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Zippyshare will not work.

update from zipyshare?

Sorry no chance of zippyshare. zippyshare is a site for sharing its not a CDN to work externally.

is there a way only registered users can see the albums. this only works with post ;/

Sorry its not possible currently.

Pre-Sale Question:

Is it possible to have 2 different Filterable Album pages, each one with different filters?


5 Col Filter Page A:

Rock / Pop / Jazz

5 Col Filter Page B:

Rap / Classical / Poetry


WajidKhan Author Team

Yes its possible to have 2 different Filterable Album Pages.

thanks :-) purchased

Error when installing the Child theme:

MusicPlay child The parent theme is missing. Please install the “musicplay” parent theme.

Where did you sent?

Sorry we didn’t get that email can you send it from our themeforest profile page contact form or get register at our support forum

Hi, I am still very interested in buying this theme and I have asked before if its autoplay and if it’s good for radio station which you said yes but to be 100% sure before purchase, is it ok for you to test my stream link with it to see if it works fine? Can you also help test the link with “Beaton – Music, Radio & Events WordPress Theme” as i’m contemplating between the two. These are links for you to try (;; <source src=”; ” type=”audio/mpeg” />). Will be very happy if you can test for me. Thanks

I know the demo works, just want to know if my link will work with it before purchase. Thanks


femkhan Author Team

We have tested with your URL only. The URL is below I think you didn’t checked your demo as its your URL only currently.;stream/1

Oh that’s great thanks. Another thing, check it on mobile and it didnt autoplay. Do i need to do something to make it autoplay on mobile phones?? Thanks

Hi again,

Does the updated version allow for artists to log in and manage their own profiles, media, broadcast schedules, etc.? Thanks!

Is it being developed? Thanks!

Hello? This is very important to us, as it will be the foundation of our website. Can you make it happen? Do you need a donation? Thanks.

You can use User Pro plugin to do so. If you want us to do that it will cost you some dollars and will take time. You can contact us via Skype for more questions

Pre-Purchase: Hi, I Have a Question, I can put Post (blog) into the main page or front page? Can I see some post or blog in the main page? Thank you!

Yes it’s possible to display the posts on the front page by shortcode or assign the page as front page

I have opened a support ticket and sent an email with bugs and website access, still waiting for reply …

I don’t get any email with the website access. Post your website access in the support forum itself with a private posts option selected for security.