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Hello! Love the theme! Just wanted to know if there is a way I can make the Div.entry to have a height of 100% so the white part where content goes fills up the entire height of the mobile device.


But do you have pages that need this? Mobile devices are really small in height considering the browsers bars they have and all that. I guess you have very less content on pages if you want to make all that content white until the bottom.

You can try in CSS for example


But I am not sure if it will work considering that the footer is a sticky footer and have some customizations also in code.

Or maybe try smaller that 100% just to make sure it will not say over the footer.

Are there any updates scheduled for this theme

Yes there are.

I will leave a comment when they will be online. Hope to do it in the next week.


I’m using WP 3 .4.1 – Could you provide a demo-data.xml file that can be imported into it? I tried using the demo-data.xml that ships with the download but there are multiple failures I believe are a result of the version differences.


Just to remind you Widgets setups and some other dates will not import because they cannot be loaded in an XML file of wordpress export.

So the XML file will only import categories, posts, pages. And images, but our demo url images. They must replace after with images from your server (you might get some timthumb erros if try to use ours – depends on your server)

For widgets you will have to manually add them.

If by “multiple failures” you meant the home page widgets and some images not showing this is how it works.

I don’t think WP version matter. We are using the latest WP version too.


Are there any updates scheduled for this theme

They are not ready yet.

Hi, We just purchased your mobile theme and we are having some issues with setting it up. Our old theme is already mobile ready is that maybe a problem? if we activate your theme we get mobile version on desktop :S We need help with setting it up.


You have problems adding the content? or adding the redirection code?

There is no problem if the deskop theme is mobile ready (responsive I guess).

You decide what the mobile users will see on mobiles. Just add that redirection code from THIS TUTORIAL Or if it’s easier for you use THIS PLUGIN .

After adding the redirection code, your mobile user will see the mobile theme.

As for adding content, let me know exactly what problems you have there.


Great theme! Will editing the underlying php and css code to customize the theme be safe? I’m planning to use this and version 3 as mobile templates that will go through lots of customization to suit a client’s needs. For example, will adding php versions of shortcodes of other wordpress plugins in the homepage not destroy the theme? Thanks!!


You can edit the theme easily. The php and CSS of this theme is not very sophisticated.

Just make sure you will keep the theme layout 100% flexible on width for each elements added.

As for the V3 see that the layout is not 100% width, it’s start from 640 px and down.

Good luck :)

When making another site using this template, I’m supposed to purchase another copy of this theme, right?


As I know yes, this is the regular license.

Read more on http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular_extended


Hi! Are there any updates regarding more shortcodes? It would be great if the shortcodes from V3 could be used in this theme. Also, does updating the theme installation means I have to start from scratch? What sections of the side will I have to reinitialize?

Thanks! :grin:


It’s a good ideea to add the shortcodes from V3 also on V2. I will do that.

Yes I have in plan making some updates to V2 also in the next period week.

Generally you will have to update all the theme files. Just copy/replace them on your server (you can replace all the theme folder if you want). Ofcourse if you done modifications in code in the php files you will have to do the updates manually. I will try to explain like on V3 updates what exactly I have update in each file. As for the content, it will stay the same when updating.


Hi, just recently purchased and installed this theme. I am getting the following error: “PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/my_mobile_page_v2/header.php”

anyone familiar with this error, and corresponding solution? thanks. RB


I think but not sure it is a php server compatible error. And it’s coming from the social icons in the header.php file

I can send you a modified version by email, if you will send us a message on our profile page, to get you email.

Or if you want to try a solution.

A social icon code is like

<?php if (get_option('rss') != '') { ?> <li><a href="<?php echo stripslashes(get_option('rss'));?>"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/social/rss.png" alt="" title="" border="0" /></a></li> <? } else { }?>

Try to remove the condition for each LI element as social icon and just leave

<li><a href="<?php echo stripslashes(get_option('rss'));?>"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/social/rss.png" alt="" title="" border="0" /></a></li>

Try to see if ot works, or just drop us an email there to send the modified file and test it.


Got it, thanks. It would be worth including code that would check the existence of that variable(s) being tested in the IF statement, and gracefully exit as necessary. ...just a suggestion ;o)


I am having a problem setting up the home page. There is no template for the home page slider you have on the demo?


To have the slider on home page your wordpress must have the home page set as default. Meaning from Admin- > Settings- > Reading to have the home page set as Latest posts.

If you are using this mobile page with another desktop theme and try to activate the mobile theme only for mobile users, and the desktop theme requires another page set as home page just see the FAQ section of the mobile item on themeforest

And to set the slider, just activate the mobile theme and see the custom posts “Home screen Slider”


for some reason unknown to me the mobile theme stopped wotking after the last desktop theme updae although all the files were in the correct places. so i deleted all the mobile detection files and didnt edit the header files, and just used this plugin and it works no need for anything else..

works perfectly with this theme.



