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Bought today – Order number: 0cb7dce235bd11e2952c842b2b692e1a

Unable to activate mobile theme, receiving an immediate error message that compels me to remove from my cpanel to return to the initial state – what to do please??

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare post_is_in_descendant_category() in /home/alaindan/public_html/alain-daniel.com/affiliation/wp-content/themes/my_mobile_page_v2/functions.php on line 55


Hi Alain,

Just replied also to your email. It’s a strange error. Just get back to my email with more infos.


Everything seems blurry on my iphone 4… Is it retina ready? If not how hard is it to make it look nice on retina devices.


Not sure why it looks blurry on your iphone. We have used iphone 4 on testing also.

If the edges of the icons looks like that, you can easely change theme. They are added from the admin, when you add content.

And the theme is 100% fluid, looks fine on desktop also, should look fine also on retina. If not maybe if using some bigger icons will do the job.


Would you please provide a list of 3-4 example sites other than the demo?

Working on a list like this for all my themes. But it’s on to do list. I have to sort all my email messages and build this list.

Will be making this public once I will have it.


Is this theme current? I see that it hasn’t been updated since it was released in March of 2011. Is it compatible with Wordpress 3.5?



Yes it is compatible. Our demo just got updated to WP 3.5 and working great.


Hi I’m thinking to purchase this theme, and I have a question: Can I use a form builder plugin for building different forms on different pages ?

Thank you in advance. Ervin


Yes you can use it, but make sure the plugin CSS and HTML is fluid like the rest of the code for this template is. In order to suit mobile resolutions. Don’t use a plugin that will end up a form with fixed width value because it will look wide on your mobile.


Hi, I am thinking of buying this theme. One question: when i use WP touch there are shortcodes showing in mobile view (WPtouch). Can you assure me that this will not be so whit this theme?

Regards, Donna


Not sure I understand your question.

You are talking about the shortcodes used in the desktop theme to be viewed in the mobile theme ?

When using My Mobile Page V2 wordpress theme installed on the same Wordpress as the desktop theme, the shortcodes used in the desktop theme will not be visible in the mobile theme also.

The mobile theme will show only his own layout and styles. And only regular text content from the desktop theme. And only in the case you want to use the same pages names for both themes.

So the mobile theme behaves totally separately from the desktop theme.

I do not know how WP touch is working or what is it.


Is this only optimized for mobiles or it has a desktop version included?



This is a mobile theme, the layout is 100% fluid widht, and will suit any browser resolution and any device width.

But the design look and feel is for mobile only.


Thanks for your answer. I was looking for a responsive theme so good for both, phone and desktop.


hi, I bought this issue yesterday. When installed in wodpress throws me the following error:   Unpacking the package …

Installing the theme …

The package Could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please, help!.


you did not install it corectly. It’s a well know problem here.

To install the theme you have 2 options

1-FTP upload: Unzip the main archive you have downloaded from themeforest. Extract from the root folder of the archive just the theme folder. And only that theme folder upload it using a FTP program like filezilla to you server into themes folder of the Wordpress install.

2-Wordpress upload: If you want to uplad the theme directly in wordpress using Wordpress admin interface, the same unzip the main archive you have downloaded from themeforest. Extract from the root folder of the archive just the theme folder. From that theme folder only make a new archive and called for example “themename_wordpress.zip” and upload it using the Wordpress upload themes interface.

I have a question.. I keep getting stuck at this step:

Go and download THIS mobile detection code and copy the file to your “desktop theme” root folder. Where the header.php file is also.

I dont know what to download there, I went to GitHub link up top and downloaded the Mobile_Detect.php file but no changes, still shows up the full site version when I try it on my iphone


Try to use THIS PLUGIN , it is must easier.

That code I am providing as example is quite hard to use, and requires a programmer to install it. It works fine, and it’s much lighter than a plugin, but the plugin is faster to use.

Let me know if the plugin worked for you.


awesome.. that worked.. not for some reason I cant get icons to show up on the home page.. i created a about us, contact us, etc. icons but they wont show up.. whenever i click on HOME no icons show up.. any reason for that?

it actually takes me the the HOME page.. but not to the main page where all the icons should show up at

May I know how to disable the “Search” button at the top right corner?


Have you tried optimizing this for retina? Do you have any advice on how this can be done? Will doubling the size of every image on the index page do the trick?

Thanks, Alan

Hi Alan,

Some updates are on my list to do for this theme.

Using some bigger images will do the work. you can make some tests.



Need help please on the gallery refuses to work!

Quickly see private email sent to your inbox ThemeForest.

Thank you


hey another quick question.. when I name my menu items, if its more than 1 word name it makes it looks weird on the website.. all the ones with the single word are centered and then the ones with more than 1 word mess it all up because they are not centered.. where in the style.css can i change that at? tried a few things but cant figure out where that is


Ready to buy.

When last was this updated?

Is there a way to show visitors how many times an article in a blog was viewed?

1) Testing the demo, and sharing with Twitter does not appear to work.

2) ill this them work with 3.5.1

3) Is there a way to show visitors how many times an article in a blog was viewed?

4) When last was this updated?

Hi I have purchased and installed the theme. Everything seems working except I cant see the home page with my desktop PC only the mobile….

What am I doing wrong ? Thanks

Just purchased. Thanks.

How to disable Search Button on top Right Corner?

Will this mobile theme work with woocommerce?


No the theme have no woocommerce integration. It is a mobile theme. Not sure is woocommerce if 100% responsive and will act 100% mobile.


I purchased MyMobilePageV2 and I don’t see a help file anywhere in the download. Where would I find the documentation?


I think themeforest split now the dowload option in 2, the main theme archive, and the general archive that contains the HELP, PSD and DEMO data.

So please download the general archive and unzip it to see the HELP file there.