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I’m thinking of buying the theme and just wanted to ask a couple of questions..

1. i’m currently using another theme (ammon for wp on themeforest) – will I be able to use myMobile alongside another theme ? 2. will I be able to slim down the content for myMobile (as it’s a large site, and for mobile it just needs ‘about’, ‘services’ etc) 3. my current theme has 2 categories that have 2 different menus can I do the same with myMobile ?



Just replied to your email also.

Yes you can use the theme with another desktop theme installed.

Yes you can manage the content how you want, and create just a few pages for the mobile version. No need to add all desktop theme content.



I’ve done it before but now I’m having problems having the menu icons show up. I only see the blue mobile theme. How do you get the menu icons to show up?



Hi Andre,

But did you have created some menu items? This is the only thing needed to be done.

When first installing the theme, there is no menu items. If you said you did it before it should work fine. Only if you changed something in code this time.

Just show us the online demo and we will analize it. Drop an email if you don’t want to make it public here.


Hi there, I purchased your theme a while ago and am almost ready to add it to my site which currently uses “mingle” Most of the site uses pages rather than blogs as content, how would i go about setting the theme up for this.

the site in question is www.daniz.cz




There is no problem if your desktop theme is using pages.

You can create pages on the mobile theme as well.

Just follow the instructions.

Create a page, add content. After create a menu item with icons and link to the page. And it should work fine.

Hope it helps.


Hi there, how to create the index navigation menu. I have installed it and created the first menu icon and set the correct featured image as the icon. however i dont get anything like the front page in the demo. i could email you the admin login for you to check if you wouldnt mind. I cant leave the theme active at the moment for you to look at as its a production site. Would really appreciate your feedback on this as the site’s mobile version has to go live this week.


Hi, just replied to your email.


I have logged in to your wordpress.

The problem on your theme install is that you have on your wordpress Settings-> Reading option->home page set as a custom page you have created.

We need on the mobile theme to have latest posts set as mobile home page by default.

See the instructions in the email to automatically do that, and you navigation will show up.


Hi thanks for the awsome support

Just one final issue:

If you go to the desktop version and here for example:


the posts appear but when viewd from mobile version no posts or categories appear any ideas?


I guess the posts in the desktop websites are directly into a main “blog” category. For mobile we need the posts to be in a subcategory of a main “blog” category.

Hope this make sense. So you will have to add the posts into subcategories of main selected blog category, for the mobile version.


I love your product line, is it possible on v2 to change out the search toggle on the upper right hand corner (after leaving the home page) and place a drop down menu like v3. That would be great. On v3 when looking at the desktop version, you can’t see all the icons even when you go through the pages! Can they be added to the drop down menu?


With the actual code of V2 you cannot add a drop down menu to the secondary pages like V3. It will require some code modifications to do that.

On V3 desktop view you cannot see the rest of the icons (only first 4 will be showed) because we need to slide-touch in order to navigate. But at the request of more users I will add to that bottom navigation some arrows that will make it posible.

Thank you for your feedback. I will try to find some time and make some updates to V2 and V1 because they need some.


Hi i just added qTranslate and now the navigation for the theme has dissapeared any ideas as to what might be causing this problem

Well I have never test that translate plugin with the mobile theme.

But you have added translation to the menu item as well?

We must see the code to see if there some kind of conflict there.



I really like the look of the theme, but I’m not sure that it will completely fit my existing theme.

My site is a directory listing that includes details like location, facilities, prices etc, outside of the regular wordpress post body. Would I be able to customize the theme to include information that isn’t included in the main post body?

Here is an example of what I mean http://publin.ie/2012/russells/

Any help would be great, as this looks near perfect for my site.



The mobile theme is setup to show only the content from the main post body.

I guess your theme uses a custom structure there, with custom shortcodes, custom fields…custom page formats…etc

You will have to add all that custom options to the mobile theme code as well in order to work.

We could not create a theme with something like that included because a lot of desktop themes uses custom structures and it’s almost imposible to know that from the begining (how a theme is setup).

When having a theme like that you have 2 optnios in making it mobile ready.

1. Choose a theme like ours and customize the code to show all the desktop theme details as well.

2. Build a CSS Media Queries code to your existing theme and make it responsive.

Hope this helps.


does the mobile admin template work on android, blackberry, windows, etc as well? Thnx


The admin is the Wordpress regular admin. I have not made any modifications on that one. On mobiles the admin it will look like on desktops.


also, can you use this just for the admin template?

And does the theme have to have the buttons or can it just be a mobile version of desktop version? Thnx

Yes the theme should have some buttons.

This will not transform you desktop theme into a mobile one using the same layout of the desktop theme. This is a mobile theme that must include the content of the desktop theme and look like the demo I have (can be customize with some designs but use his own layout code).

To transform your theme layout into a mobile one, use some CSS code and Media Queries into your desktop theme.


Hi two quick support questions,

1) How to control which posts categories appear in the drop down menu

2) How to add the wpml language switcher to the front page so the correct versions of posts would display


1) I guess are talking about the drop down menu of blog archive page like the one here http://famousthemes.com/my-mobile-page-v2/wordpress/?cat=3

That drop down is showing the subcategories of the main BLOG category you created and selected as main blog categ from the custom admin panel.

