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Hi There,

I really like your template and have a few pre-purchase questions for you.

1) Is their anyway to import Facebook album into this template so i don’t have to upload images twice? Im the social media manager for a nightclub that has 3 pages and i upload photo’s daily and was hoping this could be done?

2) Is their anyway for Facebook posts to be automatically worked into the blog page or news section as your preview site shows? Again I’m just looking at streamlining content upload?

3) Is the slider on the front page optional? And can i import video into it?

Great looking theme by the way :)


Hello! Thanks for your interest in Muzak!

1) I had no idea you could import Facebook photos! The theme doesn’t natively support it (I don’t believe any theme does?) but I’ve searched around and this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-photo-fetcher/ might do what you need! Do you have any WordPress installations to try it out?

2) I don’t believe importing a Facebook post into WordPress is possible, but the exact opposite is! Many plugins do that (automatically sharing anything you post on your WordPress page) like this one for example: https://wordpress.org/plugins/social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g/

3) Yup! It’s optional and you can also show videos (YouTube, Vimeo etc)

Thank you for the kind compliments :)

Hi, Just a quick question about versions please. If I purchase Muzak, will you be producing an optimised version for WordPress 4, and will I be able to download an upgraded version for free later if I purchase and download a 3.x version now? Thanks


Muzak is already optimized for WordPress 4.0 and yes, you will receive free updates :)

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One question: I´d like to add a background-color to the description section of single event page. How can I do that? Whats the name of the element?

Thanks a lot!



Hmm, can you open a ticket over at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com with a screenshot of where you mean exactly (or a detailed description) and we’ll be right there.


Heya, try this code in your Custom CSS Box (under Theme Settings)

.single-cpt_events .responsive-content { background-color: #000; }

replace #000 with the hex code of the color of your choice.

Is there an an option or a short code to put just one post in the central content part of the homepage while still choosing it to be a static page rather than all posts?


You mean the latest post or something? If not why not simply use a page?


I have my homepage set up as sidebar/content/sidebar and I have the central content part filled with my own content but I just wanted to display 1 latest post at the top of the content page and have it look the way the posts do on the demo site. Other themes I have used have had a short code to enable you to put a post on any of the pages. I just wanted to know if there’s anyway to do this with muzak? Thanks


I see, yes we could provide you with instructions and code to do that via our support, if you can open a ticket at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’d be glad to help.

I love the theme. I have a few suggestions for upgrades or additions that would make this even better.

A extra section for Venues where we can update venue information and use that for stored venues when we are adding events.

Specific Event listings on the artist and venue pages.

Add a few banner options for easier monetizing of the sites.


Hiya! Thanks so much for your kind words and for the suggestions.

Venues could be a bit tricky to do because it’s event centric and not venue centric, but it’s a good idea to be able to save venues from within an event and reuse them, I’ll pass it on the team.

Banners & monetization we think it’s best left to plugins specific for this job, we have lots of sidebar that one can use for this manner and all of those plugins provide widgets.

Not sure what you mean specific event listings could you elaborate?