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Hello please can you help me when i upload my template a blank page appears with :

405 Not Allowed



Hello, emir23..

I can’t exactly say what is the cause of the “405 not allowed” error, because there’s so much things that can cause such errors. Looks like an issue on the server side, maybe you can ask your web hosting provider to help you.. :)


I hope this isnt a daft question but what or how would i use this for?

And im not just talking about this but all the admin templates.



Hello, cameronferris

Admin template is an interface that you can use for your site’s back end. Back ends are usually used to manage websites.

CMSs like Wordpress, Joomla usually has their own admin interface.

hi there,

thanks for such a quick and clear answer to what to many will be a daft question.

if it helps the work you have done is very impressive.

Good Luck!


thanks :)

Offtopic question : emir23 has bought this theme ? I`m asking becouse I don`t see his badge as buyer and maybe he is using a nulled version downloaded from filestube…


Hi mcmediapro,

It seems my template has been ripped, I’ll try contacting support to report it.

Thanks for your concern :)

Very nice design.


Hi, thanks for your kind words.. :)

cheer, I have been totally impressed, I’ll buy it soon

i think, you can install ligthbox here : http://themes.malijufashionshop.com/mws-admin/gallery.html#


Hi cloudstudio,

I’ll include lightbox in the next update.. Thanks for your compliments.. :)

a mobile version would be great!


Hi, nero1001

If the sales goes well, I’ll add responsive layout :)




Hi wapdesign,

Thank you for purchasing my theme, and glad that you like it :)

Is it compatible with IE7 ?


Hi nero1001,

This template will work and functions well in IE7 , but it will have many layout issues.

Thanks :)

Looks great, and thinking about purchasing. Two questions:

1. How difficult would it be to add a ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page 2. Implement a min-width so layout will stop stacking objects when a certain page width is reached

Are these items that someone with basic knowledge of CSS could easily do on their own without ‘breaking’ the theme?


Hi counterform,

Thanks for your interest in my template. :)

1. Adding a forget password link wouldn’t be too difficult, but I think I will add this in the next update along with a ‘remember me’ function 2. Setting min-width to the layout just needs you to add one line of code in the main css file

Thank you.. :)

Thanks for the quick response!

I appreciate that your template is well structured and easy to customize. Regarding the Forgot Password request, I was able to easily attain this by changing div#mws-login input.mws-login-button width to 49% in css/core/login.css and then adding a new input option within index.html where the div for login button is currently located (index.html line 95). How this section of index.html markup looks after customization:

<div class="mws-form-row">
<input type="submit" value="Login" class="mws-button black mws-login-button" />
<input type="submit" value="Reset Password" class="mws-button black mws-login-button" />

Just posting here in case anyone has a need for this.

Purchased. Great theme!

Within the mws-navigation sidebar, is there any way to have sublist navigation content collapse by default? See ‘Forms’ navigation element below – I would like unordered list under this to be hidden when the page is loaded by default. I would only like it to be presented when the user clicks on ‘Forms’ navigation link. Is there any easy way to acheive this?

Code below is from content on each page between ‘Main Navigation’ HTML comment start/end tags. I removed some menu items to make code snippet easier to read for this question.

<!-- Main Navigation --> <div id="mws-navigation"> <ul> <li class="active"><a href="dashboard.html" class="mws-i-24 i-home">Dashboard</a></li> <li><a href="charts.html" class="mws-i-24 i-chart">Charts</a></li> <li> <a href="#" class="mws-i-24 i-list">Forms</a> <ul> <li><a href="form_layouts.html">Layouts</a></li> <li><a href="form_elements.html">Elements</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a href="widgets.html" class="mws-i-24 i-cog">Widgets</a></li> </ul> </div> <!-- End Navigation -->

Hi counterform,

Thanks for you purchasing my template :) Making the sidebar navigation closed by default is very easy..

Just add the class ‘closed’ to the second level ul tag:

Code Example:

    <a href="#" class="mws-i-24 i-list">Forms</a>
        <ul class="closed">
            <li><a href="form_layouts.html">Layouts</a></li>
            <li><a href="form_elements.html">Elements</a></li>

Love this. Looking forward to the updates mentioned above especially the mobile version :)


Hi hksalander,

Thank you for purchasing my my template.

About the updates it will take about this next two or three days, still working on the email template..and I haven’t decided yet to build the mobile version.. :)

Kindly Regards

Also waiting for the update….question on that..I see you listed better color presets. Will that include a way to change the black/grey areas? Thats the area I need to switch to a different color.



Hi jaslgv,

The next update will improve the predefined color presets, because the current color presets I provided is a little bit off, they don’t look too good.

Thank you..

Hi, Maimairel!

Very impressive template, I bought it and glad to be writing my own CMS with your design. Was trying to find a way to collapse menu sublists by default and happily for me found it here.

If a version for mobile agents will be available, will it be extra? and how difficult will it be to integrate it to our design?

And about black and grey parts, it would be better if we could change it as well :) Sorry about all our extra wishes. This template is by all means an excellent job! Love it!



Hi zhanazhan,

Thank you for purchasing my template :) glad that you like it!

About a mobile version, it requires some designing and code modifications which is rather difficult and tricky to do. I have decided to add it in 1.2, the update after 1.1, the one which will be uploaded today.

Changing the gray and black parts of this template will also be available in 1.2. So just wait and enjoy!

Thank you.



Thanks to your encouragement, I will add the functionality to change dark and grey areas today :) in 1.1.


Awesome! And thank you for your quick response!

tinajara Purchased


This template is amazing! :)

But please help me with the forms. I am too stupid, i guess. How do i achieve the form values? I have method=”POST”, then there is a PHP file trying to collect the values, but after the submit the POST Array is always empty. Thank you very very much!

Cu Tinajara


Hi tinajara,

Thank you for purchasing my template :) glad that you like it.

Did you already specified the name attribute for the form inputs?

<input type="text" name="username" />

Thank you…

tinajara Purchased

Thank you for that very fast answer! Soooo stupid of me, i searched two full days and always used the id attribute. Thank you!!!! :)


You’re welcome :)

Great admin template! bookmarked ;) good luck with sales :)


Hi amatry4n,

Thank you :)

Hello Maimarel. Your theme is great and i have buy it !

I have a question for you : For a panel, i have the option “mws-collapsible”. I want the panel collapsed by default. How can i do it please ?

Thank you. Clairetoile


Hi clairetoile,

Thanks for purchasing my template and glad that you like it :)

About panels which are collapsed by default, there is currently no build in support for that. I will add it to the next update list :) Thanks for remembering me about this missing functionality..


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----—English ------ Good day!

Tell me please, this template for a software engine?

and it is possible to buy it as an HTML template? that I myself was able to improve the design of HTML IP .Board Engine!

generally possible to buy this template in HTML ? PHP template I do not need …


Hi NCsoft,

This template is an admin template, not a software engine. This template is purely an HTML template and it doesn’t include any specific code that can help you build web applications. It’s just a template that can be used as an interface for your web applications.

Thank you :)

I will buy the 2nd version too ! :) Anoter idea : in a form, a template to have more than 1 field in a row.

By example, i would do : name : XXX – first name : XXX mail : XXX – phone : XXX

Now, i can only do : name : xxx
first name : xxx
mail : xxx
phone : xxx

or name :

first name :




Hi clairetoile,

Thanks for your suggestion!