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Can I replace H2 tags with H1 tags?

For the purposes of SEO and Google as far as I know H1 tags are the most important. However your theme doesn’t use H1 tags for any of the blocks, it replaces them with H2 – is there a way to make them H1 as default?

Hey there,

SEO is not about how many H1 tags you can cram in a page (this will actually hurt your rankings) it’s about good, linkable content and a quality website. Focus on your content and establishing good connections with other sites (backlinks)


hello! i saw above that someone had a problem with the filters not placing content onto the correct ‘pages’ even though they are selected on the drop down menus of the page builder. i am having the same problem? my client (purchaser) is looking for the purchase code so i can’t yet raise a ticket. was it a quick fix? also, when in customise view the SM icons appear correctly, but in actual view they have disappeared. again, a quick fix, can you help? thank you.

If you need any support, I’ll need you to contact me with the account that purchased the theme.


Redirecting on contact form


I have been heavilly customising my theme and really love it. Since I have embedded links in blocks themselves I have had to ditch the filter system and opt for static pages instead. In so doing I have created a static contact page. On that page there is a pagebuilder “Contact” block. However, when a user completes it it doesn’t work as planned and show a confirmation message. Instead I would like to redirect the user to another page when they complete the form.

Is it possible to redirect after contact form submission to a static page instead of updating a block and if so how please?

Thank you.

Hey there,

The only method of doing that would be to modify contact.php or custom.js in the theme files to redirect as needed, or use a contact form plugin or similar.


Thanks for the reply.

I have used Gravity forms, but it doesn’t play nicely with your CSS. Is there a plugin you could suggest that would play nicely?

Many thanks, Graham.

Just had a look at contact.php – when a contact form is completed it seems to update the contents of the block it is in (similar to an iframe). I need the form to redirect to a whole new page. I couldn’t see in contact.php where to do that. Is there somewhere I should be looking?


myatki Purchased

In template there is security issue. It have an eval function in plugins.js file which allow external users execute their own files. That’s why one of my websites got hacked. Please take a look on this!

Hi there

Danny here (TommusRhodus support).

I see the function your referring to is the gomap plugin, so iv made a note of this so we can get this updated within the next update for you :)

If there is anything else, please head over to our support area for assistance

Thanks, Danny

Hi. I’m having trouble installing the demo theme—it looks good when I’m using the “customize” window, but when I view the actual site, there are font/color differences and entire sections of the page that go missing. I’ve been working at this for a few hours. Any advice?

Please have a watch of this:


Hey, thanks. I think I was watching an older outdated getting started video. I appreciate your help!


How do I create content of the original page are contact menu??? It looks exactly than- original.

Now these shows: You must set at least a module in the position slideshow You must set at least a module in the position portfolio You must set at least a module in the position about

I want to set the contact form back


Hi!Invoice ID:8918b92f7fdb40ac98c0fc4bb2a35f4b

I am also currently logged, registered.

Hi!Invoice ID:8918b92f7fdb40ac98c0fc4bb2a35f4b

I am also currently logged, registered.

Hi!Invoice ID:8918b92f7fdb40ac98c0fc4bb2a35f4b

I am also currently logged, registered.


druru Purchased


I want to know if is possible to show a “View project link” linking to the portfolio’s page in the lightbox effect that appears when you clicks in any portfolio thumbnail in the page builder / portfolios filtered by categories page.


Hey there,

No that’s not possible.



Lori24 Purchased

Hi Tommus,

Thanks for the great site. Love it.

I have a few questions, I have tried to look through the comments and readme first but am having problems finding what I need. I have also tried every option I can think of and I am having a few issues with the homepage and portfolios.

Firstly I cannot remove the blogposts from my homepage (when clicking on the logo, not the home link). I have tried all the different options I can find but I just can’t get them to go.

Secondly, even with other blocks, like contact me, about me etc, they stay on the homepage (as above logo, not home link).

Can I stop the logo link from working?

And as a separate issue, I can’t work out the portfolios. I have managed to create a gallery portfolio but it comes up as a slideshow instead of like what’s on the demo and I cant get rid of the portfolio item details which I really do not want.

Any help with this stuff would be unbelievably helpful. If it helps, my website is

Cheers, Lori

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!


Lori24 Purchased


I have managed to fix a lot of my issues but I am stuck on the portfolios. I have my filters in place, the main menu as well and they all match and I have my section and category set in the page builder pre-filter portfolio.

I have 10 pics in my first portfolio gallery (want three folio’s in total), category tagged and with a feature image but no matter what i do, I cannot get it to look like the demo. I can get either the feature image which when clicked on gives me a lightbox image, or somehow I get a large slideshow or nothing at all.

I have also gone through the comments and tried all of the suggestions I have found in the customization section. Please help soon, the frustration is high.

That said, I do love everything else about this theme :)

Please use our tickets for all support.



naderxo Purchased

Hello. I am from Naderxo team. We bought your theme and here is the problem we came up with: We bought myfolio wordpress theme. a problem appears for us. when we import XML document file into theme and replace my pictures in portfolios, everything is ok. but when we want to edit the home template in page builder, site crashes. the filter menu doesn’t work. it doesn’t filter to other pages. how can I fix this problem? Thank you so much in advanced

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!

Hi is this available in full width version? Thanks

No, sorry.