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Hi, I have just sent an email. Not sure why my name was displaying incorrectly before.

Ok thanks, no problem.


Thanks for the code info regarding the flexslider and Google Chrome on a PC.

.element {overflow:hidden; }

Could you let me know which line this needs to be added to in styles.css?

Also, is there any way the transitions between the images in the various galleries could be made smoother?

Thanks again

At the end of styles.css would be fine. The transitions are created by the isotope filter, which you cannot change, except the speed.

Thanks again. The transition time between the images on the flexslider is a little slow. Can you let me know where I can change this. Is it on flexslider.css? If so, which line? Seems to be taking about 4 seconds between each image at the moment.


You have to change the slideshowSpeed or animationSpeed in jquery.isotope.load_home.js after line 5. for example: animationSpeed: “800”,

Hope this helps.

Hi, i’d really like to check back how this template would look in a more static version, so i just wanted to know:
  • +if it’s possible to disable the “responsive” part?
  • +if it’s possible to disable the transition-”animation” between each filter/(page) ?

      Thanks in advance, so far this template is working awesome!


Have a good time, til then ;)

Could you send me an email over my profile page, so I can let you know what exactly to change? Thanks!


pluzzi Purchased

Hey, i sent you another mail – because i’m experiencing some trouble with the solution when using mobile devices.. Did you receive it?

Hi – I’m having trouble with the php email form. All I have changed is the $address field where I have entered my own email address instead of the sample address. The live website says that the email has been sent successfully but I never receive it.

Even after hosting the original template files with just my email address updated, it still doesn’t seem to work. You can view the test site here:


Any ideas?


Do you have an active spam filter?

I’ve checked the spam filters and no email in there. Are there any specific settings needed on the host server in order for the email functionality to work?

I found this post on the FAQ section of my web hosting company. Is it possible to update the contact.php file to make it compatible with these instruction?

Many thanks

Possibly one of the most popular ways to send a form submission is the use of the PHP mail function. Due to a recent server update customers who choose to use this method will need to include an extra variable in their code.

What needs to be included is;

1. A variable that tells the script where the email is being sent from; For example; $SendEmail =”enquire@domainname.com”; 2. Adding this variable onto the end of the mail() function. Below is a very basic php script.

The important part here is the ‘-f’.$SendEmail at the end of the mail() function. The ‘-f’ although not a php command is a sendmail parameter that is telling our mailserver the mail is being sent from the $SendEmail address and nowhere else.

$nameField = $_POST[‘name’]; $emailField = $_POST[‘email’]; $SendEmail =”enquiry@domainname.com”; $body = <<< EOD Name: $nameField Email: $emailField EOD; $headers = “From: $emailField\r\n”; $headers .= “Content-type: text/html\r\n”; $sucess = mail($webMaster, $emailSubject, $headers, $body, ‘-f’.$SendEmail);

Hello, I’m looking forward to buy this template. Have some questions though: 1. Is it possible to have more than 3 columns if i make browser window bigger? (you can just tell me what line i should change in html) 2. Is there any other effects that i can use when i hover on the post? 3. In the blog section, when i click on the video post it has no ‘Play button’ icon, which makes me as a user confused, cuz it looks like an image then. Is there a way to have this button? 4. I’ve tried to open this template on my iPhone 6, ios 8.1 it doesn’t open like you are showing on the mobile previews. Instead it has no menu button and all posts are already opened. So you just scroll down and you see preview post with already opened one together. Are you planning to fix this issue? If yes apprx when?

Thank you. Cheers, Azim.

4. you can ignore. On this one it works, it wasn’t working on the wordpress one. Also i’m having trouble now with the posts, before the link was an image of the post, now its the a headline. Is it possible to have image link instead of the headline one?

when i view from mobile i can still see MY FOLIO text at the top but i have replace it with an image where is that text ?

You have to replace the logo in retina-responsive.css as well, which is for retina screens.

hi there i am having a problem on the top and bottom slideshow they do not completely slide and leave a tiny margin between the images

Ah ok, well I would need to see what you are talking about? Do you have a link or screenshot for me?

yes i have do u have an email to sent it?

info (at) ppp-templates.de

Hello weibergmedia,

first of all I have to thank you for this great work!

My question is, if it’s possible to “group” the images with videos in one.

so that if the group of images were rolled through, also videos would appear.

