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hi, i have bought your mustang template, i am trying to insert soundcloud music html etc using widget code and/or wordpress code,i have another wordpress site and this works perfect but it doesn’t on mustang. is it possible to insert youtube video, soundcloud links etc?


Please show me where you have added the code and send the code and I will test myself. Thank you.

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hi atix i did it on a test page here >

as you can see the youtube shortcode works fine, i have put the soundcloud wordpress code and wodget code and neither work, also the twitter shortcode doesnt seem to work correctly either.

the 3 codes not working are below. [twitter Paul Mendez=”“paulmendez=”” count=”4”]

[soundcloud url=”” params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166” iframe=”true” /]

<iframe width=”100%” height=”166” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=””></iframe>


The twitter shortcode that you have send is not correct. This one is correct:

[twitter title="Paul Mendez" username="paulmendez" count="4"]

About the soundcloud shortcode, pleas contact the plugin’s author.

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thanks atix

I’m still having issues with the testimonial shortcode only scrolling in one direction. It scrolls to the right fine but if you scroll backwards it cuts off the testimonial. Please provide a fix for this.

Hi. In which browser you got this bug? Please send the page where you are using it, I can’t find it on the page. Thank you.

It’s happening in IE and chrome, the URL to the site is It’s about midway down the page.


I have tested and works for me without problems. Can you give me more details, will be great to have some screenshots.

I have changed the slider height from 448 to 600 using the following method:

.slide { width:960px; height:600px;

$slider_height = ‘600’;

I would like to make the Homepage widget show below the slider so that it does not overlap. Where do I make these changes so that I can display the entire image.

Thank you

Nevermind, I refreshed my cache and it worked.

great :)

I need your help from these:

1. I must setup them for work?

Nivo Slider — for homepage slider
jQuery — for javascript library
PrettyPhoto — for the lightbox plugin

2. If yes, how can I setup the jQuery & PrettyPhoto?

3. Don’t work the slider in turn I added sliders. What I must do?

Thanks for help


All scripts are implemented in the theme and is not need to install additional plugins. Please send your site url and I will check the slider.

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Hi, I sent a message with the site url. Please write the answer to here.


I find the reason of problem. I use a translator plugin (qtranslate or Polylang). If I turn off then the slider is work until I don’t turn on the plugin again. What we can do?


Hi, I have question about translate. I would like to translate more language the page, post and everyting else. How we can do it?

If I write new divs to css and index.php, how can I keep the structure of website in IE? I was find IE css, but I don’t know what I must writing to there.

Thanks for reply.

Hi, you can use the plugin WPML to translate the site. It is very good plugin.

Is there any reason why the homepage slider would just stop working? Suddenly the slider does not move and advance. I have not changes much on the site so this is very confusing. Can you tell me a couple things that might cause this to happen so I can investigate?

Hi, please send your site url and I will check the slider issue. Did you installed some plugins last time?

Hy, i have question about Gallery shortcodes, for me do not work COLUMNS and other shortcode for gallery like TYPE or INCLUDE. I need use shortcode like this [gallery id=”666” type=”rectangular” columns=”5” include=”109,108,103,101,100”] Any idea what can i do? Thanks for help.

If a delete the two lines, nothing change, here is test i use shorcode [gallery id=”73” columns=”5”] (columns styl not working) For me is important COLUMNS working properly.

Be sure that in the file does not exists second line with this code:

add_shortcode(‘gallery’, ‘theme_gallery’);

If still, will remain the same, please send a message from our Profile page.

Thanks, sended.

Hi, we are building our website with your Mustang theme and we really like it a lot. We have 1 question. We World like to use RoyalSlider for fotopresentations. The problem is that is doesn’t work because there is an issue with the deregistering of the default jQuery script in Mustang. Is it a problem if I replace the script with just “wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’);”. Another option is to change the path to a newer version of jQuery. Hope you can help me so we can finish our website ( Thanks.


Please contact us from the account, from which was made the payment for our theme. Thank you for understanding.

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Hi, Getting a broken image of the slider on front page. Please help Ruth

when I’m uploading an image I get this error:

A TimThumb error has occured

The following error(s) occured: Could not create the file cache directory.

Seems, that there is permission problem with the folder.

Mustang theme uses TimThumb image resizing script for the thumbnails, for example when you are using the gallery shortcode. The first time you run your site TimThumb is going through all of your thumbnail images and creating new versions of them inside your /mustang/lib/cache/ folder.

Using TimThumb might require you to set special permission values for your theme /mustang/lib/cache/ folder. Set the permission for this folder to 0777. For more information or if you run into problems with thumbnails, read the full official documentation for TimThumb – TimThumb Troubleshooting Secrets:

I am interested in purchasing this theme. Is there a way i can make the navigation bar thicker to allow for a taller logo?

Great thanks. Will be buying very soon!

Hope have you as a new customer soon!

I bought the theme. I would like to change the thickness of the navigation bar to be wide enough for my logo. Domain is What CSS do i need for this?

What CSS can i use to increase the height of the navigation bar so i can fit a taller logo? Also, how can i change the color of the navigation bar from a gradient to a solid color?

Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile

There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this!

I sent an email through the contact form but have not received a response. Did you receive it?

Hi. I have received your email yesterday. In a few minutes I will reply to it. Thank you for your patience.

Hi there. Nice theme… Do you plans to make it responsive?


Hi. Unfortunately not.

On the domain I have set up the portfolio carousel on the home page but it does not slide from left to right automatically like the theme sample page shows. How can I automate the carousel?


I have checked now and it slide automatically.

Best regards,

Yes, I just figured it out by looking in the JS files. Thank you!

Hello Atix,

We are using your Mustang theme and we are very very pleased with it ( So thanks! At the moment we have 3 issues we can not solve. Could you look in to it please? The issues are: 1) we can not place a picture with our newsitems/blogposts. The hyperlink does not work anymore. 2) On our homepage (and on your example) we use the ‘accordion’. It doesn’t fold in anymore. 3) We use the twitter widget in the footer. But we are not getting any tweets anymore (it worked up to a few weeks ago).


Hello Atix, the new WordPress 3.6 is out and we wanted to ask whether the theme is ready for it or will there be a new update? Thank you in advance for your effort. Thanks!!!

Hello. I have installed now the WordPress version 3.6 and works like a charm. Best regards, AtiX

Hello AtiX, we have the theme for a while now in use and have now asked us if we can update to the latest version of WordPress 4.1 Theme Easy?

Furthermore, we ask ourselves whether there will be an update that the page will make responsive? Is this in the planning and if so, how long will it last? Thank you for your last effort and thank you for a new response.

Hello. Our demo site has the latest WordPress version 4.1.1. It is fully supported. Unfortunately we will not make it responsive. Check out our other responsive WP themes. Thank you.