for US sites only

Not sure, I’d consult the 3rd party developers.

Is it possible to take this template add it into Business Catalyst?

You are supposed to be able to do that with Muse.

Hello, When I open the muse file, it says the browser does not support the video tag. Everything is most up to date. Using Safari. Can you help?

Not sure, sounds like an Adobe problem, you might want to check their forums.

What version adobe muse i need for this theme? thank you

hi… this theme seems interest me a lot. before i purchase this, i would like to know whether we can change the currency or not? (for your information, i am indonesian) and does the transaction only with credit card? thanks.

I’m not entirely sure, you can visit for more info