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Hi, you have provided an icon for vimeo. Is there an icon for youtube as well in the same style?

Great theme by the way!

Yes, please send me an email using the contact form on my profile page, so I can send you the icon for youtube.

mailed! awaiting reply :)

Hi ppandp,

I was glad to discover this template, the whole concept seems to be so unique and elegant for me. I am considering to buy this “masterpiece”. :)

Using templates is always a compromise I think, because the enduser’s imaginations about design, functionality and content must be packed tightly into the possibilities offered by a certain template.

I am a photographer with a passion of making my website by myself. I am not able to create codes but able to adapt and customize templates. So let me have some questions – to avoid potential “surprises” when customizing the template (the price is fairly cheap I know but the time spent with problem-like things…you know.)

My comment seems to be long but I am trying to compose my questions clearly for you in order to answer shortly. :) (Preferably with a “yes” or “no”. :) )

1) I am almost sure I have to change the fontset in order to display my text properly using special characters. I presume the template is prepared for this so this should be a routine action. (You don’t mention using Google webfonts but I presume so.) Please confirm.

2) In the “blog” section you mention a sample post titled: “Post with a slideshow”. Actually none of the sample posts have a slideshow – which could be a brilliant solution to display works. Is it possible to use more copies of the same type slideshow you use on the “home” opening screen? I mean without confusion of the certain sets of photos belonging to the same project. So I open a certain blogpost and there is a slideshow in the heading. (Maybe the pen icon could be replaced with something showing a slideshow will open, not a single image – but this is another question when customizing…)

3) Can be managed the filtering of the portfolio properly when opening the photos in Fancybox? I mean only the relevant images (for example only “taken in Denmark” pictures) can be opened in Fancybox, not the whole amount of images like now in the demo. (By the way this is a bit annoying phenomenon here at TF that this kind of image filtering feature seems to be a theoretic solution only, with most of the templates here – maybe it’s too difficult to code the filtered displaying of images, who knows…)

4) Can I put longer texts in the different “textboxes” than displayed in the demo? For example in “What I offer – Option A and Option B” let’s say I have 3 more options…what happens in this case? An automatic scroller appears at the side of the textbox or will the whole textbox be higher? Does this have effect to the size of the photograph attached to a certain textbox? So summarizing: are the photo dimensions and attached textbox dimensions fixed or flexible? If I was not clear enough I’ll try to explain it better if you need…

Dear ppandp I really appreciate your time spent reading my inquiry and look forward to read your reply! Have a nice day! (or evening or whatever…:) )

Cheers, fbyte

Let me ask you something else first: Wouldn’t the WP version be something for you instead? You have more options there then just having to alter my demo html version. We also have an excellent support forum for our WP theme.

Well, I was always having and managing my own site, independently from any outer resources (for this reason in fact I liked better using local fonts (@font-face last year or cufont before than Google webfonts now), so I am not against the harder work and efforts. I am not familiar with WP and I think customizing a HTML template skeleton is OK for me.

So…my questions 2) and 4) are relatively critical, 3) is accepted if filtering can not be managed that way and I think the answer for 1) is obvious…but let me hear you first…:)

Thanks, cheers, fb.

Hi again,

don’t bother with the answers, I understand the case. I have checked something leaning on my modest knowledge. The length of the text in the certain textboxs seems to be adherent. Most likely there is no automatic scrolling when a text is longer than the size of the surrounding white space. So for me this template seems to be the most unique one here with an outstanding design – but there are very strict limitations regarding the content in terms of length for example. Thank you anyway for your efforts dealing with my pre-sales questions.

Best regards, fbyte

Hello, I’ve bought the MY FOLIO – Responsive Photography Retina-Rdy HTML5.

And it is great, but it is not working in firefox!!!!!!!! Please advice. How to fix it?! Broken images. In chrome and IE is working.


Already replied to your email.

Just run the original template. Two errors occur in firebug. And if I put the bigger images into template firefox will generate few errors: “Image corrupt or truncated”.

