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Hi there. Congrats!!! Excelente Work!!! Looking forward for the wordpress!!!

Thank you very much. Wordpress version should be out soon.

nice work…looking forwad to the HTML version

Thank you, much appreciated.

awesome! Looking forward for the wordpress ;)

Thanks ! Wordpress theme out soon :)

Great concept & Design, Looking Forward to the WP version!

Thank you !

any idea when the WP/HTML versin will be out?

It should be out early Jan.

When will the HTML version be out?

Working on it :) Should be out soon.

Looks great. Looking forward to the WordPress version. Are you considering integrating services popular among musicians, like Bandsintown/Songkick (events), Bandcamp/Soundcloud (music), etc?

Thank you for the kind words. Working on a couple of options :)

Any updates on the WordPress availability? :)


Hopefully in June.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Please rate us :)

Any news on this?

Looking for Artist/Album list view, would be very appreciated if you can design it as well.

Thank you for the suggestion, will include it.


any news on a release date for this theme. id be very interested in purchasing it as soon as it was available.

The theme should be out in June with a couple of nice features and other related themes.

Thank you for your patience and support.

any luck getting this theme completed?

Looks like its time for me to seek an alternative to my first pick of a Wordpress theme. :confused: Seems this isnt really a priority of yours (since you have been working on it for over 6 months). A little communication can go a long way. :|

Our apologies for the late reply and the lack of communication on this project. We had a hard time with the developer that was working on the theme : he simply ripped us off and left us with almost nothing done :(

We are now catching up on the lateness, and hopefully it should be up soon. We will keep you posted on advancement. Thank you for your patience.

are you still developing this for wordpress?

are you still gonna finish this?

Really hoping you can launch this as a wordpress soon… If you need help message me

Just bought this and its empty. Refund or replacement wanted.

Hi, it’s a psd file, not a wordpress file. You should have the psd file at download, it’s impossible that your download is empty.

Hi. I am so sorry for the confusion. But I can really use some help. How would I get this player to load if this is a psd?! How would I import my songs?! Also, how would I go about sending this within an email?

I am fairly new at this and could use some pointers before I purchase.

Please help! Thank you.

Am I missing anything – has the wordpress version been released.

No wordpress release planned for this item for now.