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Is this theme no longer supported… last update was in Feb 2014! Is there a newer version that is compatible with WP 4.3.1?

Good Day.

THe theme is supported and complies with the latest version of WordPress.




alexgr Purchased

hello, the theme doesn’t support php5.5 ? My server make an update and now, the theme does’nt show the texts in posts an pages… Do you know why ?

Hi alexgr.

php does not have backward compatibility issues only forward compatibility.

The cause of the error will be somewhere else.

send me a link to the page and i cna take a quick look.


where do I find the video help files for this theme? I do not see the attached files in the download?

Also, where does the facebook menu display on the home page? I can access it through pages in the back office, but I can’t locate it on my main home page?

the link shows only a maintenance page. The Facebook content is added through the Facebook widget that is added to the homepage.


Hi AJ chartwellweb here I have been emailing for two weeks about an ongoing issue please can you help i have had no response

Thanks for the feedback.

ok I’ll assume that means don’t bother me again. what a shame brilliant service up to this point.

Thanks for the feedback.

wp music in facebook does not work at all. All style is unformatted. How should I be willing to buy it? :-)

Hi THere

apologies for this. We had some difficulty with our server . This will be restored over the weekend.


I am using an older version of your theme and in Firefox the rotating albums in the footer are being clipped (only the top 20% of the artwork shows) and it’s loading about 4 1/2 albums covers in the width space instead of an even 4. I check your latest theme demo in Firefox and it is not having this issue. I was wondering if you knew when this fix was made and how easy it would be to make to the theme I am running with updating the whole thing?

I’m really unable to find the message.




midmod Purchased

Sorry, this has been drawn out … I just submitted another support ticket. It confirmed the form submission again —“Thank you for submitting. We will respond to your request.” -- so hopefully it comes through this time…

Thanks, i received your mail. I replied to the mail but it was returned saying that my email address was rejected on your server.

If you can send login details to i can assist.


Hi, AJ

Happy Easter to you and all !

Any chance of this being responsive?


Hi M

Thanks for reaching out.

The theme is not responsive.


Hi! Still Facebook compatible or FB has new policy (now days) that prevent to instal the theme on Fan Page ? So, if i buy the theme, will work so fine on Facebook – Fan Page? Tks!

duplicate request