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Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to align pictures in the thumbnails. I am currently using your theme for my portfolio and some of my illustrations doesn’t show up correctly in the thumbnails, leaving blank spaces. I am using image posts and I try to change my illustration image ratio to fit the canvas to “fix it”. It does the trick for some pictures but I can’t apply it to everything.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem : http://postimg.org/image/jrq8hfy8r/

Do you have a solution?

By the way I love your theme and I would like to thank you for the awesome job! :)


Hello and thanks for purchase!

I see the problem, but only solution I can think of is to set BG color of thumbnails to black (Thumbnail Background color option). You can’t do much with the size of images itself in your case.

This slider rotates? I can’t find options.


Hello. If you mean if it supports automatic slideshow then no.

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So I just found out that my blog got deleted from tumblr due to suspicious code in the theme.

Has anyone else had this problem? Trying to figure out if my account got compromised or if something changed in the theme recently.



Hello, never heard of such issue. As you can see, last udpate to the theem was in May. Can you please share the message from Tumblr with description why they deleted it?

Hey there! I just got around to giving your theme a 5 star rating. Been using it for my portfolio, and so far, I have the strongest portfolio in class, thanks to you!

A couple of weeks ago I asked how to make my centered thumbnails bigger and etc, and so far it’s worked fine. But as my portfolio is undergoing weekly critique, I have received suggestions from my lecturers to make it better. I hope you can help me out one more time!

check out my work so far here AZHAR

i want to know, instead of a totally single column blog, can i make it so the index page is a multi column grid, like the default, but when i click on my categories, they are single column, and large like the ones i have now.

that would REALLY help alot.

and also, is it possible to have the landing page show a single post, instead of ‘everything’? i wanna show my video first, and only that. it’s the top most post on my blog.

so to sum it all up, what im looking for is the first thing u see on my page is that one video, then have a link to ‘everything’ which shows a multi column grid, and when i click on a category, they are single column…

i think i might be annoying you with my questions. lol. but you’ve been a big help so far.

thanks in advance!



I understand what you want but Tumblr themes have their technical limitations. I wouldn’t say it is impossible to do something like this, but I would have to rewrite a big part of the theme to achieve that. You should hire a freelancer for such advanced theme modifications.

Have a nice day.


aww man… that’s such a shame.. okay then… i’ll try to figure it out.. on last thing though.. Centralizing the top navigation for the pages. It’s now on the right. I tried fixing it, but it’s not really automated to be in the middle. Ive been adjusting the values only. whats the proper way to get it centralized?


Add this to Custom CSS:

#top-navigation { text-align: center; }
#top-navigation ul { float: none; display: inline-block; }

Hi, I love your design, so great work! I just purchased your theme. Looking forward to implementing it. Had a problem for a minute finding the instructions, but just found them. Hope the rest can be smooth sailing now.


Thanks for purchase!:)

Hey LubosVolovar, So far your theme has been easy to navigate and customize, so everything is working out great, I do have a minor issue that I can’t find a work around for though. Before I get to it, here are some other minor issues, for others to read in case they have the same problems as I did and can find the solution here instead of having to write to you: I had an issue at first realizing your instructions where the documentation.html file. I was looking for something that said instructions as a text file or something. But once I opened that file it was pretty clear. Second minor issue I had was with the coding. When I opened the theme.txt to copy and paste it, it opened with code and it looked like a proper coding but it doesn’t work once it’s pasted, this could be because I’m on a mac, I don’t know. But after trying tons of things, including opening in Word, it turned out that the actual code text only opened in Firefox. See image for comparison. https://31.media.tumblr.com/21d7013309d743e23e17cb1cac1dff0b/tumblr_n3l2xdpfkN1rytow2o1_500.png

anyway, those things I was able to figure out after awhile. The issue I have now is the formatting. Instead of small multiple thumbnails, its just showing individual large thumbnails. Take a look https://31.media.tumblr.com/5b56e1f73313472918729e23be147783/tumblr_n3l2b0HAry1rytow2o1_500.png I’ve already tried all the customization options but none seemed to do the trick. Do you have any advice or suggestions to make my thumbnails look like your sample site?


Im sorry, I just went through and re read everything all over again and finally figured out it was just simply the thumbnails per row that was causing the issue. truly an amazing theme… now let me go 5 star this bad boy!


enjoy and thanks!:)

Thanks it was great work for my page. but i have a problem about instagram widget. when i write my or anybody’s widget id its not working. but when i use your example id ’’241041378’’ its working fine. do you have an idea ??


Hello. Did you followed all steps from the documentation (visiting the plugin’s page and authorizing it)? Feel free to send me link to your page so I can take a look.



I did, sorry man i just didnt Authorize my account. Thank you for try helping me. Good work,good theme!

Fantastic template! Love it a lot!! However is there a way to autoplay the slider? Thank you!


Hello and thanks for purchase! Unfortunately, autoplay feature is not supported.

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Hi. First of all thanks for the awesome theme. One question: Is there a way to set up the full-screen preview in the gallery so that clicking of the right half will go to the next image but clicking on the left half will go to the previous image?


Hi and thanks for purchase! Unfortunately that’s not possible.

Hi I would like to have an instagram icon, stumbleupon icon and rss feed icon in the top header with the other socials as well. How would I do that?


Hi, if you are not familiar with the CSS, you will need to hire a freelancer to do that.