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Awesome exactly what i’m looking for. I will purchase de wordpress version. Request : can you add text and informations under a video when you click on it (client, production, dates ?) Can you change the ratio and size of each block ? Thanks

I will pass this request on to my WP developer. Thanks


Quick question. On the blog posts I’m noticing that the close icon will not appear when I have a scroller for the images (it does appear on the posts where I only have one image). What do I need to do to the code so that the close icon will appear with image scroller?


I incorporated the image scroller from the home page into the blog pages:

<div class="flexslider">
          <div class="images">       
            <ul class="slides">
               <li><img src="#" alt="" /></li>
               <li><img src="#" alt="" /></li>

The post close element will not display when the slider is present, yet it does display when I only have one image in the post. Any ideas?

Thank you again!</div>

Ah ok, I get what you mean. Let me check that out.

Add a z-index to the icons like this: (line 109 in styles.css)

.icons { position:absolute; right:40px; top:40px; height:58px; width:58px; margin-left:0px; z-index:100 }

And add this close icon right after this:

<div class="images" />


Can you tell me how I make the blog page appear as the homepage?

Cheers Tom

You need to give the tile the “home” class. Hope this helps.

I’m almost finishing and the only problem found is regarding to the video playback. every time you play a video content and change for a different menu the video is still on playing. How to avoid that? I don’t want to create a new html or else the effects transition would not take effect. is it possible to fix this? Thanks!

That’s the limitation of the filter naviagtion. You can only add videos in the fancybox popup.

txxxxxxxxi!!!! yeah! understand! ok

the flash of the videos just doesn’t work with those animations, unfortunately :/


Is it possible to remove the pen icon & small white box from showing on each post on the blog page? I want to be sure I don’t remove the “x” though which shows when the post is open.

Many thanks Tom

Yes, just remove this from the blog tiles:

<div class="icons aside">


How do you add new content? Is there an admin area?

Seems like if you had to create your own admin area to create galleries / portfolio and blog posts it would require a huge time. Surely something is already included to manage this?

This is not a wordpress theme, only an HTML template. You need to have some coding knowledge to alter/work with this template.

Give us the wordpress version, pleeeaase!!! ;) Great template. I wrote you a PM and told you about the biggest problems with wordpress templates here. Please, please, if you’ll code a WP version, think about those photographers working on huge galleries with 50 – 200 pictures per gallery.

Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from this theme coming to wordpress.

uploaded now, but in review queue. it can take a few days, especially over the weekend.

B.0.M.B.E.D – thx

Hi, this template is not compatible with mobile devices? I can not visualize the menu in iphone. Icons in small boxes images such as video, close, etc, etc are not visible either in iPhone. Please advice

You have to click on the right top button to display the navigation. I just check on iphone4 and 5, all icons are visibleand sharp?!

OK thanks, I will check again. Best regards

what a wonderful theme – thank you for your work! :-)

—> http://rficture.com/

Twitter stopped supporting API 1.0. I will personally remore twitter widgets from my templates because they now require certain stylings and I can’t just use a widget via jquery anymore with just a username. For more info, see dev.twitter.com

Thank you for your answer. Another problem: i change the server for my website and the “submit” button on the contact-site doesnt work. do you have any idea, where i can search the mistake?

oh sorry, no php activatet. (i cant edit comments here…)

Is it possible to make the “X” smaller when viewing photos under portfolio?

Just the x icon or the whole button?

The whole button. I feel that it looks a bit distracting being that big and obvious. I’d like to make it visible but at the same time not let it distract the viewers away from the photo.

You can change the icon in css. I can show you how once you have purchased a license. Thanks

One more question: How can I add a new portfolio item? I need to create more galleries and group them at different portfolios.

If you look at my web page (www.manumendez.com), you can see it doesn’t works fine.

Thanks. www.manumendez.com

You can just add more tiles of photos and give them any class you want. You can then link to that class in your portfolio filter menu, making it a group of portfolio items.

Hi! I want to remove the white frame on the image gallery and video preview. Thanks

Find padding:15 in jquery.fancybox.pack.js in line1 and replace it with padding:0 … Hope this helps.

Thanks! Keep selling thousands! :)

hehe thanks :)

Hi! First Great Job :) Then, before buying your template, I’d like to know if, in the section Portfolio, I can “hide” images by family. In fact, I want to show only main images by title for example “Made in Poland” (not View All), but only use arrows to present others pics “hidden” attached to this main image and not the other pics showed on this category. Is it possible with the fancy box light version script? Thanks a lot, Florent

Hello thanks for your quick answer ;). I mean show some main images and then, when you click on one of them, you’ll see the rest of her “family” this main image inside the lightbox. For exemple, in “Made in Poland”, I have a main image (or group) for People, an another one for Lanscape, and another one for Miscellenaous, ect, ect… But I do not show all the images by default, just all the main images and then when I launch the light box, I can see inside theses pics per family (or group)

Yes, you can do that.

Hi again,

Would you say the Wordpress version is easier to update/work with, I’m a photographer so I’ll constantly need to add photos. I have little coding knowledge so I’d rather pay the extra $35 if the Wordpress version is easier to work with. Which one would you recommend?


Wordpress then!;)

Hey there! I would like to purchase the Wordpress version, but is it possible to get the html version too without paying it again? I would love to work with both, so I can test, which I can handle the better. I bought another theme here but the html version was very bad documented… I don´t want to waste money again …

Thanks a lot.

Hi, well the WP themes converted by TommusRhodus always include the HTML template from me as well. So you have both the WP and HTML version, when purchasing the WP theme. Hope this helps.

An AMAZING theme! VERY impressive. I would like to purchase but just have a couple of questions… 1) When do the images get loaded is it all at once right at the start? If for example I had a very large portfolio of images (say 40+) in the portfolio section, and someone has a slow internet connection, would that delay the initial display of the home page images? 2) How is the responsive element working out what device it is on, I have a Galaxy S4 which is 1920×1200 resolution, but the demo is delivering the page in a mobile view of only 1 column and a collapsed menu, is there any way to get it to recognize the higher resolution and present the “desktop” view on the phone?

1. yes, they are all loaded at once, so it’s not suitable for really big portfolios. 2. currently not, but I will consider something like this for a future update. thanks

i was looking for wp theme but now i aware to something mistakes. its not a wp theme..i didnt know that it is HTML source.. im already paid 15$, but i have to re-purchase wp version… so i wonder if i can recieve a refund? its availible?

You would have to contact envato support. We cannot offer refunds. Sorry about that.

Thank you, very fresh and light. So different. I purchased the html version just to feel the code again instead of WP. Changing a theme this way is a lot of work, but it gets you back to where it all started from for me.

fyi: pic11.jpg is 320 wide and I think that should be 300px.

Hello, can I build this template with dreamwever cs5?

Yes, you can work on this template in dreamweaver cs5.

Looks very good… Can I customize easily (colour etc) and use larger numbers of photos & videos beyond whats is currently shown?

Well you would need html/css coding knowledge. Maybe the WordPress version is more for you?! You can add as many tiles as you like.