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Hey man,

The Twitter feed doesn’t seem to work after the update.

Also I was wondering if it would be possible to allow the YouTube shortcode to work within your tabs? I am using a three tab setup on multiple ‘music’ pages and some of the tabs have YouTube videos in them but it seems that she shortcode does not work inside the tabs so I had to use the YouTube embed code.

And just a small thing, it seems DropCaps do not show up in Review and blog post ‘excerpts’ that are seen on the home page and main ‘Reviews’ page.

Cheers, Peter

Nevermind about the Twitter Feed thing, Just had to re-save the widgets :)

gralin Purchased

I love the theme so far. Is it possible to change the color and size of menu fonts using the CSS classes option with the menus? Also it is possible to change the color of the headings on individual pages. I’m using a very light color for my page backgrounds, but it makes it hard to read the headings when i go to a specific page. www.tvskymusic.com



I am glad you like my theme ;) Pls contact me by email and I will help you out. Anyway I will post an update soon to add a colorpicker for the header font to the theme options.

Hello! I just purchased this. It is Excellent!!

But I just have one issue with the Twitter. No matter which twitter account I use it gives me the same error:

“Error loading your tweets. Verfiy your username”

What could be wrong?


Maybe you purchased the theme a week ago or something, no worries, pls download the updated version. Several bugs was fixed including this one. (the twitter cache duration was too short).
If you don’t want to re-install the whole theme you can just replace the file ‘core/widgets/twitter_widget.php’
Hope it will fix your problem.

aputy Purchased

Hi. Thanks for the theme. How can I change the background colour of the main area when in “Wrapped” theme mode? I haven’t been able to find this.

Deven19 Purchased

Hey there, 1 more quick question if you could… I set up my media page based on the videos and a lil bit of WP knowhow and it appears w/ a white box that says “Filter” in it that you can tell isnt supposed to be there. Any help would be widely appreciated as I love how youve got the gallery set up. Just wanna do the same.

URL : www.eliteguitarreviews.com

PeteFMS Purchased

Hello, First off let me say thank you for such an awesome theme!! I am a newbie when it comes to WP so please bare with me. I am trying to set up the homepage very similar to how you have it in the live demo. Could you possibly give me a quick instruction on how to do so? Or if there is anyone out there in the crowd who can help me with this it would be much appreciated. Again let me say that I am new to coding. I have a little experience with the basics but I need some direction…Thank You!


aputy Purchased


I was in the exact same position last night. All I can tell you is watch the documentation videos. They explain everything. Although I still need to know how to change the background colour of the main area when using the Wrapped theme.


Hi, For now, you can’t do it in the theme option but you can it change with the custom CSS box or in changing style.css
I will add more style option in the next update
Contact me if you need more help.

Juse33 Purchased

I put up a review but i don’t see it when i use the Last review widget. what am i missing?

Nevermind i found it lol. Great theme
Juse33 Purchased

Hey did notice a glitch in the matrix though. When ever i use the last review wiget, the WP Tweet button wont act right. The tweet button will act like its only for the review and not the site url. Weird

Anybody know what tweet button will work with this theme?

Hello, This theme is awesome I am working for an artist who has 8 albums and wants all of them playable from the site, but does not want to fork out for Soundcloud paid account… is it possible to load them all up and have the user choose album in the player? Also- I assume the store ‘Buy Now” buttons can be easily linked to Paypal or whatevs? Thanks


Hey there!
In this theme you can set up only one playlist, but what you can do is to display a one-song-player for each album.
With the store feature you can easily set up a paypal button.

PeteFMS Purchased

I think I might just be having a bad day. I can’t seem to find the documentation videos anywhere… Can someone lend a helping hand??


Navigate to \MusicPro-Premium-Wordpress-Theme\Doc\Index.html . That HTML file is the help doc ;) Videos are embedded there.

How do I change callout text on the home page?

Hello Constantin, I have bought your theme some days ago and I must say it is excellent! I am enjoying it big time!


Thanks so much for the feedback! I am glad you enjoy it, that’s good to hear! ;)

kayohes Purchased

How do I change “Welcome To Music Pro Wordpress Theme!” to something else?

kayohes Purchased



Hey! Did you figured it out?
Go to pages, choose “Home” and you can change the content update it.

Hi there, I have purchased and downloaded the theme but it does not want to install. Any ideas??? It’s not my first theme, and previously¬†using the automatic zip install has been fine.¬†I am using WP 3 .3.1.



Are you sure you didn’t upload the whole archive?
The theme itself is the file “musicpro.zip” contained in the main file.
BTW , you can check the documentation, there is a video tutorial about the theme installation ;)
I hope it will help.

Is there any way that I can place the menu on the bottom & center it above the static image.

Any update on adding a CSV import option? I have a specific concern – for example, lets say I was uploading 10 albums that were all the same artist. Can you sort through albums by artist? Basically I have about over 1,000 albums to upload and I want to make sure they remain organized and display in a clean grouped manner. Let me know! Thanks again A


Hey, Unfortunately no CSV import option to come, sorry.
However, you can sort the review/album pages by category or artist name.