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Hello to all customers and people potentially interested in my templates. My big apologies for delay with replies within last 10 days. Application notifying about new comments was not working within 10 days and I was sure there were no new comments. It came back to work just today. I replied all questions and hope my answers are still actual, sorry once again!

I’m interested in purchasing this theme and have a few questions.

Can I change the color (orange/salmony)?

Can I change the background to a static image?

Can I alter the items in the left sidebar? I don’t need all those descriptions (member of…).

I’d like to include DJ mixes, instead of song samples. Is there a limit to the size of the audio files?

Hello, thank you for your interest, the answers are

1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. Yes


Thank you for your responses. Happy to hear it’s open to customization.

One last concern…

I want this to be a page/link in my current website? Is this set up to be an enhancement to an existing website or will this be the website? If it is an enhancement, are there instructions on how to do that in the theme’s instruction manual?

Let me know, and thanks again!

Yes, sure. You can set it as stendalone website or link this page to your main website. It is simple HTML page which you can manipulate as you wish. Best wishes. Tanya

Hi there,

I saved the files in the Template folder to a folder titled “Press Kit” on my server.

I’m a bit of a novice, so pardon my ignorance…

How do I make changes to the playlist? It says it’s a jscript script file. Do I use Notepad?


Hey Virtuti,

Disregard my last comment post. I figured out how to make the changes to the file, tried to edit my comment online but it wouldn’t let me.

I have a separate question, though.

For the list under the badge, if I have more than one country or website, how do I make the list of the countries or website continue to align to the right, under each other? I’ve tried a few things and it’s not working. I also tried googling it but I’m not finding something that would help (possibly not using the correct terminology in my search).

Thanks again for your help.

I’m loving this press kit. Really nice. :)

Hello, thank you! Do you mean to align right the whole sitebar (orange, badge, ul)? All the best!

Hi this plugin is for Wordpress or not?

Hello, sorry, have not understood your question. Which plugin, why Wordpress? Thank you, Tanya

Greetings: I would like to have some clarity before i purchase… I noticed you did not include Safari and Firefox for compatible browsers. What does the template lack when viewing on ie7/8, Safari and Firefox?

Thanks in advance

Hello, thank you for your interest. Regrettably automatic ThemeForest form (when we submit templates we tick compatible browsers) offers to choose only old versions of these browsers– FF4 , Safari5. Since current version of FF is 14.0.1 and Safari 5.1.7 there is no sense to tick these versions (I have no idea for example how my templates may look in FF4 ). However, in description I marked all devices I tested the template. That’s it, this is the explanation:)))

Thanks for the reply.

Hello, how do you do.

I am a Web developer in Tokyo, Japan. Now I am thinking to use this template for our customer’s website. In this case, I need to buy the extended license. Is my understanding correct?

Hello! Not exactly. If you are going to buy it just for one client (one website), regular license is ok. However, if you are going to apply it in multiple websites for numerous clients, then, indeed, extended license is required. Thank you for your interest! Tanya

Really!? It helps us a lot since I would like to test several templates. Thank you Tanya, I will buy one. :)

Hello, Tanya-san. Now I am trying to customize this template with Dreamweaver. When I open the index file, it always asks if connecting to

Do you know what is this script? Is it safe and should I configure it to permit the connection?

Hello! To be honest I merely familiar with Dreamweaver (I work in another IDE ) but I can suppose it asks for connection with your site (you probably created a site (or project) first), so I believe you can press “ok”, nothing bad should happen. Try, see what happens.

Thank you for your quick reply. I found a kind of the answer from the sites below.

I am just concern it may be from the script of yahoo.

Anyway, I will try and I think it will no harm to the sites. :)

Hello, virtuti-san.

May I have one question? It is just a question, if you do not know the answer, it is OK.

Now, I am using the template for our product. In that time, I put the short header on the top of the site and trying to make the box-shadow to the div id=”wrapper”.

In that case, I found it does not work because the height of the wrapper is not as long as the height of div id=”right”. (It seems the height of wrapper is ignoring the height of right.)

I tried to fix it for many hours but I could not fix it. If you knew how to fix it, please let me know. It would be very helpful.

FYI : clearfix of CSS Hack does not work for this issue.

