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What is different from V1?

The design, the functionality, the layout (this one got a fluid layout, V1 got a resolution detect code and load the specific styles for each ones), some custom admin options, CSS3 , new jquery effects. This are some of the new things.

Can you load videos and why do you write that it is only compatible with a few browsers, it seems to work good in most browsers. I think this app has a bright future, good job, thanks!

You can embed a video in wordpress posts, but they have to be small in width size. So they will fit right on small size devices.

I have updated some more browsers, just forgot to check them at the begining.

Ofcourse, that browsers are just for info, the important thing is how the theme looks on mobiles browsers. And the theme looks gread in my opinion :).

This why I have added a video preview from one of the most common resolution (320×480) to show that is looking nice.


It’s not working on Windows Phone 7, HTC HD7 . Might not work on similar phones. thanks


What exactly is not working? Could you please test it without the iframe from the preview here.

Also if you have time send me a screenshot on my email, maybe we can figure it out.


Would be really impressed to see how the “share” function works ..

Clicking the share button will make a sliding popup window apear. The window contains the most known social websites icons. Just like you see in the live preview.

The icons and their links can be manage thru the custom admin.

Can I use this in conjunction with my regular theme? People see my normal theme when they use a computer and the mobile theme when they use a mobile device?

Also are there plans to make it web-app enabled?

Yes you can easily add a redirect code, or a mobile detection code on your main website.

You can find the code on the WEB , javascript or php.

But the mobile website will have to use the same database information, in case you use a CMS .

We will see about making it web-app enable, we might do it in the close future.

For all the users that want to check the theme on mobiles, please check it without the IFRAME here.

Use the link from the picture that says “Click to check a live preview with your phone”. This way the theme will work 100 % fluid and adapt any mobile screen resolution.


Hi , so is this theme installed as a plugin, then then we insert the code to re-direct smal resolution devices?



No this theme is not a plugin, it is a full theme. You will have to install it as a theme.

If anyone wants to see this site, just go to http://dwellydesigns.com with your phone or iPad. I love it!!! Or http://mobile.dwellydesigns.com on your computer.


Looking nice :)


Very Very Nice Job…

This has incredible potential. With 4 cell phones to every PC? This is the future… Very Nice Job!

Now, if you can make one widget for it. Just one?...where it can be used for a calendar or sms messaging opt in. You will definitely have me as a lifer!



I will definitely work in the future at V3 of this theme. And include there some amazing widgets.

So stay tuned :)

Hi, thanks for this perfect theme, congratulations!!!

I have only a little problem with the gallery page, our web it’s a iPhone download Wallpapers website. We have many images on the gallery and this to work perfect should be max. 12 images per page!!! Kenn you help us to apply this working?

Thank You


Thank you,

Yes I can help you, just send me a message from the contact form on my profile page, and I will assist you be email.

I will help you paginate the gallery and set a limit to 12 per page.

I don’t have enough words to say thanks “FamousThemes”, just I can say two things:

  • Best Mobile WP Theme
  • Best friend and simply Costumer Support on ThemeForest
Here find you the result from the best Client Support.
...and here my REWARD for “FAMOUSTHEMES” a partner Portfolio “Link” on our Website. Best friends Regards ;-) AlbertoMaXter

Thanks AlbertoMaXter ,

You really made me start the day with a big smile :)

Hi FamouThemes, When I activate this theme I don’t get the mentioned Menu Links area in the dashboard and my menus under the appearance panel disappear.

I am using WP 3 .1.

I would really love to use htis theme for the mobile version of my site but this issue makes it kinda unusable for now.

Any thoughts on what the issue could be? Let me know if I can give you any more information.



When you first install the theme it should be blank with no content.

Follow the steps from the HELP file and create your own content, and the theme should look good.

I can help you with creating content just to show you. You will need to give me your online demo.

Please email me if you want to assist you on that.



How can I make the second line of icons starts on the left and not on the center of the scren?



Yes you can make it, but you will lose the “auto centering function”. The main ideea of the layout is to be fluid, and the icons should center to any resolution.

For example on Ipad (1024) a menu with only 3 icons will look good centered.

But you can simply align them to left, by modifing some CSS . Give them float left and see if they look the way you want.



