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Thanks in advance

Could anyone tell me where to find the icon names? ><

Sent you an email

Hi, If you click on the “PORTFOLIO” section and then “Made in Poland ?” (or any of the featured works sections), and then click on the 1st photo, you can scroll through the photos one at a time, but it seems you can view “all” the photos on the website, not just the ones for “Made in Poland”. Is there a way to limit only the photos in any section so that they are the ones that show up within a category, and not from all selection. Thanks. great work.

Hi, Is there going to be a future update soon to include such updates that are found in the WP version – like

“Homepage Slider Images can have links applied to them to send users off to posts or pages.”
and others. Thanks

I believe you can already do that?!

I don’t see how to do it, but I’ll try to work it out ! Thanks anyway. Great work.

Hello! Love this layout. I am wondering if it is possible to make the tiles touch at the edges? And if the Twitter feed can rotate though 3 or 4 of my last tweets?


1. Yes, that should be possible by removing the margins of the tiles. 2. Not yet, I might add that in a future update.

One last thing, can I add a customize background?

You can add any background you’d like or simply change the color.

hello i am having trouble with the contact php file, it isnt working

yes it does

maybe your server does not support php?

maybe….but it should work

Is it possible to use Youtube for the video instead of Vimeo?

If so, what do I need to do or be aware off.


Link example: http://www.youtube.com/embed/L9szn1QQfas?autoplay=1

hi. how can i change the flexslider from “slide” to “fade”. it works with $(’.flexslider’).flexslider({ animation: “fade” but after i set it, the main-funcion wont work anymore. nothing happened, when i click on menu.

update: i have fixed it myself, thank you.

Hi. I purchased the theme and love it. Thanks! Just I have one little issue….. I can not get the Twitter plugin to work. It did appear in the beginning but now not. I checked the original template of yours again and can see that it does not work there eider.

Maybe you can check it out.


Yes, twitter stooped supporting API 1.0, I will search for a different solution and update the template. If not, I will have to remove twitter widgets all together.

Hi,did you ever find a solution for twitter? Thanks!

No, sorry, I removed it in the end. They require us to follow certain design guidelines, which absolutely don’t fit into the design of this template.

Hi! I notice you’ve disabled the twitter plugin on the main site, is this disabled permanently? THanks

Yes, twitter stooped supporting API 1.0, I will search for a different solution and update the template. If not, I will have to remove twitter widgets all together.

Hi! Thank you for creating this awesome design!

I would like to create an additional thumbnail for the portfolio page, but I’m not sure if I’m adding all the necessary code. The size of the additional thumbnail I’ve created is 140×191 which is half the size of col1-3, minus an extra 10px of the width for spacing purposes. I named in col1-6.

I then added this code to the “Main Content” section of the styles.css file:

.col1-6 { width:140px; height:191px; margin:10px; float:left; }
.element .col1-6 {width:140px; height:191px; margin:0; } 

It’s looking good on the site right now, but I’m struggling to understand what codes I need to add on the retina-responsive.css file. For one, I’m not sure what ” .white-right ” and ” .connect” are for and if I need to worry about them for my .col1-6

Hopefully this makes sense. Appreciate your support!

Ok, I was confused because I saw .col1-3 and .col2-3 were referenced in the retina responsive file.

As for the margin:0, I just copied the codes for .col1-3 and changed the width and height to fit .col1-6. I have little knowledge when it comes to website coding. Should I just delete that part completely?

Thank you for your help :)

Could you send me a link to your website so I can check it out? Thanks!

I will email it to you. :) It’s in a testing folder right now.

Hey there, I am posting to find out weather or not you would be able to assist me in adding a drop down menu on one of my navigations lists, i need it in a drop down so that i can direct to certain camps ( there is 9 to be precise ) is this at all possible ?

just checking if you got this.

Hey there, I am posting to find out weather or not you would be able to assist me in adding a drop down menu on one of my navigations lists, i need it in a drop down so that i can direct to certain camps ( there is 9 to be precise ) is this at all possible ?