I hope you can help me with that.

thank you very much in advance!

kind regards :)

Have you tried giving images and videos the same group?

for shizzle! I’ve added rel=”group” to the a class=”video-popup tippy” href=”vimeolink” title=”xxxxx” rel=”group” but only images were shown up. instead by clicking on the video only videos will shop up in the group. thank you for your fast reply! :)

Hm ok, weird. Let me test it in my own demo and get back to you.


seamrog Purchased

Is the HTML version included in this theme the same as the HTML only template? HTML template: ThemeForest My Folio HTML

Not sure about that, it could be slightly different.


Love the template! :) Quick question… Is it possible to embed twitch video instead of Vimeo or Youtube?

Sorry, I believe only vimeo and youtube.

Thanks for the quick reply!

We may be interested in buying this template. However when I opened the demo on my iPhone running iOS 8, when you click on the menu button it opens and then immediately closes before you have a chance to click on anything. Before we buy the template, I was wondering if there is a way to fix this?

Thank you.

Ok, yes, I just noticed this as well, it closes once you scroll. I will fix this.

Could you check the live demo to see if it works now? Thank you!


I’m interested in buying the theme. I first saw this theme in drupal. I’m interested in the html or wordpress theme. I noticed a slightly different handling in opening an image in the gallerie. When opend in the drupal version, a larger image is openend, wich i prefer. In the html and wordpess it just opens the image in the size that is previewed in the gallery. I wander if the html and wordpess version have the ability to open a larger image, like it’s done in de drupal verion. Could you give me some more info in this? Thank you

Yes, you can also have larger images in the html and WP version. We just used the same image for the popup.


soames Purchased

Hi, you kindly answered some questions for me last year and one issue was that you could see the edge of the previous or following image on the main front slider. You did try to fix this but you can still see the edges when viewing in Safari (version 6.2). Do you know if there is a way to fix it?

Already replied to your email. Please don’t double post questions. Thanks


pje56 Purchased

I purchased the HTML version a while back and recently revisited the theme to see if anything has changed. I was sadly disappointed.

Your description says “The item documentation is extensive.” I would not consider a sparse 2 page (actually 1 1/2 page) PDF document to be “extensive.” The live demo page loads with 35 errors. The blog feature doesn’t work (including your demo page). Your JQUERY is quite out of date.

Do you plan to fix these problems and update your JQUERY code to the something current?

Could you check my live demo again (clear cache beforehand)? I changed the links and now they are working again (I checked on my iPhone and iPad).


pje56 Purchased

The blog function is now working properly on Safari and Chrome. Will this updated code be posted soon?

Not that it is a code problem but your live demo references some images with bad links. These would be the 2X images, (i.e. http://ppp-templates.de/mf/images/pic1@2x.jpg)


All you have to do is replace the %3A in the links with :

I also uploaded an update to retina.js.

I am guessing it will be available for download within 24 hours.


I puchased the HTML version. I’m testing it currently and it seemes that the website crashes on all Iphone 4, 4s models. It also crashes on a Ipad 1. Iphone 5 and up it works fine. Can you explain what causes the crash? Is it not supported for a certain safari versions? Thanks.

I already replied to your email yesterday. Please don’t double post your questions. Thanks

I have this set up on a test site with everything set default and it will not work correctly on a iphone6. The images disappear and reappear and really looks bad. I have tried on several phones. Also if using Firefox and you zoom in even a tiny bit it loses the images. I have it set as default settings. Am I missing something or is this just damaged goods? If it can be corrected great, can you please let me know what I am doing wrong. Much appreciated. I emailed last week with no response so I am posting here

Does my live demo work on your tested browsers?


congratulations for this awesome theme. I want to ask you a question. I wonder if we remove the layout of the blog tab. is the page broken or continue to work. (and is it simple to remove) if ok. i would like to buy your theme

You can remove any tile you want, even a whole section. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply!


I know which file to rewrite the home menu. I would like to: home rewrite start menü!!! I can not find HOME – menu from one menu item therefore, I do not know where to change.


Please leave a ticket on our support forum for help. Thanks


Where can I send an e-mail? It has purchased the code but did not accept it./ ticket support forum help/

Did you buy a license? You don’t have a “purchased” button next to your username, meaning that you didn’t purchase a license?!


lynemcg Purchased

I need help with the Contact Me form. I am not familiar with how to customize this, could you email me? lynemcg@yahoo.com

If you need assistance, please leave a ticket on our support forum: weibergmedia.ticksy.com Thanks!