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Great code friend! 5 Star rated developer!


Great template! 2 questions:

1) Is there a way to resize the JPlayer? I would like to make the player a little longer in length so that I can see 9 tracks at one time before needing to scroll (as opposed to 7).

2) I can’t seem to get the contact page to work correctly. I changed the contactsubmission.php file to have my email address in it, but the contact form isn’t sending to my email. Any thoughts on how to make it work?


Hello there,

Thank you so much for a very nice theme. I am pretty familiar with HTML & CSS and I think I have used an instance of this player before.

That said, I’ve ended up commenting out the playlist and the toggle button to show the playlist. What I really want to do is just show a “Currently Playing” text. Or at least, just keep one song in the playlist at all times. I feel like the list gets too long and isn’t really what I want to show up on the right-hand side. I like the idea of the navigation remaining in the same spot and as the playlist grows, the nav moves down. Is there a way to just allow one song at all time in the playlist? Or just have some “currently playing: <song title>” text in its place?

Thanks so much! Jess

Enjoying the template. Can you tell me how to remove the delete [X] icon from the song playlist items of the j-player (next to the purchase URL link icon)? I don’t want users to be able to delete songs from the playlist. Thanks.

Hello everyone, Sorry that I have been away for a while so I might have missed to answer some questions. If anyone is still facing any issues with this template then please feel free to contact me through my profile page. From now on I will be trying to reply to queries faster.

thanks for all your support. Please don’t forget to rate the file.

regards, d

Hi, need to know if I can insert youtube video in galley, and if I play it, audio player auto-mute. Thanks,


I am not sure about this, it may not work by default, but if any small change is required I will be happy to do it.

Hi I love this theme.

I just ran into this. When I played a song from the discography section. it was added to the “right” player, but that pushed the social icons down and it doesn’t scroll down.

I put them at the top, but if the sidebar doesn’t scroll after I add more music, how can I see it or click it?

Forgive me if this is an obvious answer.


Are you looking on a very small monitor screen? Can you please tell me the resolution of the screen.

Basically, the sidebar is fixed (meaning) it doesn’t scroll. This is done on purpose so that the music player always remains visible to the user.

The list of songs show a scrollbar (for the songs list only) when the number of items in the player increases.. so that the social icons stay visible..

Additionally You can hide playlist (minimize the playlist) by clicking on the small icon next to the volume control on the player.

Let me know your thoughts. Or if you want a modification.

Love the template. Purchased it. Two questions, is there a chance to add a feature to watch videos in the body of the page, with an anchor in the side menu bar? Additionally, I noticed when I clicked the image to add songs to the active playlist, a border remains that stretches across the screen, anyway to get rid of that? Thanks!


Thanks for the Purchase.

The border can be removed, Can you please send me an email from my profile page so that I can reply to you with the solution.

Regarding videos, Are you requesting for a new section (same as portfolio images but for videos) ?

Pulits Purchased

I purchased this a long time ago. Is there a way to show the playlist hidden by default? Thanks.


yes. please send me an email through my profile page.

hi, does it support shoutcast? please verify it for me if it works..


I haven’r really tested with it .. I will try to verify it for you.

does it have admin panel or smth user friendly to administrate it?


At the moment it doesn’t have that, but it includes a document explaining how you can make it yours.. If you are looking for a admin panel please contact me through my profile. thanks.

very greate stuff, its really easy to work with it. Thanks for that. But how some guys typed on the top, whats the problem with Contactform? It doesnt send Emials to my adress. Can u tell my why?

I´ve set my email adress and a referenz adress to check, but no emils are comming. And the second, can i set 2 Adresses simultaneously in contactsubmission.php? or it doesn´t work?

In moment i test it with only one, but it works not. Many thanks for answer. Greets from germany


Hi, sorry for delayed reply. Can you please send me an email from my profile page ?

Great template!!!



Hi How to get rid of large gaps between sections after editing content? CSS? Which lines? Thanks

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Hi. as webinscribe and enber have asked, I’d like to add a videos section. And ideally, I would like the currently playing song to be stopped if they play a video.

Let me know what that would take, thank you!

nice templates….. I see radio… can be play shoutcast radio??if not can be add other shoutcast swf player?

Anyone have any idea why the track list is not showing up on mobile? The rest of the content is, but the songs <li /> is not.



hi , what do you mean by: PLEASE CHANGE THE ‘TO’ ADDRESS ?