Hi team, the template is very nice and we would like to purchase it. But we have several major questions concerning vision we would like to build on you template. Could we change meniu icons? To icons we creat ourselves. Is it possible to change graphical icons? If we like to create and put our own icons? Is it possible at the start page to put logo instead “My Folio”? Only one logo. Do you provide font variations? Could we put our own font? Could we put registration option into template, where people could put their info? That info could be transfered to google.docs or other option (etc. email). Back ground photo or video? Is it possible? Looking forward to hear from You, Keep on working, Regards

Most of what you mentioned should be possible, but if you don’t have high coding skills then I wouldn’t suggest purchasing the HTML template. I would advise you to buy the Wordpress Version of this template.

Hi There,

I need to run iframe within a popup/fancy box. You suggested me to check Fancy box website but looks like the way fancy box has been used in this template is different from the way that has been explained in the Fancy box website. Therefore, when I follow the fancy box simple instruction still I am not able to add an iframe within a popup :stress: Can you please help me? this functionality is very important for me.

Thank you, Sean

Ok, I will find out what code to implement. Could you tell me tho what kind of iframe you want in the popup or what exactly is supposed to go there? Sorry for the delay.

I love it! Is there a way to make it so that the menu at mobile sizing doesnt’ stick? When I open it, I can’t close it (using Chrome). Also, when I leave it open at mobile size and scale back up to ‘desktop’ size and then back to mobile size, it remains open and not closed in the black three-line nav icon box. Maybe more questions to come as I customize. One of the best templates I’ve found to date!!!

I will try to implement a toggle function on the mobile menu button, however, the resizing “issue” needs to stay this way. By the way, a user that navigates through the site on a mobile phone or a tablet, won’t be able to resize to desktop view (and back for that matter).

Hi! Before anything I want to thank you for this great job! Now my question. Is it possible to explore the photos within the filter selection? For example I have three pics a.jpg (class landscape) b.jpg (class portrait) and c.jpg (class landscape). If I filter by landscape and want to see the pics, the first pic I see is a.jpg if i press “next” b.jpg appears and I don’t want that I want c.jpg. Do you understand? Sorry for my english.

Thanks!!! Agustín ps. my web page: agustin-benencia.com.ar

No sorry, don’t actually understand what you mean. Do you mean the images that you see in the popup?

Exactly! I need to scroll my portfolio in the popup the same way I see it on the webpage (filtered) Thanks!

You have to create different fancybox groups to do that. If you need help with that, please send me an email over my user page. Thanks!

Hi, Using in Chrome (12.0.742.122) the layout don’t work properly. If you change many times from one menu to another some elements start to disappear.

Can you check it? Thanks in advance,very nice work.

Maybe the elements just not disappear, but there’s an hiding ‘couse of css transitions. In your demo too it happens, as you will see the space for the elements is preserved, only they are hidden.

Could you upgrade your chrome browser and try again? Mine is at Version 28.0.1500.95, seems like yours is very old.

Omg, it’s true, it’s really an old version (I didn’t think so old :/) In an updated browser works good. Thanks;)

Good template design but not great for photographers as it crashes on tablets/mobile unless you are planning to use just 5-10 pictures in your gallery even at low res. Author is aware of this issue and has failed to rectify it.

I use more images than that in my demo, and there are even more in the WP demo. I told you I couldn’t figure out what the overload problem might be. Thanks for your constructive comment.

Hi – can anyone help, please??? 1. In IE9 when I open index.htm, this appears at the top left of the screen: <!—[if gt IE6]> . Any ideas why?? 2, In IE9 when I add more images to the flexslider, it just shows blank space – even if I copy one of the existing images.

Neither problems appear with Firefox or Chrome.

Thanks for your help!

Replied to your email. Please don’t ask questions twice. Thanks

Hi, you have provided an icon for vimeo. Is there an icon for youtube as well in the same style?

Great theme by the way!