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Ame84 Purchased

Hi, i have a problem with the installation. Can you help? Thx

P.S. congratulations for the template, really cool

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The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, postmaster@itsclassicstudio.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

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First, are you sure that you installed “musicpro.zip” contained in the main file and not the whole archive?
Otherwise I don’t see.. It is an error related to your server. Maybe something wrong with your wordpress installation…

Ame84 Purchased

Problem solved, it was a problem with the failed server, I tried a couple of times and then the installation was successful. Thanks again for support! Good weekend


thx for the feedback. Have a nice week end too !


Another thing I discovered today, I can’t seem to change the footer or header colour or image. I’d like to try out the pattern options you provided with the theme.

All the best,



Hey! I will get back to you soon by email. Cheers!

Thanks ;-)

Hi ; )

I would like to know if there is any possibility to change the link colour from yellow to other colours.

I need also to know if is possible to fix the background image.

The last things…how can I put more images in the same line? Is there any grid code to use?

Thank you very much!


Thanks!! It works ; )


Sorry, the last thing really. I’m trying to put a tab, but the shortcode I’ve found in the shortcodes list doesn’t work.


Hey, you can use the “tabs” button in the text editor to generate tabs shortcode. Pls check the video tutorial about shortcodes in the doc for more help.
I hope it will help!

Juse33 Purchased

Hey how do we control the volume for the jplayer?

Juse33 Purchased

I noticed that the short codes don’t always work. Its like i have to move down a few lines before it shows up. Like when i just want a widget on the top of the page. Very Annoying. Anybody else have that problem?

Limit_ed Purchased

Ive Uploaded My Own Custom Logo And It Doesn’t Show Up On The Website It Gives Me A Picture With A ’?’ In It. Is There Anyway Possible To Fix This. This Problem Goes The Same For My Gallery.


Hey! Pls contact me by email and give the url of your website. I try to find what’s wrong. Greetings

juskause Purchased

I’m can’t figure out how to use the nivo slider

Hi, You can manage the sliders in the “sliders” panel in your wordpress admin. You can watch the video tutorial in the doc or here:
I hope it will help!

Hi there,

we are having a few problems with the template. We purchased it a couple of days ago and most things are running smoothly. However, we have a couple of issues with certain features. Could you give us an email where we can contact you about this please?

Kind regards Darren

Hi Darren, you can send me an email to

Hey all,
Some users have an issue with the custom css file (style options). For some reason, some servers don’t load the custom css file.
I just submit an update to fix this bug and it should be available in about 24hrs.
Thx for your understanding.

Hello Man Just bought the Theme! And its Awesome! Really enjoying customizing it! Just when i use russian language font is not supported. Can you tell me workaround? BTW . i like main font what font is it? Thanks!


I will reply to your mail ASAP .

Great theme! i like it alot! Looks good.

But it seems that there’s an incompatibility with Jetpack plugin and the Music Pro theme.

With a brand new wordpress 3.1.1 installation, and a brand new Jetpack plugins activation, if i install and activate music pro theme, i get this Error message :

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare youtube_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/content/34/9092034/html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/youtube.php:203) in /home/content/34/9092034/html/wp-content/themes/musicpro/core/shortcodes.php on line 302

do you know how to fix that to be able to use jetpack plugin and music pro theme?

Thank you! Alexandre LeBlanc


J’ai recu ton mail, je te réponds au plus vite ;)

Hello Constantin, Thank you for the Soundcloud icon, great response! Could you please explain how can I have the Bandcamp, myspace and Soundcloud icons under the nivo Slider without the big gap? So that the user does not have to scroll to see them?



Hey Pls send me an email

Hi there,

I purchased the Wordpress of Music Pro and I have a problem with the Piecemaker Slider. When I activate it, it simply doesn’t show up. What could be the problem? If I send you the login to the wp-admin could you fix that and enable the Piecemaker Slider for my home?

Thanks in advance …..


Hey! Can you give me the url of your site ?


Yes, its www.johnnyrogerlemoncrew.com


You have installed the whole archive.
You have the extract the main zip file downloaded on theme forest first, and you will find the theme (musicpro.zip) and the documentation in it.

I hope it will help

Hi Brutal D.

Great design – hope you can keep up the support for it!

I have just bought it, and I am experimenting with transforming this website: www.ollemus.dk into your thme.

The thing is that my Client has made a lot of print, and have builded their brand around the Gunplay Font – and they are danish, so they use the characters æøå. These characters are already in the gunplay font, but how do I install that font into you theme, so that I can use it for headlines?

The font is here: http://www.dafont.com/gunplay.font

Thanks in advance!

- Kim


Hey Kim,
Pls send me an email I will see what I can do ;)

Hi B.

I found the solution to my font problem. I just uploaded my font to http://onlinefontconverter.com/terms.php, and then uploaded the four files to the font directory – and renaming them to leander-xxx

Its a dirrty hack, but it works.


I have a new question.

Where do I tighten up the margins/space in the light theme? There is so much screenspace wasted between the top of the screen, down to the slider – and then again between the slider and the slider navigation and then down to the actual post/page content.

Would it be possible to insert some kind of admin-function, så that people could adjust the horizontal space between the elements – maybe even get rid of that strange strip of background, that is situated at the top of the light theme?

Thx in advance !

Kim Linnet

Hi there, great theme, keep up the good work.

I cant seem to get a link to appear when putting my albums on the main gallery page, can you tell me where i’m going wrong.

just to be clear. i am creating an album, putting pictures in it, and then on the gallery page i am putting the shortcode – [bd_albums] and the albums appear, but no link to the actual page with the pictures on if that makes sense?



Hey, pls give me the url of your site thx!

Just checking in again to see if I could get any insight on this. How do I remove breadcrumbs? I would like many of my pages in my main menu to display categories from the blog but I don’t want the “categories” to appear in the headline. Right now all those read categories: xyz

Is there any way to prevent this?

Also if there any way to make it so the entire blog post appears on the blog page and you don’t have to clip read more to go to the next page?


In the template “category.php”, delete the word “Category : ” at row 5.

For the second thing, in the template “loop-post.php” replace all functions “the_excerpt()” by the function “the_content()”


Salut j’ai vu que tu parlais français plus haut alors je m’essaye sinon je vais traduire ;). Premièrement très beau thème !! Deuxièmement j’essaie présentement d’obtenir une page d’accueil du genre de ton démo :) mais je n’arrive pas à bien faire l’étape avec le player. Quand je l’insert il y a du blanc tout autour et je n’arrive pas non plus a créé de colonnes avec l’image de l’album et le player a coté ?

Merci d’avance



Dans la homepage de la demo, j’utilise les widget areas pour mettre en place les elements. Tu peux trouver comment faire dans les videos de la doc.
Sinon voici le tuto video sur les widgetareas:

En esperant que ça t’aide ;)

Hi my link is www.jamieryderjazz.info, upon further inspection, this issue only crops up in Chrome and Firefox, IE seems to display the link, so i’m guessing it’s a browser issue.

Edit: I’ve just checked the demo page on firefox and chrome, and the links are appearing on that, so maybe i’m doing something wrong my end?


Hi, it looks like a wordpress bug. It happend to me once.
Try to create a new page with the same content. It will probably solve the problem. Cheers