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Hi kerigpr,

Is everything ok?


kulola Purchased

Hi, I had earlier on raised an issue concerning my folio theme that didnt get a very clear answer. I need to know if it is possible to have a “read more” link in an article that would link to an article in the “blog” menu. Kindly get back to me on this, because the current set up I have for has full article links to wordpress, that I feel is not as appealing as I wanted it to be.

Hi kulola,

Is possible if you stick with a Last Works module to achieve what you need may require customize the code. Use the regular blog category from a menu item instead.

Hopes this helps



xsadg Purchased


in addition of my mail, I have a new problem. When I try to send a message by the form, i get the message ‘thanks. Your message sent successfully.’ But I don’t receive the message on my mailbox.

Check the spam box, please

Hi one question, is it support RTL direction? tnx

Hi masinfathi,

This template doesn’t support native RTL unless you add custom CSS to set the text-align property to make this work as you need.


Hi, I like your template. It is possible to have wider contents and modules or even better full width content? Thanks

Hello, i’m not thinking about a particular module…just need a news or events module…do you know one surely compatible? Or anyone should be compatible? Thanks!

Hello, i sent you a mail asking you a free trial to let my client decide if the template it’s ok…i don’t need the last version but it’s ok the 1.0v only to see the appearance with client’s pictures. Thank you!

We just replied.

Hi, a prepurchase question. Can I add to the Slideshow position a Vimeo video that plays automatically and if you want you can listen audio too? or i can just put pics?

thank you.

ok it shows a lightbox, there is no way to play embed in the frame at the top? (taking pictures image)

If by the top you mean in a module position, yes, you can as a separate custom html module of course.


ok thank you


isidre Purchased

Hi Htmgarcia,

Can I have the manual in spanish?

Hi isidre,

We already replied your email. The documentation is provided in english only, if you have any specific concern please ask and we will do our best to assist you.

By the way, did you read the english documentation?

Kind regards, Valentín


isidre Purchased

do you get my questions? I send you a questions about menus in support and By mail …4 days ago

Hi isidre,

We appreciate your patience and we encourage to our customers to be polite everytime to receive the same polite answers from us.

Please wait for our reply, as this support is provided for FREE. Also, we encourage you to reply once, and wait for us. Sending more than one email makes the process slower.

We already replied your last email.


hello when i click on an article or a photo the article does not open. this happens everywhere blog, portofolio . what it does is it tries to load it and shows nothing but the menu and the footer any idea whats wrong? thanks in advance

Seems you are missing onepage with multiple pages.

May you send an email using our profile page: with this same details of your request – add the access of your website (FTP and Joomla backend to run some tests and see what’s going on)

Looking forward to help you


hello i send you the information you needed. thanks in advance

Hi, i have a strange problem with the template in one page view…I have some components installed (forum, download), if i first select forum link from the menu and after i select for example news section it doesn’t appear…You can see my test website here: How can i resolve this issue? Thanks

Hi lucamengoni,

Please ask for support using the account which you bought the template in order to receive support help. Which Themeforest account did you used to buy it?

Kind regards, Valentín

Hi, I have a little problem with my porftolio video files ( youtube files). When I play movies, there is no way to use player functions such as volume setting, or play/pause etc. When I’m trying to do this, function next/previous movie is active in this area and it skips to another movie. How can I fix this?

Hi Lukasz,

I replied back with a solution.


Thanks!! Now It’s prefect :)

I’m glad!

We appeciate if you give us a rating :)


vvazas Purchased

I have sended you lots of emails requesting support! Please dont ignore me!!!!

Hi vvazas,

We replied your emails. We need Joomla access to check what’s going on.

Read our email, please and provide the details we requested. Without that information is impossible to figured out :)



vvazas Purchased

It has been passed over 1 0 D A Y S since my first email I send you about that issue. I had to recreate by myself all the site from scratch and finally it seems OK with some minor issues on Javascript.

As for your support, I understand there is no term in themeforest licence that obligates you for technical support, but on the other hand, you should at least answer your tickets at a reasonable time so we can figure out any issues. Your attitude is very unacceptable and at least now I know I shouldn’t buy your products anymore (I already have purchased 2 themes from you).

Finally I’d like to tell you that I didnt want you to solve my problem, all I needed was some clues to figure out why the content isnt loaded at all.

I’m sorry to hear that :(

This is why you got slower response (we already included the following text in one of our emails)

We reply support requests from older to newer, so every time you post a new reply here (via email) instead of wait for our reply this move your email to the list of newer making take more time to reply. Please post a single reply and wait for our comments in order to receive faster support.

We received 3 consecutive emails from you. That is why our response seems slower than the average.

Also, I tried to login in your site with the same username/password you provided before with no luck. A valid login is important to tackle this kind of issues.

We always reply all the support requests from customers :)

I hope this clarification helps.


Hi, i sent 4 emails for you in last 3 days asking your help about your template My Folio. You dont answer me. I need help. Please, could you answer to me?

Hi Paulo,

Yes, is true. We received 4 emails from you without the full details.

Please send a single email at the time and add the important details, to start: how in specific you want to align the logo?

Reply to our email only to get faster replies.


Hi htmgarcia, great template. I’m interested to buy, the template includes a quickstar package. Regards


Yes, include a quickstart package.

Let us know if you need something else



MY FOLIO : Responsive Photography Joomla Regular License Purchase code: 1435333c-771a-411b-beae-8eb534a32f0c

I bought I do not know why there next to my name.

I would like to convert the HOME menu, the Start menu, Thanks


Please use the same account which you bought the template. Is for security reasons, also avoid posting the license details in this public comments

Looking forward to help you



I checked out regularly:-)

I want a new font was not opensans Support for +500 Google Fonts

How do I install “Titillium Web” google font?


It managed to override !!!! Thanks super!!! ? O fonts not function on the page. Visible!!! but not the ” titillium-webfont” :-(((( other word titllium. O ? font – not.

Please look at the website

I’m glad it worked!

Did you read my previous replies about Google font settings and your menu item using wrong character?


Kasimo86 Purchased

Dear htmgarcia,

we bought your template MyFOLIO a few Weeks ago. Unfortunately we can’t use the template as large image site because the structure of this template loads all images before the website will open. This template is not intended for large multi-image sites. For example, current state: 931 requests, 230 Mb transferred, load time: 35 sec (with the very power computer and the very fast connection)

Hi Kasimo86,

You can use the template for one or multiple pages. Be aware if you load a big amount of content, specially images on a page (including one page), this will reflect on the speed. It’s something about the media you put in every page, is not related to this specific or other template.

May I have a link to your site? It’s possible the images can be compressed and save loading time :)