Sorry, I can’t see the errors. Could you send me a screenshot via email? Thanks

Hi, I really like your template and it is really nice to work with it. Only issue I have is the loading time both on desktop and mobile. Is there a way to speed the loading time up? I kept the images relatively small so i do not think that is the issue.

regards Tom

Hi there, I’m a designer/photographer and I fell in love with the simplicity of your template. However the more portfolio pieces I add, the more time it takes to load. And I don’t have that many pieces and they’re all saved for web, keeping the size down as much as possible. Half my portfolio isn’t up yet, and I’m already at 10 seconds waiting time, which is way too long.

I’ve tried separating my photography portfolio from my graphic design one in two separate pages, and it did cut the wait time a little bit, but it’s bothersome to wait a first time for the page to load, then wait a second time for the portfolio to load.

Also, this template is supposed to be responsive design. Since the iOS7 update, it crashes on my ipad and my iphone, and all my clients mobile devices. I’m not sure if it’s crashing because of the update or because it takes too much time to load.

Do you have a solution to offer me by any chance? Otherwise I’ll have to start from scratch with another template. Thanks.

I guess you want to include alot of images then. So yea, that must be the problem also on your mobile devices. You could make seperate pages instead of one big page?! (loosing the transition in the process tho) Would that help?

So I separated the photography portfolio from the graphic design one, deleted some of my work and now it works on mobile and it loads faster. It’s too bad I had to lose the transition in the process, but at least it’s working.

Do you know how I could make the www.website.com/#filter=.portfolio appear as www.website.com/portfolio to the user?

that’s not possible due to the transition script, unfortunately.


Thank you. Great job.

An image seem to be missing : bg-bullet.png (line 15 in contact.css).



Hm, strange, it’s the same image as the bullets from the list below “Award Winning” on the homepage.

How can I change the CSS so that I can get more than 3 columns? I think it would be done in the Main Content section of the CSS (lines 56-79). I’ve tried reverse engineering some of the code but I get mixed results. It would be great to be able to get it to go as wide as the user’s browser. If that variable can’t be done, up to 5 columns would be great.

Then your screen is probably not wide enough to fit 5 columns. I can see 5 columns on mine, when activating both of the above.

Does it have a pretty big margin around it? Just tried on a 15” Retina MBP ands till 4 columns with about 1 column worth of black on either side.

the columns have 10px on each side

hi I changed my mail address already but still is not work contact form.

my server is PHP VERSION 5.3

Can you send me a link to your website via email over my profile page? Otherwise I can’t tell what the problem might be. Thanks

Fantastic… your works are amazing.

Thank you!

is there a possibility to implement a spam check for the contact form – if yes, how can i do that? thanks in advance! GREAT theme btw!

in the meantime i found the following code, which works for me (contact.php):

// existing code ...
} if(get_magic_quotes_gpc()) { $comments = stripslashes($comments); }

// new code
$SpamErrorMessage = "No Website-URLs permitted!";
if (preg_match("/http/i", "$name")) {echo "$SpamErrorMessage"; exit();}
if (preg_match("/http/i", "$email")) {echo "$SpamErrorMessage"; exit();}
if (preg_match("/http/i", "$comments")) {echo "$SpamErrorMessage"; exit();}

// existing code
$address = 'mail@mail.com';

HI, i have the same problem that n4ncy83. My page is so slow. I think I don’t undertand how to use several pages to meke it fast. If you can help me… my address is www.agustin-benencia.com.ar


That’s a huge portfolio ;) Uhm, even if you make it seperate pages, the portfolio page would still take some time to load. I’ll play around with the portfolio page tomorrow and see if I can find a solution for big portfolios.

Could you please send me an email over my profile page? I will send you a script then for you to try out.

sure thanks a lot!!