Thanks for the observation and plugin suggestion.

Yes it seems to be some problems with the latest wordpress update and the plugins I have used.

I am looking right now for new solutions.

That plugin you recomanded seems fine.


hey man i tried everything and s not working WTF and we need your help?

hey man its working now but home page is not like yours and i see the problem i need ti change reading options but if i do my homepage in desktop theme will change too and i dont want that… any fix for that?


Yes there is a fix for that.

Read the FAQ tab of this item.

“How to use the mobile theme when your desktop theme uses as home page another page other than “Latest Posts”



I have installed the theme and got it going fine, but my logo and buttons seem to be slightly blurred unlike your demo… Any ideas why?


Just replied to your email.


Hi FamousThemes,

Thinking of purchasing, but just one question. I have a standard HTML website which I hope to redesign in 2013 when I get time. Can I bolt this onto it and redirect mobile users to it if they visit my current standard site? Thank you in advance.


So you have a static html website as your main desktop version website, and want to build for the mobile version this wordpress theme right?

Yes you can redirect the mobile users comming on your desktop website to the wordpress mobile version, using a javascript or php mobile detector and redirect code. Just drop us an email if you don’t find one, and we will provide it for you.

Just remember that Wordpress will be required to be on your server to install the mobile theme.


HI FamousThemes,

Many thanks for your advice – I shall go ahead and purchase. Yay!

Hi there. I just bought this wonderful theme… but I thought it was much easier to customise it. I admit, I don’t know wordpress very much. There is any possibility I can find a tutorial that will help me to understand how to do it? Many ths


There is a small HELP tutorial file inside the archive you have downloaded.

Also there is a DEMO file which if is imported into the wordpress will load some demo content to have a start.

Also we can install the theme for you, just contact us on privately using the contact form on our prifile page.


Hey, my client bought your theme but i am a bit confused on this code to implement the posts not to show in the default template home page.

$about = get_page_by_title( ‘about’ ); update_option( ‘page_on_front’, $about->ID ); update_option( ‘show_on_front’, ‘page’ );

He has a special designated page for home, so i tried to change the code, but i didn’t do it right :/

the home page template is labeled home-page.php and called ‘homepage’ in the code

how would i change the above code so it will work properly and show the right homepage and not the blogroll? Thanks in advance.


So you have a custom page on your desktop theme called “homepage”

You need to add to your desktop theme functions.php file the following

$about = get_page_by_title( 'homepage' ); update_option( 'page_on_front', $about->ID ); update_option( 'show_on_front', 'page' );

Make sure the code is added between functions clases inside function.php , the corect way, and not inside a class you have there.

And in the functions.php file of the mobile theme just add

update_option( ‘show_on_front’, ‘posts ’ );

Now all you have to do is to add also the redirect plugin, or code to automatically activate the mobile theme when the users are coming from the mobile devices.


Planning to make a purchase ASAP .

1) If we have a square image as opposed to the rectangular one, can we get the text to “wrap” around the image.

We will be using this for a website where the fashion models will have square photos being posted within the articles, NOT rectangular ones.

How do we get an articles text to “wrap” around a SQUARE image?

2) We noticed that the “Post Comment” fields are NOT validated like how the “Contact Form” fields are.

EXAMPLE : If you click the “Submit” button without filling in all “Comment” text fields, the site takes you to a WordPress error page

( http://famousthemes.com/my-mobile-page-v2/wordpress/wp-comments-post.php )

That says, “ERROR: please fill the required fields (name, email).”

Whereas the “Contact” form will keep you validated on the site, with red error notifications.

Can you get the “Comments” errors to display the same way as the “Contact” form?


To answer your questions:

1. I guess you are talking about the images in the photo gallery page. Well there the images are fluid and are resizing to mobile resolution, just test it by resizing your browser window. So we have made them rectangular because they look the best on a portrait mobile view, they will resize nice. The mobile theme looks the best in portret mode and the images will suit that.

But you can use them how you want, use them squares no problem, they will be just a litle more small on height and they will not fill all the portret mode screen. Just image a square resized into the portrait mode of the mobile.

2. About the comments section, well that is the original code of Wordpress comments section. Wordpress does not have jquery validation included. The contact page is a custom page we have build and added that jquery validation.

But it’s very easy to add that validation into comments are by using a wordpress plugin. This is the only way you can add this option to wordpress comments section.

Just look for plugin on wordpress plugins directory, there are a lot, like THIS ONE for example.


Thanks. Will make purchase ASAP .