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Hi ppandp, great template!

I try to embed multiple youtube videos (http://www.youtube.com/embed/... ) to portfolio. Problems with some videos: I get a message “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” Links are correct and work otherwise fine in the browser. Have you had these issues with lightbox?

Is it possible to resize the lightbox popup window for videos?


And replied :)

Many thanks for your quick reply and correcting my typo! Now it’s working :)

No problem :)

How can i add link like this “Visit my blog ?” ?

Did you purchase a license?

oh! am sorry! i purchase a license for wp theme

No problem :)


I change my mail address in contact.php, When i submit the page say that’s all ok, but i don’t recive any mail.

Can you help me?


I’ve sended the contact.php file as you asked, but I have not received a response. You received the email?

Email with file has been sent. Please don’t double post.

All it’s ok. Thank you!!

I wan’t to know if MY FOLIO could work with hebrew? RTL direction? Thanks

I honestly can’t say. Maybe the WordPress version works, please consult its developer, thanks.


Foos Purchased


I want to remove the single page effect.

So I want to make the Portfolio area with a own site. But I don´t know what to remove from main file to get this to work?!

Can you help me?


Foos Purchased

ähm, and I want to remove the filter function…

You would have to create separate html pages with the corresponding tiles (they would all require the home class then). Hope this helps.

Hi, I’m trying to track a goal conversion in my site when someone sends me a message through the contact form. The form I believe is Ajax so I’m getting a sucessfully sent message in a popup. In GA I have setup an event tracking but I dont know what values to use for this?

My site is www.abweddingphotography.co.uk

When someone fills the form and submits I want this tracked as a goal or a conversion.


can I get some help please?

Sorry, I honestly have no experience with goal conversions. Don’t know how to help you there.

hello, there is a Problem with the template. The page is not detected with iOS devices (ex. iPad 5, iPhone 5) as a mobile page in which the page is sorted in a single column with one content below the next. The page is always shown very tiny with 3 columns like on a normal PC Browser! That’s too small for our users! Your Demo-Side (linked from this side) running on the same iPhone as expected in a mobile version! I can also rule out that I did something wrong when filled it with content. The original, unmodified (...and fresh downloaded) template is also not recognized as a mobile site after copying to the server… ?

And the big Problem #2 is: if the side is filled with many pictures – the iPhones and iPads crash and the browser will be closed!!!

We need support…

Could you please help us there or make an update?

Best regards

I cannot recreate your first problem, this only happens when the themeforest banner is still active on top. Other than that it should work fine.

For your issue #2, recent browser memory reallocation in all iOS versions is causing occasional crashes, especially when you are adding too many pictures. The only solution I can offer is the WordPress version has an alternative demo, which seems to work fine. Maybe that would be something for you, if you are using large amounts of images.

Hope this helps.

Issues I am having: 1. taking a long time to load. 2. crashes on iPhone From reading the last quesiton I am gathering that a lot of photos and videos may cause the site to crash and I assume take a while to load on initial launch.

If I went to the WordPress version could the header be altered like I have done with the HTML site (see my link below). The client also would like the nervation buttons to be a little bigger- could that be done with WP. I also may be adding a div to the post/blog section as the info the client has is set up as columns. Would the WordPress version load faster with the same amount of videos I currently have?


just e-mailed you- Figured out issue with it crashing on the iPhone: i have mp4s locally and I am not using YouTube or Vimeo. Any solutions for this?

Still trying to figure out the local movie issue. Also a way to display a 4 column grid for the computer and iPad, then go to vertical layout for the phones for this page: http://davidgilmourdesign.com/clients/RachellHakim_V2/internet/index.html#filter=.resume

Oh, already replied to your email. I see you posted a link here. I will take a look. Please don’t double post/email your requests. It just adds confusion. I will send you another email after checking the 4column issue. Thanks

I want to buy this template but after reading comments i found out that some people have slow loading problem with a large portfolio (which is my case) so i was wondering is there any script i can use to load my portfolio as the user scrolls down?

No, sorry, they don’t work with the filter I am afraid.

Hello. I am currently having a few issues. The Magnifying Lens icon and the Scroll Up icons do not display on mobile and tablet site versions as well as other icons. They do on your demo thought. How do I rectify this?

Issue 2 is the drop down menu on mobile. it does not retract when selected again. it does on your Demo site. How do I rectify this?

thank you.


There’s something anoying on this template : You can not set a backgroudn image to the whole site even if you do that on Body style. How could we do that ?

The idea is that I wish reuse the badr-chouffai.fr background on this template.

Try using an absolutely positioned div underneath all tiles with the background image. Hope this helps.

any news concerning my request?

“the drop down menu on mobile. it does not retract when selected again. it does on your Demo site. How do I rectify this?”

is there a reason why my question is being ignored while others get there answers within 12 hours of posting? even after my question has been posted. shall I consider a refund if ignorance is the path one is taking concerning my question.

I am sorry to have missed your request to help you out, it was not intentional. However, as you stated yourself, the mentioned issues appeared on your altered site, while all works fine in my demo. In addition, support is not mandatory and after receiving a completely unjustified 1star rating, I am surely not inclined to offer my help now to someone this unappreciative.

duly noted

Hi, I see that in the update the issue is fixed which allows the mobile menu toggle to close after having opened it, which is great… ;)

which lines of code of which file shall I update to fix this on me “old” install (don’t want to overwrite whole files, just change that piece of code).



Hi, did you manage to upload the corrected version already? THANKS

They take a while to accept it, especially over the weekend. You can send me an email through the contact form, requesting the updated JS. Thanks

Hello, how do I reduce slide transition time on home page between each photo please?

In jquery.isotope.load_home.js after line 5 add this: animationSpeed: 800, - or any other number in milliseconds.

It doesn’t work. Only affects animation speed not the actual transition time between images. Thanks


Then I believe you need slideshowSpeed :) Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Hello, how do I reduce slide transition time on home page between each photo please?

Please don’t double post your questions. Thanks


I am trying to create a new “group” of images so that not all images appear in a certain section, eg: MADE IN POLAND. I see from other comments that you need to add a group to line 50 on “jquery.fancybox.pack.js”. However, how do you define which images appear in that group?


To define which image appears in a given group, you have to give the a tag the appropriate class: <a href="images/pic1.jpg" title="" rel="group1"></a> <a href="images/pic2.jpg" title="" rel="group1"></a> etc. Hope this helps.

At one point this template had a working twitter feed. Any chance that will get implemented again?

Maybe at some point in the future, I will put it on my list for updates.

Hi, thanks for answering my previous question. The template is fantastic.

I have noticed that when my site is viewed in a PC using Internet Explorer, you can see the edge of the previous image on the flexslider which is the slide show you first see. Is there any way to fix this? Seems to be fine on Macs.


Did you purchase a license? (There is no purchased sign next to your name.) Could you send me a link through the contact form on my profile page so I can check it? Thanks

Hi, yes I purchased the licence. The username is “soames”. Not sure why the name has changed. Will send you a message via the form.


And one more question…

The transition between slides for the various galleries seems a bit jerky. Can this be made smoother?