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Yeah, im keen on the angular js one as Wordpress theme as well. Any one keen on getting a developer and pitching in as a group?

Doesnt look like this theme is coming out.

Please say, when will wordpress tamplate? When i switch page, music will stop?

WP version will not come if we dont do it. Just check the topic in the google group that i just created for a collobration to create the wordpress theme. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wp_musik

so we can proceed right away and make it better that i could have been offered if we get numbers. (we can add many features like woocommerce and buddypress integration, feature to play songs from youtube and soundcloud through API.. even more when people come after we finished dev. we can add extra feature and share it with people who already made payment)

Ps: I also offer a way in which payment and deliveries are fully safe(please check from i opened in group)


i am also open for any change regarding performance like making music section in angular js

atuly Purchased

In Android Browsers Audios & videos are not working properly.

Please fix this issue.

Yeah right now the WP version is just the thing to save me.

If you connect this to soundcloud I will buy it! It will really crush it!