Thanks Sincerely goros

Hello, yes, naturally, id right is infinite while id left is fixed positioned and takes the height of the screen. There is no need in any clearfix class, cause everything is cleared up via css for both divs (#right and #left). You can try to apply box shadow to #right instead of #wrapper but seriously in order to give a more precise answer I need to try, experiment and modify the template in order to see and achieve the results. Template comes as it is, with dark general background where shadow can not be visible anyway therefore I need to see not only your current modification of a website in whole but to understand an effect you are willing to apply. If you wish you can forward me all material (see description on my profile page) and I shall be glad to spend time and help you. Thank you, Tanya

Hi Tanya-san.

Thank you for your kind reply.

I see.

It is OK so far, because as you mentioned, the background is very dark so I can hide the lack of the shadow for the header part above the right and left I put.

I was just curious if there is a way to modify it easily.

Anyway, I am going to show you when I completed to make it. It is going to be in a couple of weeks since I am trying to use it on WordPress.

Thank you again for your answer. Sincerely Goro

Hello, Tanya-san.

My customized work will be done in a couple of days, I guess.

I have one question. It is about the blueberry.

Do you know if I can automatically centralize the picture if the height and width were less than 320 * 480px?

I tried to some methods like margin auto or display inline, but it didn’t work…

Sincerely Goro

Hello Goro, blueberry slide width is set to 100%. Box it is nested in is 480px hence slider is 480px too. You can change the dimensions either of the box or of the blueberry in blueberry.css. You can try to play with blueberry declarations as well, but simplest way is still to find images 480px min-width:)))

Thank you for your kind answer, Tanya-san.

I see. I have tried to change some .css, but I will try it later again. But I will tell about it to my customer at first. :)

Hello, Tanya-san.

It is still only Japanese version. But we released the product today. We really like your design and hope to buy from you again.

Thank you. Sincerely Goro

Hello, I would like to contact with you via e-mail for my next business. Is it possible?

I tried to find it in your blog, but I could not find it. :(

Hello, yes, sure, Thank you!

Good afternoon. Before downloading the template wanted to know if it is compatible to create a directory. I’m interested in creating a directory on football where users can upload videos from youtube and then share opinions in the forum. Is this possible? Thank you.

Hello Xavier, thank you for your interest! In general yes, since it is trivial traditional HTML site and you can add/remove anything you want. The only thing is that this very template has no navigation menu (since it is one page and all information is laid out on it) so probably you will need to work on creating a normal menu redirecting from this very page to newly created directory URL. Thank you! Have a nice day! Tanya


I am trying to add MP3 Traacks for myPlaylist.js file and was wondering if I can delete the lines for oga & wav formats. I have only MP3 tracks. so Can I use this:

var myPlaylist = [
        title:'Track Title 1',
        artist:'Artist Name',


Hello, thank you! Of course you may, but Opera and Firefox users will not be able to listen to music, therefore fallbacks in various codecs are very desirable.

Ok, Thank you for your prompt answer. I ended up converting the MP3 to ogg & wav formats and added that in the myplaylist.js. BTW, You have typo in your myplaylist.js. file name says “time.ogv”.


Fine!, no, there are few file extensions: ogg, ogv, theora.ogv what not:))), ogv is ok:))) but ogg is somehow safer, you made right choice with ogg extension.

I cannot get the video section to work with a youtube video. Please post how to do this as your instruction with the press kit do not work. I can replace the video ID with a vimeo video no problem but trying to insert a youtube video has been a nightmare

Hello, you simply paste YouTube url (from share, embed). The principle is the same like Vimeo or any other platform. You can preview youtube example here:

The code of above example: <iframe width="480" height="300" src="//" ></iframe>

Hi Virtuti,

I purchase your presskit and customize it for my use. I have one question. I use the poster block for a few high res. press photo’s. They can right click on the big photo for downloading. Everytime I close one everything goes back to the starting point on top of the presskit. So I have to scroll down again etc etc. Can I block that? And if so, how??

Regards Peter

Hello Peter, no musicpalyer is musicplayer, timeliner is timeliner, these are two different scripts. You delete only link to timeliner script from index.html

<script src="js/jquery.timelinr-0.9.4.js"></script>

and jquery.timelinr-0.9.4.js from “js”folder. Thanks!


It works. Thanks for your support.

Regards Peter

You are welcome!