One more question, can you help me to add another rel than “group” here:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

// initiate fancybox for images
jQuery("a.popup, a[rel=group]").fancybox({
//        'transitionIn'    : 'elastic',
//        'transitionOut'    : 'none'
            closeClick : true,
             helpers : {
        overlay : {
            locked : false


jQuery(“a.popup, a[rel=group], a[rel=group2]”).fancybox({


Hi there,

I need a little help from you. Really don’t know how I can add pictures to the gallery. I have tried many options and doesn’t work. there is some kind of filters but how to link them to the pictures? Thanks for any help

It works through the classes in the tiles. Take a look at the documentation. If you still need help, just email me over my profile page. Thanks

Hi, I am having issues in posting a YouTube link into the Video Link area. I even attempted to use the one that you suggested above. This didn’t work either. Is there a new way to include YouTube videos?

Did you purchase a license?

Hi How can I make the Portfolio page the default home page?


In jquery.isotope.load_home.js change filter: ’.home’, to filter: ’.portfolio’, at lines 12 and 108. Thanks for purchasing!

Hello, is it possible to get by clicking on “about” button another picture as on the frontpage? If I change the pic, it will be replaced on both sites, but I wish on “about” page another pic as on the frontpage. Tnx, Edward

you have to change the classes in the “element” tiles. for the front page it’s “home” and for about page it’s “about” and so on. hope this helps.

tnx, I got it!

Hello, I have a question. I slightly increased the size of the logo and now the nav button does not work on mobile phones. I think the increase in the width of the logo has put the logo (link) over the top of the bottom. This is just my guess, because now when i am viewing on a mobile device and I click the nav button it just reloads the page. Can this be fixed by using z-index? If so how would I apply that?

You can view here: http://carrierobinson.com/new3/

Thank you for your help!

hi thank you for your reply yes a little help would be great thank you again

Hi ppandp, I figured it out. Thanks for your initial response.

I did have another question. whn you click the nav button to open the menu on mobile, is it possible to click again to close the menu?

Thank you

In responsive-nav.js replace this:

jQuery(’#nav-button’).click(function() { jQuery(’#options’).show(); });


jQuery(’#nav-button’).click(function() { jQuery(’#options’).toggle(); });

Hello, I just bought your template. Nice work! Can you help me by showing me how to make some improvements on this template, like: 1. Adding a background image. 2. Adding blog posts on front page mixed with some photos. 3. At the Portofolio section – when clicking on a picture to open a text tile. [ or popup with some text]...


Hi thank you.

1. In styles.css add body { background:url(../images/your-image.jpg) fixed no-repeat center center #000; -webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; }

2. Any tile that is supposed to be visible on home screen just needs the class “home”.

3. You can add title=”Your text” to the link tag of the lightbox popup, like this:

Hope this helps.

Yes, it s very helpful. 10x.

Hey man,

Great stuff with the template.

How can I change the My Folio button in the top left of the page to my own personal logo?


In styles.css line 48 change the following: h1#logo a { display:block; background:url(../images/YOUR-LOGO.png) no-repeat; background-size:9999px 8888px; width:9999px; height:8888px; }

thanks, man. One more question, having some trouble with changing the zoomed in image after clicking on the magnifier in the corner of the image. I have changed the main image itself but when it comes to changing the zoomed one, i cant seem to figure that out.


look in the link tag , you need to change the image link accordingly. Hope this helps.

hello! I’ve adapted yr code and it still works! Thank you for having forgiving code. But I’m having a devil of a time adding jquery collapse.js

I am showing a two-day schedule and have some text that describes events I only want to expand if the user is interested in reading more otherwise I want them to see the time, title, speaker.

Is there a conflict perhaps with 1.7.2/jquery.min.js? I am using Daniel Stocks code shown here: https://github.com/danielstocks/jQuery-Collapse/blob/523c08f9747b42251e8a1fd84154ed0a2e1b979a/README.md

Thank you for any tips how to add the proper css and then how add to


I guess I have to maintain existing formatting of “white-bottom” maybe duplicating it and adding the requirements for collapse.js and call it “extra-bottom”? I’m stuck!

Just to clarify, are you trying to add an accordion to one of the white areas?