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Thanks, glad you like it! It’s just an html template it doesn’t have a blog. It needs a cms like wordpress to have blog functionality.


stevegio Purchased

Is there a way to add a normal lightbox gallery on the project page with removing the slider.

Its either one or the other with me. Lightbox works with slider. I remove the slider and then the lightbox stops working


Thanks for purchasing the template! What kind of lightbox gallery are you using? This theme uses the jquery lightbox gallery, other type of lightbox galleries may not work.

kulander Purchased

Anselmo, Great design! Love it! Question: I am trying to include an “anchor name link” but it won’t work…why? I mean, it is a link for “back to top”.

Details: < a href=”#service” > Service < /a >

... html code

< a name=”service” > Service Details < /a >

*Please note I do not use spaces after and before the < > symbols, I did this so I could display here in themeforest.net the html code I used…thanks!

hi would it be possible to make a wordpress version ? thanks



I don’t have plans, at least at the momment to make a wordpress version out of this theme. Maybe later…

kulander Purchased

I left you a comment/question above a month ago…


Hi kulander, thanks for your purchase and kind words. Anchor links work well in my testing environment. It’s basic html.

This is a great template. I have been able to work well with it, but I have questions.

1. When I change the headline text in the scrolling panels, the content in the panel moves down. I am not sure what is happening here. An example is at: http://flowsolutions.org/index.html

2. Can the lightbox handle a SWF file?

Thanks again for your work.


christandoc -I’ve already answered your questions to your email. Glad you like the template.


hi can i buy this template and get it coded in wordpress version , i am really interested in an wordpress version of this theme , can i do that ,

please reply


Hi there,

I want to change the “Your message has been sent. Thank you!” text in the contact form. My problem is that i can’t find where this text is located in the PHP files.

Can you tell me the file name where i can find and change this?



P.S. I purchased this file with my older account name. It seems that all my older purchased files are out of my order-library.

I allready found it :D

Thanks anyway! Great temp!

Are the psd’s included for 100% of the site including graphics? Can I change any color with them? Thank you