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Hey need help before i buy this theme . Kindly mail at rajatbagree69@gmail.com

Need help in buying this theme. reply asap! :)

LCode Purchased


I purchased your template which is absolutely amazing btw. I was wondering if it is possible to integrate a database so users information can be stored when logging in. Also where is the music stored to be display on website?

Thank You

Hi, what about the ad spaces in the theme ?

I love the display of your theme and i will like to get it right away. But please i need to find out this two things: For my visitor to be able to see a download link or button to all the music files on the site. And for visitors to upload music both audio and video.

Please if that is possible in your theme?

bantab Purchased

@LCode, I built a rails app with this template. Check it out here http://54beats.com. Let me know if you are interested or anyone here is in the same.

anyone install it on wordpress?

great job 2 questions: 1- can this be packaged into a mobile app ? 2- are you open to help in integrating with a mopidy server ? (private music server) (paid work)

regards ahmad

Is this script functional on it’s own or is it more like an HTML prototype?