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Amazing WORK! Sorry to ask but will you be making a Wordpress version?

Yes, in 1-3 weeks. Thanks

nice concept, good work :)

Thank you!

Nice concept. Good luck with sales!

Many thanks:)

Great, mate, great!

Than you!


Thanks charlie:)

Loving this style of grid design you are creating! This is the most beautiful of all!

Is there any way or potential to make the images in “portfolio” open up like the blog does/turn over/or something to allow for some descriptive text?

I get that it is aimed at a photo portfolio and that the name and title is on top of the image but would be so cool to have as it is like a “gallery” but the option in “portfolio” to add further content like a project.

Either way it has to be one of the most slick files ever to hit TF.

Thank you for your kind words! You could use the blog post styling for portfolio items as well, I think that is what you are asking?! If you need help with that, just drop me an email.

can I put a blog item on the first page 2. is there anyway to show all on one page and have a continuos scroll

Yes, whatever tile you want visible on the first page, just needs the “home” screen.

“home” CLASS, not screen. sorry about that

I would like you to help me on something. I find the homepage very static and Since my old website had a video passing by I would like to ask if you can help me creating that first module or with a video playing by or with a rolling image. Thank you vey much. Keep up with the good work! it is hard to find websites so clean and sharp, that’s something that would sell more here than the confusing websites.

Would a slideshow help you on the first tile? To add a video is fairly easy. I can help you with that via email, if you like. Thanks:)

Can help yes. To add an active video its easy? sure! can you send me to: info@eduardobraganca.com

Hi :) Great work! I would purchase a wordpress version!

regards, Harry

I will keep you posted;)

I LOVE this design, great work!

How difficult would it be to add a filter feature onto the portfolio?

Thanks! You want to be able to filter the portfolio items? That should be possible with a tile of filter options and by giving the items the appropriate classes, you can filter them. I can help you with that if you want via email.

I added a filter and update is in review queue! ;)

hi, I would purchase a wordpress version!

I will keep you posted;)

This is so impressive i like this so much, i always wanted something very simple like this. Well done. I am looking forward to buy this.

Thank you for your kind words ;)

How do you change the twitter feed?

Should be explained in the documentation. Hope this helps

Hi ppandp! How can I embedd YouTube-videos? I used the generated code fom YouTube: <iframe width="620" height="402" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XXXXXXXXX?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> The video is shown on the site correctly, but it’s not possible to play the video. The buttons (play, volumes, fullscreen etc.) don’t work… Thank you for your help! :-)

Yes, that seems to be a problem of the navigation filter I used. You can, however, make a screenshot or use some other picture as teaser and link that to a video in the fancybox lightbox, like I did in the demo. Hope this helps.

Thank your for your quick response!!!!

Good WORK! Will you be making a Joomla template version?

If I find someone to convert it to Joomla, then sure.

It is being converted to Joomla as we speak.

Two little questions for you The first one is: Can blog posts be answered and replied? Can’t see it at the demo version. The other one: Will be available any private gallery (or any option to log in only for VIP users)? Thank you!

You can do the first in the wordpress version, which will be released in 1-3 weeks. About the second one, Im not sure, you would have to ask the developer once the theme has been released.

Hello there,

Can you tell me how I stop the autoplay on the slider?

Cheers Tom

Add this in jquery.isotope.load_home.js after line5:

slideshow: false,

Thanks so much for such a quick response!

What I want to do is very basic actually. I want to repeat the first slider down the page, five times, one under the other. Can you tell me exactly which code I need to copy and paste to achieve this?

Many thanks Tom

Can you send me an email? It would be too much code to paste here. Thanks


Great work, but I thought the blocks are more flexible. I can change it to what should be the height of the blocks to fit into several text? For example, the service right box (or both)?


You could use the post classes (blog posts) for longer text content. See the demo. If you need help, just email me. Thanks


How many pics I can add to the portfolio section? How does it work?

Thank you!

As many pictures as you want. You only have to add additional tiles. (You can just copy/paste the existing tiles in the demo)