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I already purchased this theme…but not know a single line of coding…I wanted to create a music web app app but dont know how to really make…can you help me…i got domain, hosting, musik theme, etc. but dont know how to use them to make a music web app….any help will be appreciated..thank you?

If you do not know coding. you need the Wordpress version of this music template. http://themeforest.net/item/musik-responsive-music-wordpress-theme/12127123


But bro…I am an idiot…I already purchased : (.....can you teach me how to really use this theme .. please.thank you

If you have purchased the Wordpress version. you will get a pdf document to tell you how to install the theme.

ps: use your purchased account to post comment to the purchased item.


Hi, I’m very interested in your template. I just see that you update the wordpress template but not the html. Do you have plan to update the html template??


No major update on html template.


Hi, I recently purchased your item and I need your help. On the listen page, there is a player footer. I would like to know how deleting and playing a song work. Clicking the song list on the footer and deleting a song works, but deleting a song on the other part of the page seems to use different algorithm. Overall, I would like to know how deleting and playing works on the listen page. Thanks in advance.

This theme using a demo.js to create the bottom player.
var myPlaylist = new jPlayerPlaylist({
    jPlayer: "#jplayer_N",
    cssSelectorAncestor: "#jp_container_N" 
  }, options);

you can use the myPlaylist to access the bottom player.


kittyhsk Purchased

Thank you for your help so far but I have one more question. Could you please tell me the things I can do with select method in jPlayer?

The player has a select() function. http://jplayer.org/latest/demo-02-jPlayerPlaylist/


kuchu Purchased

Is the html template cleanly decoupled from the front end server calls that would be supplying the music data? Just trying to understand what level of effort this would require to integrate into an existing music service that has json based apis for getting all the content. Also is there any possibility that your or anyone on your team may be contracted to do this type of custom integration? Thanks.


kuchu Purchased

I understand it’s static html from your answers to other people. My question is if the mock data is cleanly decoupled from the template code so it can be swapped out with front end api calls. And is there someone we can hire to do some of the custom integration with this template?

If you mean the player playlist mock data, it’s static data in js/jplayer/demo.js, you can use ajax to get api data and populate it.


kuchu Purchased

That was exactly what I meant. You have masterfully avoided my question about the possibility of contract work for a custom integration so I’ll assume that it’s not an option.


eda10 Purchased

Good morning, we bought your theme “Music” and also the “Musik” template.

We would like to know if it is possible to integrate the theme with the template to be able to implement the additional services offered by the template.

Please you can know what we need to modify the theme file with those of the template?

Thank you.

EDA 10 SAS Attilio Gioia

You can use the template pages or components from the html version in the wp version.



I saw this website (Musik – Music Web Application Template). I like template.

Is this HTML5 template or someother?

This website is working properly in wordpress but in HTML file this is not working properly.

For ex. In wordpress if i open event page, posts are opened properly but in HTML5 it is not opened.

If i am ready to buy this website could you able to provide all wordpress and html access also.

Could you able to give full details of this html website access????

This is a static html template, it’s different from wp version. for the event detail page, there is a blog detail page you can use.



What are the difference between musik the which cost $59 and $15?

One is Wordpress version($59), one is static html template.

What is the difference between $15 theme and that of $59

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

This is a static html template, if you want to install on wordpress, you need the wp version.


First of all I’d like to say thank you for creating such an awesome template I love it

If you remove a page etc and try to navigate to it with the menu it fades out and I see white instead of what normally would be a file not found or whatever. Is this using a custom navigation that stays on the same page and loads content, or is it just not redirecting because the page doesn’t exist?

If it’s using some type of content loading plugin, where can I disable it?