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Im sorry to bother you about this…... But I have tried everything to get this theme loaded to my GoDaddy account and all I get is a 403 error every-time i go to the page. I don’t know where to turn to get this site up and running… Can you help?? Im such a rookie.

hello, this is a static html template. so you just need upload it on the server.

it’s not a wp theme. if you want to install in Wordpress, it will fail.

wp theme here, http://themeforest.net/item/musik-responsive-music-wordpress-theme/12127123



I want a special request on your themes 1. Musik – Responsive Music WordPress Theme 2. Musik – Music Web Application Template

I hope you reply soonest, so i can explain in detail. You can add me on skype to chat

skype: bigelite.pro


You can contact me via email heyflat@gmail.com

will great if have bootstrap typeahead in search

Thanks for the suggestion. You can use https://github.com/bassjobsen/Bootstrap-3-Typeahead


tdcpepsi Purchased

What about Memberships. Will you add memberships and likes to the updated version???

The Wordpress version has the Members feature. Thanks


tdcpepsi Purchased

Do You do installations? If so I’ll pay you right now….......


tdcpepsi Purchased

Also, what is the best hosting option…VPS or Dedicated Hosting???

Server can run Wordpress is ok, It’s depend on your site, big or small.


tdcpepsi Purchased

I paid for both the template and the theme. Can you install????


tdcpepsi Purchased

Membership is needed on sign up. Non-Artist FREE | All Artist Monthly or Yearly Fee.


ratheep Purchased

Can you please provide us the PSD file for this ? It was not found in the zip downloaded

No psd file for this item. Thanks


wuhaixing Purchased

I cann’t understand bjax usage from docs.html.Would you like to explain it to me,thanks.

Load the element from page into a target div.

check Examples on the docs.html
<a href="blog.html" data-bjax="" data-target="#bjax-target" data-el="#content .row" class="btn btn-default">Load Page Element</a>

data-el is the element from blog.html. data-target is the <div id=”bjax-target”> on the docs.html


wuhaixing Purchased

Got it,thanks

hey! just a quick question how do i disable the navbar effect, and just leave there the font-awsome without text scrolling, is there any option? thanks anyway

You can remove the hover css line 154 – 164 in “src/less/app.nav.less” and regenerate the app.css or add custom css.

.nav-primary > ul > li:hover > a i,
.nav-primary > ul > li:focus > a i,
.nav-primary > ul > li:active > a i,
.nav-primary > ul > li.active > a i{
    margin-top: 0;

how to adapt to another CMS (etc. Datalife Engine)?

This is a static html template, you need integrate it into your CMS.

i mean how to adapt this player

The player is using the http://jplayer.org/ , you need output the track data for it, eg, title, mp3 file path, artist..