When I use the PHOTOS link on the iPhone, press the next button but the photo does not load, turn the iPhone and the photo appears, but I try to load another and just appears the Previous and Next buttons and the photo does not. Is to correct this problem?


Alessandro (contato@agenciacomunicar.com)

If your pictures are big size, it should take a while to load it.

I don’t see why turning the iphone should make the picture apear, it should apear on every position.

You are testing my online demo or you have build your own?


Hi FamousThemes,

This looks promising! Wow :).

Now i am looking working on a website featuring videos (almost nothing more) to be watched on computers as well as mobile devices. Is it possible to post videos in the gallery which can be fullscreen in all types of browsers?

thanks a lot!!



Thank you !

About the videos you can insert them in posts like to an usual wordpress theme. The gallery page you see on the live demo works only with photos.

But you can create from admin a custom category called for example “Videos”, and insert there posts with video content. About the size of the video, if you will build your own player you will have to set there the features to open full width, if you will embed them from a website I think there are options in embeding code to make them 100 % full width.

About the phones and videos, you know it’s up to the phone capacity to read video formats.


So does this work with Wordpress Menu’s 3.0? Versus just showing the pages list?

If you are talking about the main icons menu, it is not build using menu 3.0. But it very easy to add/edit new menu items just like menu 3.0. It is build using custom post types find under “Menu items” tab. You will have to add just 3 inputs, the title, the link of the icon, and the icon image.

im getting Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_type_supports() on functions.php, line 53 when viewing the site, any ideas?

You are talking about the online demo here?

Or your theme?

It could be from the version of your wordpress install. It should be new, post type is related to custom post types from menu icons items.

Hi, Your mobile theme really looks great. For my website http://www.familieshoot.nl I am looking for a great mobile version.

What’s important for my mobile theme is that I can use the WP 3 .0 menu structure.

I need my phone number, address etc on main screen so people can right away call me or find my address when they are comming to my studio.

A small version of my services and portfolio would be great also

How flexible are the icons of the menu on this theme?

Is this theme useable for my website?


Sounds great, I’ll check it out!

Just downloaded the Theme and checked what I need to do to make it work. The problem is that my current website needs a compleet new photo gallery, contactpage etc.

Isn’t is possible to use current pages for the theme?

Do you mean to use the gallery page of your current theme also on mobile theme, so you don’t have to insert again all the photos ?

Yes this is posible.

What I suggect to do:

Considering that you have 2 themes in your wordpress right now: one is your current (desktop version) and one the mobile theme.

You know for wordpress are some scripts very easy to use that switch themes (you can find on the web some good examples). Also try to find a good mobile dection code (php or java), and then try to insert in your current theme the code to detect mobiles.

So we have a current theme with a dection code for mobile, that will redirect users to mobile theme (using the switcher code).

Also the mobile theme will have to be updated on the gallery page (the query) to extract the photos from your existing database info.

So the reason to use this, is to keep the same database information and show it in both themes.

This requires some basic programming knowledge. I hope you understand the explanation.


Very NICE theme!!

I haven’t dug in too much on this yet – but was wondering is there a way to program a button from the home page so it dials (or pre-fills) a phone number directly from the push of the button from the home page?

I believe as it is built it will likely direct to a second “Contact Us” style page (or similar) which could have a click to call phone number or click to email contact form or both – What can I do to make a button on the home page a direct – click to call button so that when the user clicks the button it dials a specific phone number immediately?

More of a “Click to Call the Office” button?? or “Click for an Emergency” button?? I can build the graphics for the button itself to match but didn’t know if Android Phones acted differently than IPhones on this functionality or how hard it was to make this happen?

Thanks – Great Job!! J


To do the things you want you will have to dug into app development, and implement some app code into this theme.

I really don’t know exactly how to do that, but you will find a lot of discussions on the web. Example



I was wondering whether it is possible to add any or all of the following to the home page of this theme:

1) Widgets? 2) twitter feed 3) a single page/post text (like an introduction)

Great theme, just hoping I can combine the simplicity with a bit of extra information


From admin you can only edit the menu and the logo for home page. I wanted to keep it very simple on home page.

But ofcourse you can customize the theme in code, add to home page some other features.