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Hey, I can’t wait to purchase this. Just waiting for the Wordpress version.

ETA? If no idea, I’ll just sit here waiting. :D

arrome Purchased

I’ve just buy it, but dont know to link the mp3 file . . . I mean all mp3 file link, I read that I can put a “data-jp-src” attribute on a link play

$(document).on(‘click’, ‘[data-jp-src]’, function(e){ e && e.preventDefault(); var music = {}; music.title = $(this).attr(‘title’); music.mp3 = $(this).attr(‘data-jp-src’); myPlaylist.add(music); myPlaylist.play(-1); });

but where sould I put it ? ? ? im not an IT geek so . . . L O L


Great template! Any update for the wordpress version?


Any idea on release date for WordPress? And will you be looking for anyone to hard test?

Hey i am interested in the template but you have some errors in it. Problems are appearing on phone. When you open the menu there are two problems 1. you become able to scroll left-right and there is major problem in visuals (height is becoming really big and some others) second thing is when you click on the profile again on phone (its not getting 100% height) please resolve the issues and send me message when everything is fixed so that we can buy it and start working on it. Test it on phone and you will notice the problems.

Thanks, Stancho Yordanov


Any info on bug resolved on mobile device?

ETA on WordPress version release date?

I’m trying to make your template work in an Asp.net web application. The problem is that Asp.net wraps everything within a Form element, and then when the screen size goes over 767px everything disappears (actually it gets reduced to 60px of height), and only reappears when screen size goes below 767px. I imagine it may get solved by adorning the form tag with some classes, but I can’t figure out which ones. I’d appreciate your help.

Any News of WP version ??


I am not very technical, and was wondering how do i Enqueue Audio tracks, or change playlist from href

At the moment i can find an example or any help in the pack i downloaded :-(



Can you give us a date when the wordpress application can be ready. So that we can make planning accordingly.

Ps: As you wrote, it must have been ready now :)

leonsway Purchased

Hello guys, is it possible to customize?

i need a landing page, where should i write? do you have an email?

Erm…Has FlatFull gone on holiday? Alot of hungry clients and potential clients here waiting for the WordPress Theme :D

Hi, I sent to your email support but still have not received any response. The theme of smartphone hides the search form, also on IOS Iphone 5s theme crashes does not flow. I await an answer thanks

hello, I need to buy this template, so I don’t know how it work, why to be an adm on it? so tell me how it work please or send me an email at punnyking89@gmail.com

I see no support…..????

Where is the developer?

Anyone created a wordpress version of this yet or looking to take on some freelance work?