When creating a blog section, you will have to create a main BLOG category, and then subcategories (the ones that will be available in the drop down) and insider subcategories the posts.

2) Never tested that plugin. But on home page you have some widget areas I have created and can be enabled from the admin panel. If the plugin allows you to add his widget there, just add it there.

If the plugin requires a code to be inserted somewhere, you will have to edit index.php page and insert the plugin code there.

Here not sure about “versions of posts would display” because on home page we have just the menu. What posts do you have on your home page?


Hi where is the widget setting in admin pnael? i missed that and cant find it.


In Apearance tab in admin you have “My Mobile Page Options” and there is a label called “Show widget area above the menu” and “Show widget area below the menu” . From there you can enable some widget areas on home page. And in that areas from admin “Widgets” tab you can add eny widget you want.

If you don’t have that in admin, just download the theme files again from themeforest, you might have some old file before I have update the theme with those areas.


I feel that I am missing something…how do I have two (my desktop and mobile) themes activated at the same time?

Thank you Carolyn


You can’t have both themes activated the same time.

Your desktop theme must stay active. For the mobile one, activated just to setup all the content, and after deactivate it.

The plugin I was mentioned there in my instruction will activate the mobile theme just when a user will come from a mobile device. The desktop theme will stay active just for desktop users.

So the themes will be activated automatically by that plugin. Don’t worry when a user come from a mobile the mobile theme will be activated and all your desktop user will see the mobile theme. Is it not like this, the desktop theme will always stay active for desktop users.

Hope this make sense.


May I know how to make the logo image at home responsive/fluid? Thanks.

Yes, my logo is 600px width. I already added .logo img {max-width: 100%;} in style.css, but it’s not working. Any alternate solutions?

Yes, just made some tests and a solution will be

Replace in CSS .logo{margin:auto; text-align:center;}


.logo img{width:100%;}

and if your logo is too streched from left to right screen add some space but decreasing the % value, try using .logo img{width:80%;}


It works !!! Thank you very much

hi..how can i create Gallery and blog? :(


To create the Gallery page,just use “Gallery items” tab from wordpress admin.

After adding the gallery items, create a regular page with selected template as “gallery”. And finally add a menu item with a link to that created page.

For the blog, just create a main blog categ, insert subcategories, and in subcategories insert posts. From the custom admin panel “My Mobile page settings” and “Select Blog Category:” select you main blog category first created. And finally add a menu item that will link to the blog category.

See the HELp file I have included, there is some basic info on how to do that.

Also there is a DEMO file witch if is imported there will give you some demo content.


Please show me which file to amend for all the social share buttons’ link? Thanks.


In header.php file you have the social icons included in

<div class="box" id="box_share">...

And the button to open the share box is in footer.php file 

<a href="#" class="left_bt" id="activator_share">share</a>


Got it, thanks.

May I know how to add Facebook Comment box in Blog page to replace the existing comment box? Thanks.


Yes I think plugins will rewrite wordpress comments section automatically.

I sugest do some test yourself, I really never tested plugin that build facebook comments before.


How about if I want to add captcha to your existing comment fields? How to add it in?


For captcha you have a lot of free plugins available. We are using in the theme the default comments function, so you can easely add any plugin there.

For example check THIS ONE


I keep gettting to many re-directs when trying to open the website with my iphone.

address : www.madrasinwales.com

Maybe I have missed something important. Please advise

Many thanks


Just tested with my iphone, works fine, loaded in 2 sec and only one redirect.

Please clear cache , cookie, on you iphone (from Safari settings) and try again, should work fine


Thats because I havent used “Theme switcher” instead I used plugin called “Any Mobile Theme Switcher” this seems to do a better job. http://dineshkarki.com.np/plugins/any-mobile-theme-switcher

Anyway this brings me onto my second point. As you wouldve noticed, I can not get the menu screen you show on your demo. Therefore there is no category or form of navigation because the websites homepage is a ‘static’ about page, and not latest posts, due to the fact is a restaurant business. can you advise how I can get optimum results and make this work. I already tried adding code to both desktop & mobile function pages, it does trick the desktop, but not the mobile. so that failed. Am I best to just set up altogether new hosting and WP ? if so how would I redirect from current desktop theme to the mobile hosted version on different address.

Any help and suggestions appreciated.



Yes that plugin is good. I recomand it sometimes too “Any Mobile Theme Switcher”.

The thing with having a custom page on your desktop theme should be fixed using the code inside functions.php file.

A lot of user are using it and working. But don’t know exactly what other functions are you using there that might be in conflict with the code.

To install the mobile theme on another wordpress install is a good ideea, and a recomended one.

And to redirect from a wordpress install to another use THIS TUTORIAL instructions. Use the php solution 1 or 2

Just add the php code your desktop theme header.php file and redirect to a custom url


Hi, thank you for this great theme!

Anyway I have a little Question: I would like to mark in Backend some Posts as stickys and then I would like to see them pinned above the others, but this seem not to be working.

What have I to do, to make it work?

Kind regards.


In order to get the sticky post show above others posts in blog category the query need some code modification.

By default the theme does not show sticky posts above.

Here is a fast and simple solution for you. I have just tested and works great.

Download this plugin HERE

Install it, and not need to configure anything.

Pin your posts in blog category and they will show above right away.